How to respond to car compliments?

  1. I'm pretty weird about them, too. But I know it's a me problem and not people being awkward. I just have vastly different opinions about these cars versus most everyone else in the community, so I have to keep my opinions to myself when people compliment it.

  2. My strategy has been to talk way too much about the finer points of the car and the import process. Usually people realize they’re not interested in having a super technical discussion like that once I start talking.

  3. I just say thanks, and appreciate that the car bring that person joy and that they felt like sharing it. Small moments that link and energise us.

  4. I enjoy seeing people happy about the car. I just become awkward when they try to talk specs too much, especially since it’s usually incorrect

  5. There's a black R34 Skyline (GTT I think) that I've started seeing right around where I live lately. It's awesome, it's like an almost-black midnight purple. If I see her driving it I'll give her a thumbs up because it's an awesome car, or maybe say "Nice Skyline!" at most.

  6. I usually try to continue doing what I was focused on in the first place and kind of brush it off saying a quick “oh thanks”

  7. If it's at a gas station/etc, I'll chat for a few about the car, how and when I got it, and stuff like that. If it happens when driving, typically in the form of a thumbs up, I'll wave back in acknowledgement. The first few times I got thumbs up, my brain instantly went back to it's socially awkward junior high school days and would return a thumbs up to them, which always made me cringe.

  8. I'll often give a thumbs up back. It seems like the best option other than maybe a peace sign? idk

  9. “Hey thanks” is good enough, most of the time it’s people asking if it’s real and then explaining how it’s a rare car and it’s probably fake, not worth the time lol. Super annoying being told false things about a car I’ve owned for 16 years.

  10. I had a guy laying on the horn behind me and I thought something was falling off my car. He was freaking out. I just thumbs up and roll

  11. I usually say "thanks" and then try to gtfo as quick as I can before I'm sucked into having to explain the process and the story and bla bla bla

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