Simulated my handwriting

  1. nextfuckinglevel not using this video? no, i don’t want that! i want redditors to farm karma with this for 10 years at least!

  2. That's kind of insane for a 3D tutorial uploaded just a few months ago holy shit. I thought it'd be like a 7 year old video or something.

  3. very smooth but I can still see the transition from real pen to digital. tsk tsk, clean up all 12 of those pixels.

  4. It's perfect, that moment before it all leaves the's just (chefs kiss) so perfect, I have watched it about 15 times.

  5. My Reddit video player went from 480p to 122p at the instant the guy "pulled" on the string, so I can't even tell how clever the CGI or editing was. Thanks Reddit!

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