Burying the dead in a smaller casket is easy if we just put all the corpses in the fetal position when we bury them. They don’t need to be straight, what do they care they’re dead.

  1. It's funny, really. Burials aren't for the dead - they're for those who are left behind. I suppose for a lot of people, the idea of the body laying straight and "peaceful" has better connotations than the idea of a loved one in the fetal position.

  2. Why at these moments of high drama am I always reminded of Quantum of Solace of all things when he 'buries' mathis in the dumpster. Writers strike or not, the line 'is this how you treat your friends' / he wouldn't care' tells me a lot about the motions of grief

  3. That's why I'm donating my body and organs. Funerals are a sham and a con. 10k on avg to bury people. Then people feel obligated to do it so they raise the funds. It's stupid. All People should donate their bodies.

  4. Set the giant blender to “puree” and pour the liquified remains into a big bottle. That’s what we did with nana.

  5. This is exactly what I thought cremation was as a kid. Because I thought it was cream-ation. Like a person smoothie.

  6. I’m not saying you are wrong for doing that, but it would more space efficient if you cremated them. It burns away all the liquid content, and reduces it to mostly carbon.

  7. In real life (and mostly in France where our cemeteries are overpopulated) : when there are too many caskets in a cemetery's grave, the caskets are dug out then the remains are put in a smaller casket (box-like, approximately 50x50x80 cm, 1 corpse per box) which is then put back inside the grave. Unlike the casket which takes an entire level in the grave, these mini-caskets only take half which doubles the capacity. And of course, cremating the remains is the best room-saving option !

  8. I've been watching Murder In... on Roku and y'all got a lot of room over there. Why not just start another cemetery? Not trying to be rude but genuinely curious.

  9. At that point why not just turn the casket upright? Then you don’t have to Redbox anything, just dig more (which you’re already doing).

  10. Well, looks like everyone is adding their own gruesome method, so let me add mine: industrial compressor

  11. I personally prefer cremation, but if I had to be planted in dirt, I would want to be made into one of those fertilization pods that grows a tree.

  12. Rigor mortis will be a bitch. Have you ever tried bending a Buck when rigor mortis set in? You will have to break their bones to make that happen and I don't think anyone wants to carve up Grandma. Seriously today I carved up a buck I shot 16 hours prior. That one was stiff as heck, even when i removed the legs and the back, he still was in the position I put him in when I put him into the cooler. Even while he hanged down from the hooks he basically was a C shape. Since most people die stretched out you would need to rush them into the fetal position before rigor mortis sets in.

  13. This was my exact thought let’s see someone try to bend someone into the fetal position after they die. Good luck.

  14. This is actually less environmentally friendly than burying them, just FYI. Not only because of fuel, but burnt human bodies let out plenty of bad substances into the atmosphere. The best burial is a natural burial. No preservatives, no casket. Put the person in the ground and plant a tree on top if you like. There’s also sky burials for places where bodies won’t decompose in the ground or don’t have the space.

  15. I think the enormous amount of space we're devoting to graveyards is. That land becomes untouchable and nothing can be done with it for several centuries. Our population is increasing exponentially, therefore the space graveyards take up will too (f most people still want to be buried). That space could have been farms, schools, hospitals, houses. So yeah, I would say it is a societal problem.

  16. I like to sleep in the fetal position so i would very much like it if I was put in my coffin like that

  17. Oddly, i like to nap on my back with my hand crossed across my chest, i have to reevaluate sometimes as i freak myself out as I’m comfortable in a coffin/funeral position lol

  18. I may be recalling this wrong but I feel like some town in the northern United States did this and ended up messing up the groundwater or something like that. Probably read it like 5-10 years ago

  19. I might be wrong, but a lot of post-mortem traditions originated from superstition and fear of the dead. Wearing black at funerals, headstones, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if putting them in boxes was on there too.

  20. An urn is even smaller, just saying, a coffee can is even smaller than that. It's almost as if the funeral is for those left behind not person who is dead.

  21. Why not cut the arms and legs off and stuff them around and underneath the torso? We only need the top half of the casket open and it's not like anyone came to the funeral to see the limbs, anyway.

  22. In Hong Kong with super high population density, they bury the bodies vertically vs horizontally so you can squeeze lots more graves into a smaller land plot. And they have these on the sides of steep mountain sides.

  23. If we didn't have an innate reverence or attachment for the dead, it would be more environmental to process the carcasses in a mulch to be decomposed and harvested for nutrient rich topsoil for farming.

  24. Well cremation would make their room and smaller or letting the flesh rod and then putting the bones and boxes that would be better. I think there might be at least one Cemetery where the dead are buried standing up.

  25. LOL, a thousand years of burial tradition, and these folks are all "why can't we..." when it comes to a multicultural death dogma deal.

  26. Or, here's a thought, we don't put them in a casket at all. Just dig a hole, throw them in, and let the body decay as nature intended.

  27. Hey quick shout out to ask a mortician on YouTube. She is super death positive and talks about all kinds of options other than a Traditional funeral

  28. A lot of cultures (mostly non western) do. Some bury their dead in giant jars, some in a flexed (the professional term for the fetal position) position, some cremate and some do sky burials where they basically let mountain birds eat you.

  29. I know for me I want no fuss at all and whatever is easiest and cheapest, I can’t bear the thought of people spending a lot on my burial when they still have their own lives to fund. My dad has sort of hinted at feeling similar and despite wanting this for myself it feels totally disrespectful to him even if he explicitly spells this out. So I guess it will be the same for me.

  30. Just do vertical burials. Harder to dig without machinery but it would create more space. Just have to secure the corpse to casket so the family doesn't hear a thump as it is lifted into position. A quick google search even shows a

  31. I mean, we should be used in some kinda bio mass fertilation factory with the rest of the waste bio mass, but I ain't ganna force anyone to do it. People want to lay their dead to rest not bury them, if that makes sense. It's not that the dead care it's some wierd thing that the living care about. Would save some space but so would a lot of other ways of burying a body. Fav one seen on this thread is the blender joke (I really hope it's a joke lol)

  32. What do they care they're dead? Exactly my sentiment. We should be free to be creative, have fun with the dead . I've always liked the idea of the circus acrobats who get shot out of a cannon. Why not the dead? How glorious to announce ones passing. Going into the ground quietly passively? Oh no my friend, ppl are going to know about the recently departed weather they like it or not! Ladies and gentlemen! The chiller, the thriller, and in life the lady killer! Uncle Bob is a black win up this mutha fucka, 3-2-1 there he goes! God love em! Boom mutha fucka !

  33. I mean, if the person who passed away made it their final wish --- Why not I guess; generally though, it's about a farewell with dignity, a tribute and the whole "rest in peace" idea.

  34. You can even burn for energy to get the most out of it. Burning trash is a great way to save space, and you can throw in some bodies for additional energy.

  35. When people are buried they are stacked side by side. This is better for tomb stone display and creating rows, Having thinner coffins would accomplish what your thinking of But not by much. Qualifications; Used to work at a cemetery for my summer job as kid

  36. Is smaller caskets a worry right now? The caskets in general are the issue, not the size. Let bodies decompose naturally. We're well passed the days of accidentally burying people alive or the fear of undead.

  37. If you're doing that why the fuck bother burying them at all, you're just wasting valuable land. Cremation is where it's at 🔥

  38. How would you put the corpses into that shape? A grown person. The idea is wrong and disgustful. Leave the dead alone. Just think of your life. It's gone before you know it.

  39. I was at a committal last week for a person who had been cremated. There was a small tasteful urn and the hole was about 18" square and a couple feet deep. The grave marker was already there as it was a family plot. I thought, that's how I want it to be for my family when I go. Just bury me in an urn in the forest. Then go party your asses off. So much more simple and likely less expensive. Funerals are stupid expensive and exploitive.

  40. Even better: Bury people standing up. With modern machines you can drill a grave like a deep pit and put the coffin vertically in. Feet down O suppose is more dignified.

  41. I was born in fetal, I sleep in fetal, and by brother in Christ I'll die in fetal. Preferably as nutrients to some carnivorous tree

  42. I'll do you one better, my will says bury me naked in the backyard. That might be illegal so my next of kin can do whatever they (I know I won't care) but environmentally friendly/neutral and not a financial burden on my loved ones is how I wanna go out

  43. We have funerals for the living not for the dead, for some reason we humans like to think the dead are sleeping...

  44. Fetal position in an upright orientation. The traditional 2.5 x 8 foot plot becomes a condensed 3x3 foot plot and around 4 to 5 foot deep. More efficient land usage.

  45. My final instructions are to do the funniest and least appropriate thing possible with me that doesn't get anyone arrested.

  46. I asked some mortician friend about this. He said due to the processes of embalming, autopsy, and dressing manicuring the body for burial anatomic position is required for scientific notation. By that time Rigamortis has set multiple times the body is just a hard corpse. You can't move it around, not easily or permanently. The tendons seize up.

  47. Religious burial rites were supposed to ensure you had an intact body when you were resurrected. As if a God, who has the power to put your flesh and soul together again, can't reattach a leg. Whatever. I'm an organ and blood donor. When I'm done with it, take whatever you want, and stick the rest in a museum for all I care.

  48. I imagine you could save even more space if you ground them up and dehydrated the slurry. Probably fit a whole person in a couple gallons of volume.

  49. I’m an organ donor so after all my organs are gone, I want them to be replaced with seeds and then my body to be returned to nature

  50. In Çatal Höyük ,one of the oldest human settlement, deals were buried under the houses in jars in foetal position.keep your ancestor close-by until there are giving you sicknesses...

  51. My uncle wanted to be buried standing up, he said he had been a waste of space enough in life, at least in death he could be efficient.

  52. Cemeteries/funeral homes make their money off of people wanting to commemorate their dead, it's not about doing what makes sense as far as efficiency. If it was that with no emotions or beliefs involved, everyone would just be cremated/ashes dumped out or buried without boxes or tombstones. Instead many people pay thousands for caskets that are just going to be buried in dirt and for their services to be arranged a certain way because they want to choose how to they/or their loved ones will be displayed and remembered.

  53. i think thats a decent idea, or for people who would be upset with the whole positioning idea because you know there would be some; bury the coffin standing up.

  54. The Jewish custom at the time of Jesus was a three part burial. The first stage was to lay them on a bench in the tomb cutout on wall 1. Large tomb caves usually only only one or two spaces for one or two bodies. Then after some decay, you move the body to a smaller box about half the size of the original body sitting by wall 2. This had room for 3 to 5 boxes. After complete decay you would move the bones into a still smaller box or pottery that was just tall enough for the femur. This was placed in wall 3 that had as many as 20 or more slots for small pots designed to be permanent entombed. Kinda of like a stepwise family mausoleum..

  55. Yes but with that logic is best to put bodys in a hydraulic press and put them in a large filing cabinet for people to flip through and visit later. My point is, unfortunately burials are more for the ones left behind, and seeing them laying comfortably is for their closure. But yes I agree cremation is probably the best method for space and pollution, burying caskets is not very sustainable

  56. Second thread I've seen today about saving burial space? Are we desperately short on space to bury the dead?

  57. Take it a step further, why be horizontal at all? Optimal density is achieved with 'standing' remains

  58. As soon as my funeral service ends, I want a curtain to open up and my body be pushed into an industrial shredder right in front of everyone. That or my meat be made into a chili and served at the reception.

  59. No, just chop them up! You can definitely cram them into a smaller box if they're in pieces, what do they care they're dead.

  60. In many places in Europe, you don't stay in your gravesite for very long, they need the land, so you're literally dug up (your bones) and cremated.

  61. People are forgetting about Rigor Mortis. The body stiffens up after some time of death. You will be unable to reshape it however you see fit.

  62. Listen to You May Be the Next (The Hearse Song) once and I promise you’ll want to be cremated. It’s actually a song a really like and is perfect for spooky season

  63. Funerals are for the living, burials are for the dead. Large funerals are unnecessary, expensive, and deplorable.

  64. I mean I personally have never understood why people would want to go and look at their dead family member or friend laying in a casket... I remember going to my great grandma's funeral when I was super little, and literally all that I remember about her was how she looked laying there.. I think cremation should become standard to be honest.

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