It’s not till you work a retail job that you realize 85% of people are dumb as rocks.

  1. I used to work at an insurance agency and one customer asked me to fax something for her and I did. When I gave the paperwork back she was confused because she thought the fax machine would be physically transporting the paperwork to it's destination.

  2. I remember getting yelled at by a woman because the dollhouse her daughter wanted for Christmas was sold out...on December 24th..just before closing. We had sold out of those dollhouses in freakin November.

  3. I work in wine retail. The amount of desperate middle aged men who arrive in half an hour before the shop closes on Christmas Eve wondering why we don't have any stock left just astonishes me.

  4. At my place of retail work the desired item is wine advent calendars. We get them early November, they sell out in a week or two, and then people get mad a week before Christmas that we are out. Bitch, it's a calendar for all of December you are two weeks too late.

  5. I used to work in fragrance. Christmas Eve we’d have a line out the door of people whining we no longer had the free gift with purchase bags or the hottest new fragrance in stock.

  6. I was a manager of a best buy years ago, specifically when they transitioned from midnight openings to opening at like 6 on Thanksgiving day. We had separate door busters for each opening, I had some lady come in around 2pm Friday (so at this point we've been open for like ~12ish? hours) screaming at me because we no longer had one of the $200 laptops we had as a doorbuster item. When I tried explaining that we aren't able to just have an infinite supply of every product she stormed out.

  7. I use to work in the meat department at Sam’s Club as a rotisserie “chef”. We had no limit on the amount you could buy, and many of the members would come through and take 3 or 4. I had worked out a way to have the ovens finish cooking within a half out of each other, with about an hour of cooking time for the Rotisserie chicken. I can’t tell you how many times I’d have Karens come up and get angry with me because another member took the last three, and the next oven still had 20 minutes. I’ll never forget the one lady called me incompetent because I couldn’t keep the chicken stocked. I told her to take that up with the member that just took my last five because “he needed four of them for his dogs”.

  8. I used to work at Waterstones (book shop) and most of the year our customers were lovely to talk to. But at Christmas time you’d get a totally different genre of human.

  9. I worked too long in a bookstore. We kept a list of our favorite weird questions. My favorite was “Where are your life-size maps?” We had a test in the hiring process, for some knowledge of everything, because there’s no end to what people expected us to know. We had to know literature, but because non-fiction is so broad, we had to know about computers, gardening, Bible translations, art, history, and so on. We were expected to be google for minimum wage, to satisfy our superior intellectual clientele, who would walk past multiple eye-height piles, signs, and displays of Twilight to ask if we had Twilight.

  10. That’s why I call December “Dipshit Month.” It’s supposed to be the time when people are friendliest and most compassionate, but in reality, everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

  11. This is the type of stupid that bothers me the most. Being both stupid and confident is a bad combination. Not only because it inhibits one’s ability to grow as a person but also they can drag others down with them because people tend to associate confidence with intelligence.

  12. It's bad enough when people are stupid, but when they're stupid and try to rally other people around them to make sure they aren't the stupid one, that's just the absolute fucking worst.

  13. So in library school we had a class about handling this and this is something Ive always wanted to complain about. We used a book that contained supposedly real reference questions that had been asked. There was one though that I just couldnt imagine a human being asking with literally no additional context. "Do you have any books about the giant German gerbil?" They were talking about the Hindenburg. But this means that the person who believes blimps are called gerbils had also internalized the word dirigible enough to have made that mistake. It just always stuck out to me because it feels like you had to be educated enough to be that stupid. Also I'm not a librarian because it basically just turned out to be this customer service bullshit

  14. This reminds me of when I worked at GameStop. People would come in and ask if we had that new game that came out.

  15. Most of the year people frequenting book shops are people that like books and thus like book shops and then at Christmastime people frequenting books shops only have friends or family who like books and do not appreciate book shops.

  16. I was ready for the punchline to be The Signalman by Dickens because it starts with the guy shouting "Halloa! Below there!"

  17. Back in the day I worked in Walmart Electronics. Around Christmas time, this lady kept asking for “Vega-Tall-Ees” for her grandkid. She insisted it’s super popular and Im just messing with her. I’m confused, and have hearing impairment, so I grab someone else to see if they know what she’s asking about. Turns out she meant “Veggie Tales”. -.-

  18. Perhaps not an example of someone being dumb... just weird. But I was behind a woman who was yelling at the bookstore clerk because he said her book order would not be in for another two weeks meaning that she wouldn't have it in time for Christmas.

  19. When I worked at a liquor store, I had a mom come up to me asking for beer recommendations for her son. She said her son had just spent a semester in Germany and wanted some German beer. So I brought her to the German beer section and gave some recommendations - no. She didn’t want any of those. She said her son’s favorite beer was Heineken (ya know, that not-German beer) and wanted something like that. I suggested maybe Grolsch as a similar beer but she said no and walked away shaking her head like I’m being unhelpful.

  20. In the 90s my aunt worked for a bookstore, and round Christmas they would give away free stamps with a large enough purchase. One lady was so adamant about not getting a free stamp, to the point where she begin refusing to pay her original purchase. OVER A FREE STAMP! She got more and more belligerent before finally saying "What the hell would I even do with a single stamp?"

  21. Back in my video store days we had an older lady drive us nuts for an hour or so wanting "Indy can't properly" we went from movie to movie looking at foreign films...she insisted that was the title. Finally got her to remember it had "That Woody feller from Cheers" was in it. That's when it clicked...I grabbed the copy of Indecent Proposal and she said "That's it see! ...Indecantproperly!" I was gobsmacked. This was in rural North Carolina in the 90s

  22. And here I was thinking that there was some new book written by Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland I had to go buy.

  23. Only relevant because it's also about books, I worked Belgrade Book Fair, annual event, just books, really huge. We had a stand CLEARLY selling just English teaching materials. This guy just walked on our stand and asked if we had anything about mushrooms. That was twenty-five years ago, I still wonder whether he was literally going from stand-to-stand, all like one THOUSAND of them, asking if they had books about mushrooms.

  24. I had a lady scream at me because I didn't know where a store was on the street I worked on. She kept saying the word ups. Turns out she meant U P S the shipping company.

  25. Now remember we share the road with these people, how often our lives are in their hands. I don't know how my anxiety lets me leave the door every morning.

  26. Worked at a call center for a bank. Had a lady lose her shot because I couldn’t tell her details about her account transaction AT ANOTHER BANK.

  27. Totally. The rates of 100% total math/reading illiteracy are super low, but so damn many people are functionally illiterate. They know just enough to be able to walk into a store and buy enough food to not die.... and that's about it.

  28. Call centers have an added level of complication to boot. Communication is just harder when it's over a phone connection and body language cannot be observed. Not to mention the different dialects that can sometimes make simple conversations difficult to navigate.

  29. Can you give an example in how they lack object permanence as far as it relates to retail and banking? I am intrigued!

  30. I worked the help desk for an internet company back in the mid-to-late 90s, when phone modems were still prevalent. Part of the job was creating modem initialization strings for customers modems (which typically would look like AT&F&B1&D0&A1&S0). More than once I'd be reading off a string and would say something like "& S0 (zero)" and the person on the other end would ask "Is that the number zero or the letter zero?"

  31. It’s insane how they sometimes, in conjunction, come out of the bushwhack at the same time demanding managers, special treatment and 70% off everything.

  32. Late Sunday mornings/early afternoon tend to be when we would get that the most. But then there's the occasional plain Thursday where I hear the intercom blowing up.

  33. I wouldn’t say this is just the person who also happens to be “dumb as rocks,” though. My mom likes to pull the “we’re from out of town and I know the coupon expired four months ago but can you just honor it?” despite the code of course not being in the system anymore, etc. As a kid it was somewhat embarrassing as we didn’t quite understand but now if this behavior comes up in our presence it’s just mortifying and we jump to the defense of the worker/server/etc.

  34. As a server I cannot agree more, it’s like certain days the moons eclipsing just right and the absolute wanker train rolls in.

  35. This was the worst part of doing radio/speaker/remote starter installs at Best Buy two years ago. It never failed - someone would want a remote start or full custom stereo install, their appointment would be for about 4 hours to get it all done, and then they'd treat that four hour appointment as an "arrival window" and then throw a gargantuan temper tantrum when you explain to them that they now get to wait another few weeks for a new appointment because I have another remote start appointment that's supposed to start soon, and 30 minutes isn't enough time to do a 4-hour install. Invariably they'd scream and pitch a fit until management had to get involved, management would for some fuckin reason apologize to THEM, cut them a 20-40% discount, and task the installers with trying to move other people's appointments around to get them in sooner.

  36. We've conditioned the stupid to believe that's an effective way to get what they want. And the businesses keep deciding caving to it is better than not doing it so who's really the stupid one I guess

  37. I worked in a sporting goods store and it was amazing how often people walked in, claiming they were told if they came in, they'd get x discount.

  38. One of my product design professors at uni said to my class "don't think that your customer is stupid, but remember that they are". He said that about people using things that are not hammers as hammers and then getting pissy when they break, I think about that regularly

  39. Everything is a hammer. I’ve got lineman plier hammer, adjustable hammer, hammer hammer, screwdriver with steel shank hammer, speed hammer. They’ve put a hammering piece on almost everything powerline related.

  40. I’m a UX designer and I have to constantly remind my developers that what they know, and what the avg person knows, are incredibly different

  41. My ex-wife once worked at a call center that would try to sell extended warranties for major appliances. She called this one lady once who ripped into her about how warranties are useless because they refused a warranty replacement on her stove after she stood on the glass top.

  42. "Well, I don't want to turn off the modem"(it's not a modem) or "I have an important meeting you can't fix it"(it's been broken for 9 months and they never called us)

  43. I got to be the idiot on an IT call once, I called my companies IT department because my phones headset wasn't working. We troubleshooted a few possible issues, all were fine, until the IT rep goes quiet for a second, then asks:

  44. My grandchild told me to do that and you know, he's really good with computer stuff. He's 9 after all. Have I told you about...

  45. Once one of our travelling salesguys needed an urgent repair that we couldn't do remotely. I told him in writing, (E-mail thank fuck) "take your broken laptop to Kinkos (this was a while ago), get a box that is big enough, surround with packing peanuts, seal with packing tape, and ship it to us, Business Priority Overnight."

  46. I worked level 1 IT helpdesk for 3+ years and a good chunk of our callers were retail store employees and this happened all the time.

  47. I work retail and think it's just the 15% that stand out the most. Most people buy what they want and go on with their day. It's the 15% that ask stupid questions, want special treatment, or think they are unique....

  48. At first blush the 2020 elections make it seem like it could be as low as 49% but then you consider the people who lived through the previous four years and thought "Gee, I think I'll sit the next election out. Bofe sides're da same."

  49. The first 5 percent are mouth-breathing morons. It is a testament to society that they are alive and are able to afford clothes, transportation, etc. In a truly uncaring world they would be eaten by bears or crocodiles after saying “come at me, bro!”

  50. I work in grocery retail and It’s not that they’re idiots, but it’s like they turn into 5 year olds as soon as they enter the store. They pick things up and leave them wherever they want, they take bites of food without paying and just leave the unfinished product on the shelf, they lose all ability to read signs and labels, and they just constantly are rude and have an all about me mentality. It’s very funny seeing how most customers pretended to be kind and considerate during the pandemic, but afterwards most have forgotten how to act.

  51. Working in a grocery store turned me into the most hateful, jaded version of myself that I didn’t even know was possible

  52. Working grocery infuriated me the most of all my retail jobs. People could leave shirts and shoes in the wrong place and I could fix it begrudgingly. But I can't undo a bite of a fruit or de-freeze the hummus that they decided to throw into the frozen section...

  53. I FUCKING FELT THIS COMMENT!!!!!! I’ve worked in grocery for the past 6 years while I get through college. it’s fucking miserable.

  54. During covid when all the grocery stores (at least in the US) had markings for one-way aisles, it astounded me the number of people just mindlessly strolling down the aisle in the wrong direction, despite the numerous signs and giant arrows on the floor. Though most cases were likely defiance more than ignorance.

  55. Grocery manager here. I liked it better during that brief period of time when people pretended to value us, even if it was bullshit.

  56. In a culture that worships individualism and consumption it's not surprising that its people end up having a self-centered, all about me mentality.

  57. One of my favourite dickhead customers pulled me aside, in front of the meat fridges at the supermarket.

  58. “Big business killed butcher shops” = “customers cared more about saving a buck than about keeping their butcher shop in business”. Particularly ironic coming from someone shopping in a supermarket.

  59. I work grocery and still have people bitching about product shortages and seem shocked like we haven't been dealing with this for nearly 3 years now

  60. I recently was let go from a job with a grocery store where there were self checkouts. In my position where I was responsible for monitoring them, among other things, I came to the conclusion that retail cashiers are safe from ever being automated. You can have instructions given in 3 manners, via voice, via light indicators, and via text and image directions on the screen, but the fucking morons that make up most of the daily shoppers have problem after problem with self checkouts. The number of people I saw unable to do something so simple as use their fucking debit card properly really hammered it home for me.

  61. I used to work at Walgreens. Same experience. But is also why I loved watching Superstore (TV series) so much. It helps me laugh at reality

  62. Lol I lasted a month at Target. 15/hr was not worth that. Only job i've ever not given a 2 weeks to lmao. The second my current job said I was hired I dipped and didn't look back.

  63. Worked in a tool store. Guy asked me for an electric generator. Showed him our gas powered ones. He said no, the kind of generator you plug into the wall and run (not like a bettery where you plug it in, store the energy and use it later, just plug it in and use it plugged in). Guy wanted a heavy, loud extension cord. Told him walmart had it and to go there.

  64. A couple of years back we used to sell toilet paper that had a white tiger on it, so one day me and my colleague were working around that area and one lady seriously asked if we have toilet paper for " human use " , my colleague asked her what she meant and she said " all of this ones have cats on them, do you have anything for humans " I barely contained my laughter, we still speak about it to this day

  65. I used to work tech support for an internet company. Had a guy call up, perfectly normal conversation. He'd received his router, set it all up, checked the lights were how they should be, he was all ready to go. At this point I asked him what the issue was as it sounded like everything was working fine. His response:

  66. Ill give you one of mine. I worked at the deli in walmart. A lot of my day was spent watching people shop the produce section. One time a couple had their new baby in a carrier inside the main part of the cart, and it was surrounded in groceries. Like really concerningly full already around what looked like an infant. They stopped in front of the bananas, the husband picked up a banana bunch and kinda tried to find a space to fit it around the sides of the cart. After trying to balance it here and there for a minute unsuccessfully, the wife grabbed the bananas out of his hand, and placed them on the baby, inside the carrier. Then they wandered off.

  67. I used to work at the service desk at Home Depot. We have a rule where we're not supposed to take returns on used snakes because they're a biohazard. After arguing with a customer trying to do just that, I called my manager. He told me to refund the customer's money, but he needs get rid of it himself.

  68. Been out of retail a few years, but I'll always remember the woman who I helped look for bedding sets. She pointed one out and I got the size she wanted from the back - easy enough.

  69. I work at a grocery store and wear a name tag. I have had multiple people point at my name tag and ask if that is my name.

  70. When I was working at a grocery store, I was stocking produce when a customer approached me with a bottle of salad dressing. She said, "I think this is bad." I looked at the expiration date and it was good for like 2 years, so I told her it was fine. She then pointed at the vinaigrette inside and said, "no look, see? It's all separated." I laughed, but she wasn't joking; she apparently didn't know that oil and vinegar separate. Not knowing what else to do, I said, "Oh you're right, thanks for bringing that to my attention, I'll take care of it." After she left, I just put it back on the shelf.

  71. I had to explain to a customer who bragged about "working in Finance" that she needs to pay off her credit card, and if she doesn't then she eventually can't buy stuff with it.

  72. I work in IT. I had a user who tried to open Chrome by clicking the internet explorer icon. She said "where is chrome?" I said "you clicked on internet explorer." She said "oh do I have to click on chrome to open chrome?" I was at a full and utter loss for words.

  73. I work at an airport parking lot as a cashier/attendant. I don't know if it's necessarily retail but it's definitely customer service based. You can purchase a reservation through our website and we send an email with a QR code to scan at entry. The QR code is at the top right of the email, the instructions for using the QR code are at the top left of the email. 80% (not exaggerating) of the reservations I check out took a ticket instead of scanning because they "didn't know what to do" meaning they didn't read the email, or "it wouldn't scan" meaning they tried to shove their phone or QR code directly into the scanner. I've watched some people hold it up to the screen, not the scanner, as if that's ever been a thing anywhere else.

  74. Genuinely, how people can’t work self scans when they’re just giant touch screens with scales attached to the side boggles my mind.

  75. I volunteer at comic-cons and I've learned that you can put up the biggest, most obvious, black-and-white giant print, in-your-face signage for guests to read and they will. not. look. at. it.

  76. I have people stand in front of my credit card reader for 5 minutes, next to my visa MC Amex Discover sign and ask if I take CCs. And then when I tell them yes, and they can tap to pay sometimes they take their finger and tap the screen. I tell them they need to tap their card. Then they tap the screen with their card. Then I tell them to tap the blinking light lit up like the tap signal with two stickers next to it that say “tap here —>”.

  77. Tbf, self scan lanes suck. At wally world they're basically normal registers. But at one of my local grocery chains, each item must be individually scanned and placed in a bag. It's so fucking slow and verbally reads it each items price and discount AND tells you to put it in a bad, then won't let you scan the next item till it's done talking. It's such a slow tedious process that you can help but make mistakes

  78. I work in IT, bending computers and technology to my will every day, and I can tell you, self checkout rarely works correctly for me.

  79. I worked retail for a long time and still work in an area that is broadly customer service orientated, and my own experience is not so much that many people are stupid, but that many people are wilfully ignorant and that this takes up way more time and effort, making it look and feel like 'most people'.

  80. I'd say there's also something to be said for dealing with someone who seems incapable of understanding anything you have said to them. Like they just shut off anything said to them and when you try to continue helping them, they return to Square One because nothing has gone into their head.

  81. Your comment hits the nail on the head completely. When working with the public, it's easier to stay lighthearted when I treat people as though their question & concerns are genuine. BUT you meet a small selection of people who are abusive or looking to cause issues. They're the real ones.

  82. Long ago, I worked at an electronics retailer whose name rhymes with West Eye...I was stocking shelves in the TV aisle and a customer gestured between two 24" TVs of the same brand, one had a built-in DVD player, the other didn't, and asked me, "What is the difference between these two TVs?" and I told her, "This one has a DVD player built-in, this one doesn't..." she got really indignant and stormed off...I sometimes wonder how she is doing...

  83. I had disc-related encounter as well while working electronics. A customer INSISTED their CD would not fit in the tray of their laptop and was yelling at me because I "lied" when I sold them their laptop. They got very upset and asked for the manager when I told them "Sir, the size of the CD has not changed since it's creation, what are you trying to put in there?"

  84. I worked at a similar store and had a lady ask me “what can’t it do?” about a security camera. I was like well the list of things it can’t do is quite long. She snarked and said “well if the list is so big, why don’t you name a few!” So I was like okay lady you’re asking for it, “it can’t make your bed, it can’t shampoo your head, it can’t resurrect the dead”… something along those lines lol

  85. Off topic question but why is it that when people name where they previously worked they will avoid typing the actual name? Can’t be advertising, can’t be nda’s; I don’t know

  86. She had probably prepped a whole speech how they're both the same but one has incorrect pricing and everyone is incompetent or she should get a discount for pointing it out blah blah. You popped her balloon.

  87. It's not til you hand everyone in the modern world a camera and a platform to post thoughts, and pictures of themselves, you realize 85% of people are dumb.

  88. I swear people in my city are getting dumber... or maybe they're all just burned out and stuck in their own little worlds.

  89. As a truck driver who's on the streets most of the work week, awe is definitely the proper term for the things people do in traffic while, presumably, expecting to arrive at their destination unharmed. They will risk life and limb, both their own and those of the drivers sharing the road, to get where they're going a couple seconds sooner.

  90. I deliver food and the amount of people that do absurd things on the road is insane. Like theyll illegally pass me, barely make it, and then throw up their middle finger. My brother im going 5 over

  91. Not 85% but definitely like 50%. And dumber than rocks. Rocks have the decency to just not even fucking open up a mouth.

  92. Rocks have very predictable behavior patterns. They are easy to be around if you understand what you have in eavh other. No surprises, silences are not awkward etc...

  93. During college, I worked at my university’s computer repair shop. Some incredibly smart graduate students had trouble understanding the difference between RAM and hard drives.

  94. The difference is that when you bring your car in for repairs you'll defer to the mechanic because you know you know nothing about cars. When he asks you if you've tried turning your car off and on again you'll not lie to him and say you have. When he fixes your car by turning it off and on again you'll not say "I could have done that, what do they pay you for?"

  95. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” ― George Carlin

  96. It’s not that people are really that dumb, 85% of them just will not exercise even the most basic critical thinking without a gun to their heads. This is further enabled by dipshit customer service ideas that revolve around sucking off the customer and making sure they never have to think.

  97. If you live in America, just shop Sunday morning when folks are at church. It’s far more civil. Once the religious people are out of church it get awful in the stores.

  98. I worked in retail when I was younger. If you really wanna know how dumb your average person is try working in healthcare lol. Half the people don’t even know why they are here. They just kinda showed up because they thought it was the right move, fair enough.

  99. I'm responsible for signing my grandparents up for their Medicare plans every year. Every single website, first or third party, and every single piece of literature they receive about Medicare Part D explains the deductible, coverage, coverage gap (donut hole), and catastrophic portions of the coverage. You literally can't miss this info short of being blind or unable to read.

  100. People seriously just don't fucking care any more. Anywhere. About anything. The less they care, the less they will act in a manner that shows mindfulness to others. Theyll say anything to anyone with zero fear of any consequences because truthfully there aren't any. At least not consequences they care about. Not even the possibility of death is enough. They just walk around in a rose colored haze of ME ME ME, and not even their kids matter. The ones that do care are being pushed to the point where they don't care either. It really does tie in to stupidity.

  101. Yep, you can only stem the tide of cunts for so long before you drown and either dissolve into the sea of cuntery becoming one with it's foul essence, or are dashed against the rocks of dignity

  102. The older I get the more and more I see everyone just being entitled as shit. Not sure how we got here but it really wears on me.

  103. 'Twas the 85% (which seemed to have increased after COVID became a thing smh) that caused me to realize Walgreen's wasn't paying me enough to deal with the shit I saw on a daily basis lmao

  104. I work for a British company that's owned by those assholes and my god... the shit we are expected to put up with is insane.

  105. I have this belief that almost everyone is just burned out on life to an extent few will admit. They deplete their entire mental and emotional budgets at work or maintaining a household or whatever drudgery makes up the volume of their waking hours. So, when they get to a place where the consequences for failure are lowered, like a retail store, they commit almost no mental resources to the activity.

  106. This is what I think it is too. I work in retail but I get to spend an hour plus with my customers. And usually when I get the dipshit customers after an hour of talking to them they usually tell me about their daily struggles and apologize for being a nuisance. Not all of them have the self awareness for that though.

  107. Totally get that. I can tell you from doing college and a full-time job, I'm on autopilot for every task that isn't those two things.

  108. Just sold some old lady a gift card for about $200 I wanted to make sure she wasn't trying to pay the IRS or some ransom in mexico but she started getting all pissy and I'm sure was going to start yelling at me until the customer behind her started explaining to her why I was being cautious.

  109. I know people hate fractions. But I had a customer ask me for "a half of a half pound" of sliced meat. So I said, "sure, one quarter pound, coming right up" and she said "WAIT!.......... Are you sure?" It was the most jarring thing. She said "WAIT!" like I was about to slice my finger off, so I froze in shock until I realized she was only referring to the math being confusing. I was very tempted to ask if she happened to have a quarter so I could teach the concept, but thought it was more likely to get the customer angry than be helpful.

  110. IT jobs, in special tech support will show you the same thing. In special when they lose their temper. But at least some are the polite dumb kind that don't get on your nerves.

  111. It's been over a decade at this point yet I still remember this interaction with someone VIVIDLY when I worked support at a car factory.

  112. Yes, working in IT, you really meet a lot of people who make you wonder how they even manage to get out of their beds in the morning.

  113. I think the perception is off, because the people that you end up having to interact with are the dumb ones. I don't really have encounters with the staff at retail aside from the checkout.

  114. Dude I watch Channel 5, and I can barely believe some of these Q people are real! What happened to society? Were these people always here and the internet gave them a voice? Did the internet create them?

  115. What was it that George carlin used to say ? Something like remember how dumb the average person is, then realise half of us are dumber than that

  116. Almost everyone is among that “85%”. Most people are good at a very slim set of skills that are indemonstrable in most settings. They know very little about things outside of their areas of familiarity and are awkward but will think those are probably less important to know. Smart people will recognize when they’re dealing in what they know little or nothing about. There are truly dumb people out there but the net result is most people think most other people are stupid.

  117. Hate to tell you this, but any public facing job will prove this to you. It’s absolutely not exclusive to retail.

  118. I used to work in retail and while everyone realizes you must deal with a lot of assholes, nobody realizes how much you deal with idiots. Retail mostly boils down to teaching fully grown adults how a store works.

  119. I switched from food service at a grocery store to at a children’s hospital cafeteria. Let me tell you, dealing with rude behavior and stupidity is infinitely easier when you can tell yourself, “Well, their child is probably dying of cancer, so I’ll let it slide.” E: spelling

  120. Oh, I can’t tell you! I worked in retail for 40 years (eventually owning my own store), and it STILL managed to amaze me.

  121. I think this all the time. I'm currently between interviews so I have a bit of time off and there are sooo many people out during the middle of the day

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