With Gen Z having such lax attitudes towards sexuality we may be returning to Greco-Roman views of gay relations being totally normalized within a generation or two.

  1. First of all, in Greco-Roman culture, only those kind of relations between men were "accepted". Women were totally excluded (they were, in social terms, invisible). So, the ancient view is very different.

  2. The Greeks and Roman's saw homosexuality as acceptable under certain conditions. A man having sex with someone that was a lower class and the higher class had to be the top, like a slave or a child your teaching a trade as acceptable. Or a prostitute which was seen as a low class person. It was seen as disgraceful to be a bottom to a peer or someone "beneath" you. So it wasn't "just sex bro". It was a system abuse.

  3. To follow up on this, wasn’t it seen as a power thing anyway? I remember reading that it was seen as humiliating to be the bottom and dominant to be a top

  4. This is part of the reason why Christianity took root in the area. The gender equality that was shown in the early church was very attractive to aristocratic wives so it became kind of cosmopolitan.

  5. To follow up on this, wasn’t it seen as a power thing anyway? I remember reading that it was seen as humiliating to be the bottom and dominant to be a top

  6. What he's also forgetting if memory serves it was acceptable for children to sell themselves sexually for money. Correct me if I am wrong please.

  7. I don't think we can know for sure if women were actively discouraged from homosexual relationships.

  8. In social terms they were in charge of their entire households. Politically irrelevant, but hardly invisible.

  9. Sentiment analysis: negative! I will try to brighten your day! Here is a cool sitution: 'Thanks for the cheese!' I said as the farmer ran off on a jank bobsled

  10. Perhaps to homosexuality but were Greek huge fans of young boy love/pedophilia? Im not sure that will come back...

  11. It was rape with extra steps, purely a power move (equating the bottom with a woman who had no rights to speak of at the time), and almost exclusive to the upper class.

  12. In ancient Greece it wasn’t necessarily two consenting adults. It was often a man and an adolescent boy.

  13. A lot of people probably share OPs view. Instead of taking advantage of a teaching moment. You decided to do this.

  14. Greco-Roman views on sexuality were much more like the older dad whose son is gay and he says “So which ones the girl”. Or also prison bitch rules. It also included children and animals.

  15. With the Silent Generation having such a laid back approach towards the caste system in India, my family may be returning to the Viking views of BDSM being totally normalised within a cohort or two

  16. I also believe, based on science, gen z is statistically having less sex than the generations before them. They're simply less conservative. I say that because lax attitude also implies a certain amount of "looseness" which simply isn't present.

  17. Aren't they having less sex and they're more conservative? More sex usually correlates with more openness, liberal views etc.

  18. Totally, maybe not the Greco Roman part, but there was a huge movement in "free love" during the 60's that blew conservativeness and prudishness wide open, today we openly talk about sex, have multiple partners, get divorced etc without it being frowned upon by the masses.

  19. Except that Gen x has less sex than old generations. Because they haven’t figured out that you need to meet in person to have sex

  20. "lax attitudes" is a pretty odd way to frame the realisation that forming strong opinions on what other consenting adults do with their bits makes you a bit of a creepy weirdo.

  21. The ancient Greeks and Romans were more sexually conservative than we are today. The idea of them being sexually enlightened libertines is a myth.

  22. Gen z? This is already the case for millennials and gen x, at least in the west. Gay relations are already normalized (as they should be) and you can thank gen x and millennials for getting it done.

  23. As an older millennial I can attest most of think this way too. You do you as long as it isn’t at the cost of anyone else.

  24. The thing is, we need to also take into account that while gen z has lax attitudes towards sexuality as a whole, they as a generation are having far less sex than millenials and gen x.

  25. Yea, theres definitely some correlation between not knowing how to talk to the opposite sex and saying "Well ill just have sex with anything at this point and ill identify as anything that can get me laid" lol.

  26. Gen Z is more accepting of alternative sexualities, but they seem to be fairly prudish when it comes to expressions of traditional male sexuality and display a callous disinterest regarding sex as an act of intimacy.

  27. The only people who are bothered by this are the ones who claim to be all about individual rights & freedoms but then whine & cry when anyone else lives life in a manner they find disagreeable.

  28. Which is a lot of Gen Z. Seriously this generation is becoming more individualistic, it kinda pisses me off to talk to them sometimes lmao

  29. You only need to spend a couple days at a high school to see this isnt true. Thats just the socially media perception but in person its a complete different story

  30. I would agree with you, and I noticed this too when I was in high school as well, however I think that in high school, many kids absolutely still have their own biases that they learned from their families/other close influences, and until they figure out for themselves on their own terms that it’s totally fine to have a different sexuality than straight, they will just refer to what their parents taught them. So many people will grow out of that belief as they mature. I would also like to say it also probably depends on where you grow up. For me, I was in Conservative-dominated western Canada, and while homophobia is less prevalent than the past, even within my religious family members they are typically quite accepting… but it is still a viewpoint that I have noticed gets passed down generationally in my own area among a large enough group of people.

  31. From what I gather it's almost entirely gen Z having a much lower bar for what counts as "bi" than past generations. Which I guess isn't insignificant, but it paints a very different picture than the headlines generally say.

  32. you mean pedophelia? and the idea that it's only shameful if you're receiving? pretty sure modern society is better there bro

  33. Honestly it's pretty unlikely, most of gen Z won't bully or harass anyone that's openly queer but that doesn't mean there's a visibly larger amount of gay people that exist in the real world. Being not straight from my personal experience is seen more of a token trait amongst friend groups than anything else.

  34. No, there will always be the isolated communities filled with hate for it. I know my town will never change and that's just a fact

  35. I'm kind of confused as to why every article I seem to read credits every bit of progressive change in our culture to Gen Z... As if Millennials have just been glorified boomers happy to keep the status quo.

  36. Gen Z has a lax attitude? That's a stupid generalization, being real. They're not more lax, they've realized the truth, it's perfectly normal. It's not the fact that gen x and boomers have less homosexual relationships, it's just that they're more secretive because your entire generational culture (there are exceptions) is to either shame it, ignore it, or stand by the sidelines while homophobic rhetoric or actions occur. Millennials forced you guys to embrace it, you're welcome.

  37. Good. If it's between two consenting adults, then what difference does it make? The only people I see having a problem with this are Christians/Muslims

  38. Im an atheist and more share Cato The Elders views on the changing society. He also wasnt christian, he lives in the 200s BC, and practiced a very early Italic religion that existed prior to and just after Romes conquest of Greece and subsequent adoption of their gods customs and rituals (Though remnannts of the old tradition still exist in Italian folkore). Cato was a military man and a farmer renowned for his discipline. It wasnt specifically homosexuality that dismayed him about the adoption of Greek culture, it was just the over-the-top hedonism in general- All sorts of strange fetished sex acts, open displays of drunkenness and laziness etc. That now like then is what I have more of a problem with.

  39. Christians arent even that weird aboit it. I know a lot of conservative christians. Ofc, they have said they dont support it. But they are totally fine with it. And stay respectfull.

  40. We passed that point with Generation X 25 years ago, with the exception of a few homophobic assholes like you, OP. Wake up, it’s the 21st century and it has been for a while now.

  41. The exaggerating and generalizing of your generation is so bigoted. The world has been fighting bigotry for years and the younger generation won’t let it go. They love putting people into a box based on their age or race well complaining about being in a box about age or race. This is the absence of intelligence.

  42. I'm fine with the sexual freedoms sans the fact that it's getting pretty hard to find someone that doesn't want some form of open relationship

  43. My favorite part about this post is that everyone in the comments suddenly became experts on Greco-Roman culture in the past 3 hours.

  44. Pederasty I don't think will ever be normalized, because that's what most of the ancient world was when it came to gay sex.

  45. Hopefully not. They might not have the same hang-ups with homosexuality as people did for a while there, but they also had some views on sexuality that we might view as problematic

  46. Had it not been for the aids crises it would be by now, l am suspicious of the sudden instances of monkey pox to spread just as things get more liberal. I believe that sexuality should be fluid and the fact that it is not more down to others bigoted ideas usually based on religious myth, what goes on behind closed doors with consenting adults has nothing to do with anyone else

  47. In some cultures it’s “Women for procreation, men for recreation”. But then the one I’m thinking of also used (uses?) little boys for fun. So let’s not.

  48. Realistically, the current view on gay relations is totally out of the norm for humans and is simply a product of weird abrahamic cultism

  49. That’s the kind of gay relationship where you’re not allowed to go for takedowns on the legs, right?

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