men take off more bras than they put on.

  1. I just realized, as a married man, I haven't taken off a bra in over a decade. If hanky panky is likely, the bra is already off.

  2. From my experience, if its just you and the wife, she ain't trying to impress nobody anymore, so that bra comes off before the shoes do...

  3. Often my gf has me put the straps back on her bra or clasp it for her. I take it as an opportunity to kiss her neck and I think it's half the reason she has me do it.

  4. OMG this is so true! Always always always help your woman put her bra back on, unless she specifically asks you not to or says you don’t need to. It makes us feel taken care of.

  5. Jokes on you, I take off more bras than I put on... Though my GF puts on more than she takes off, I guess it balances out

  6. I'm 32 I don't think I've taken bras off since highschool most girls in my experience when it gets hot and heavy they take them off and especially 8f your in a relationship they pull em 9ff quicker than you can even think about pulling them off

  7. I bet when people said you cant see stars during the day you were the little kid piping up well ackhually the sun is a star hurhur.

  8. My husband is still a struggle bus with taking my bra off — it’s like a good few seconds of awkwardness and fumbling around while things are getting hot and heavy.

  9. You drink more water than you pee. You drive more cars than you design. You pet more dogs than you kill. Ship toast bro.

  10. Not all men however! I'm a nurse and most people still manage to take them off. Putting them back on however can be slightly more complex (especially with an IV).

  11. I had to ask my husband to hook my bra for me because my hand was in a brace. He had trouble. I said it's ok, I know you're only used to taking these off.

  12. Says you. My girlfriend's well-endowed with limited range of motion in her shoulders. I'm at an even 50/50 split between the two.

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