Houses legit make ambient noises, but no one ever mentions it.

  1. True, when doing sound design for movies it's important to add an ambient noise track for indoor scenes. If you don't it will seem weird and unnatural.

  2. A couple of buddies of mine and I ran a film production company for a little bit and this part was always the most interesting for me.

  3. It'd be like going to a strip club with no music. All you'd hear are the awkward squeaks and screeches from the girls going up and down the poles lol. I've never been to a strip club but I can picture how weird this situation would be.

  4. Mine's going through a levelling process so it's making these wonderful (read, horrendous) cracking sounds that make me paranoid the ceiling is about to fall on my head.

  5. You just made me realize I’ve never heard my house make settling noises. We’ve been here 4 years…it’s 50 years old. That’s so weird.

  6. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to be paranoid about my ceiling falling on me since it didn’t make much of a sound… it just kinda fell on me lol whatever they use for ceilings (not sure if it’s drywall or what, I’m dumb regarding that stuff) is HEAVY and very scratchy… I was lucky to mostly roll out of the way of it thanks to my brother somehow noticing it about to fall

  7. Every morning in summer, without fail, all houses in our neighbourhood start cracking, due to the wood expanding when the sun hits it (I think). You get used to it

  8. Not to make everyone paranoid, but sink holes do exist. That one guy in Florida got swallowed up whole while he was sleeping !

  9. Yeah, I've got that as well. Add to it the creaking of the tree behind the house when the wind blows. That one gets to me in the middle of the night - especially since there are some indications that another tree already fell over.

  10. My parents built a log home 40 years ago .... They say the logs would crack sometimes (usually at night when they were sleeping), sounded almost like a gun shot apparently!

  11. It expands during the day because of the heat and retracts at night when things cool off. My house is 58 years old and still does it. You will get use to it.

  12. Ugh. Mine wakes me up at night with a loud crack right near me. It does it every few hours at night. Less in the day. It's loud! Scared the cats.

  13. In Texas during the big freeze last year it was so weirdly quiet everywhere. No electrical sounds at all. Then about 6 months later it was so hot the power went out again for just a little and hearing it caused a little panic attack. It also woke me out of sleep because it was so abrupt. It’s weird without the small electrical noises.

  14. I don’t think that humming electricity is very good. The power went out at my place a little while back for about two hours and I couldn’t notice a difference. Maybe it could be if you have speakers and they are left on. That can sometimes make a humming sound.

  15. I have a reoccurring sound at my house. We bought a little over a year ago and like clockwork around 1am there’s this almost bang coming from the roof or attic. I’m not going up there.

  16. Same, but got the house just under a year ago. We think its the roof joists slipping ever so slightly. Thermal expansion and the heat of the day and the cool of the night.

  17. Is your furnace up there? A dirty filter restricts hot airflow, and when the metal cools down it contracts and makes a bang sound.

  18. I have something that sometimes makes a sound similar to a geiger counter. It's somewhere in my kitchen area but I can't quite discover the source because there are pretty long breaks between the sounds, so whenever I get interested and investigate it becomes quiet until I loose interest...

  19. which Amityville horror? I feel like I've seen like 3 different movies but they were all bad and I was disappointed

  20. I live in an old house, and I love when the power goes out to think about how quiet it would have been back when it was first built and occupied. No hum of computer fans and light fixtures, no cars driving by, or even--in the specific case of mine--any neighbors around, since it was likely the first structure on a large farm. It would have been so quiet, and the night sky would have been so brilliant.

  21. Every night…. 10 o’clock my house thuds like a door is closing. I’ve checked a million times. It just happens. I have now learned to accept that is when the boogie man is home from scaring kids. Now I just wait for the thud and giggle that boogie is home

  22. It might be some sort of temperature thing. Because if how cold it gets at night where I live, the front doorframe thuds at around the same time each night. Something to do with pressure idk

  23. My old house had a weird thing in the attic bedroom (which was the master). It sounded like faint music sometimes. When it was doing it, others agreed they heard it. Idk what caused it, but I actually miss it lol. It was nice to fall asleep to. It sounded like classical most of the time, but occasionally rock or something else.

  24. I saw a YouTube video about how the ambience changes each day, and the police can determine the day a video was filmed by the slight difference in the background noise in a house, it's incredible.

  25. Oh god. When it's windy it sounds like doors closing and footstep and the strangest one is it sounds like someone is putting down a shot glass. My house is haunted by a drunk.

  26. When the power is out it's crazy how quiet everything. Hope noise pollution isn't shortening our lives.

  27. You definitely notice the difference when the power has gone off. It's really weird to notice the lack of sound you didn't consciously register.

  28. Our house has a lot of wind noises whenever the wind gusts above 15mph, particularly noticeable if certain doors are open/closed, based on how the air moves around the house. Sometimes doors will open and close by themselves because of how air moves around the house.

  29. I used to be able to close the living room door with the dining room door on the oposite and of the house due to having the air pressure change of swinging the door quickly.

  30. I always tell the wife it's getting hot outside when the metal roof starts popping. Also when it's raining. A metal roof is better than a lullaby when it rains.

  31. I almost always had a cat growing up and in appartments. The rare instances I did not, house noises bothered me much more because I couldn't blame the cat haha

  32. I'm autistic and my apartment has so many ambient noises, such as the fridge, the elevators in the hallways all my electronics buzz. Some days it's a nightmare some days just a mild annoyance haha

  33. Try getting an electric noise tester. You might have "dirty power". The humming is due to electronics adjusting to the changes in voltages and current. The inductors literally expand and contract their coils as they deal with these changes. As a result, they tend to whine as they were not meant to be used in that way. That being said, they are fairly resistant so they do take a lot of abuse and still function perfectly fine just with a lot of losses like heat and noise.

  34. This is in fact true. Last night, while I was upstairs, my house made a strange noise that sounded like "He's just such a disappointment to the family"

  35. This is so true. Every night when I’m going to sleep I will hear weird cracks and banging sounds and instead of being freaked out like I should be, I just go to sleep lol

  36. So do ships at sea. Everyone thinks of the old wooden sailing vessels when it comes to creaking, but even the big ol’ modern ones made of metal these days do too..

  37. Had this yesterday, i was sitting in the lounge and realised something was off....there was a power cut and I couldn't hear the fridge and other electrical sounds you don't normally notice. So frigging weird whenever that happens.

  38. Houses make transient noises (creaks, squeaks, etc.). They contain ambient noises like plumbing, air conditioning, wind, etc)

  39. My back porch actually makes a banging noise around 11 am - 4 pm. No idea why, it does this when it's hot or cold outside so I don't believe it's a temperature change affecting it. My picture above my head also makes a cracking noise randomly, I've checked behind it but nothing.

  40. People talk about it all the time. The most normal is creaking due to thermal changes, but cracking sounds as it settles, rushing sounds of the forced air, burbling and clanging from radiators, and gurgling of pipes are all normal and common. If you want a silent room, you basically need to build a studio.

  41. I keep hearing random creaks and what sounds like small items falling over. Something about the fact there's no extra people in the house makes it really unsettling...

  42. Makes me glad I’m hard of hearing. I think enough noises are strange as it is because I’m not sure what I’m hearing. Glad I don’t hear the houses spooky noises too.

  43. This happens all the time at my house. My wife will say to me in a nervous tone, " What was that noise!?!" Like she wants me to go check it out.

  44. I'm staying at my grandma's Soviet flat right now and there are legit ghost sounds coming from the hall and I swear I've heard it since I was like 10.

  45. Yeah it sucks having sound sensitivity. It’s why I always loved power outages. For an hour it’s total silence to “whirring” all stopped the “humming” is gone, it’s peaceful

  46. I have a low ringing in my ears that I've had since birth. If there is any ambient sounds in my house, they're more quiet than my ringing ears, which I can only ear when it's quiet.

  47. My autistic ass talks about it like normal people talk about the weather. Some house are legitimately distracting for me to have a conversation in haha

  48. In all fairness, some houses are loud af. I remember getting scared shitless bc my house made a loud ass cracking sound and it was dead silent when it happened, house is only 16 years old

  49. I've mentioned it a few times as my house sounds like it's constantly humming (really any building has this sound) this humming sound goes away if the power goes out so I'm assuming I'm hearing the electricity flowing throughout the house.

  50. My house doesn't make any sound at all. There's sound when my computer is on, or my washing machine but most of the time it's completely silent.

  51. Yep. Creaking pipes and other weird ass noises. I used to think my house is haunted. Now I just think somethings in my walls.

  52. I work in film, we call it room tone. Usually we even record the ambient noises for a minute or two so the sound editor can place it under footage without audio, because it feels unnatural to have a scene without background sounds.

  53. The worst is when people install those high pitched devices to scare away rabbits and squirrels and other land critters. I can hear that high pitched sound, so every time I’m working in their yard I have to find the device and turn it off temporarily.

  54. My house is 260 years old and it took a while to realise it was very quiet because it had settled a long time ago. Most noise comes from the boiler and the fridge/appliances

  55. I live in a 100 year old brick house on a hillside. I had foam injection insulation put in (that stuff they pipe into the walls that expands to fill the space) and it made a huge difference. Almost all the settling noises are gone and I haven't had any issues with cracks opening up in the brickwork, like several of my neighbors with houses built around the same time.

  56. In 1986 Rich Hall made a short movie called "Vanishing America." It opened with him climbing into and slowing walking through an attic, along with the following voiceover:

  57. Yep, my attic makes creaking noise a few times a day. I notice it but never really remember I noticed it until I think back to it. There’s one creaky noise that happens every day or two right above my bedroom that makes me wonder if the attic is going to crash through the ceiling one of these days.

  58. My house has a drip pan I didnt know about for years. So, every time the upstairs plumbing would be running, I'd hear a, "Drip, drip, drip," noise from inside the wall, and thought my entire house was going to collapse from water damage lol.

  59. I bought my house about 16 years ago. I had a dog who recently passed. I still hear her in the house. Apparently a lot of the noises I attributed to my dog, was my house all along.

  60. You never notice how noisy a house can be until you don't have power and suddenly it's dead quiet. Then the power comes back on and you can audibly hear your house basically booting back up.

  61. Towns make ambient noises. Get up at 3 am and go sit outside quietly until 6-7 and you can literally hear your town come to life, even from the countryside.

  62. Yeah but the anxiety response center of my brain won’t stop screaming at me about how the creak I heard is going to lead to my house collapsing on me

  63. There was a home security system a few years ago that was based around this. It learned the normal noises that go on in your home and alert you to unusual sounds. Not sure if this specifically used the normal house noise as a baseline or the normal human activity within the house though.

  64. My hose was built in 1916 2 floors an a basement. An it still makes all kinds of sounds and mourns. I am finally use to it now.

  65. Yea well most houses contain wood, wood has to settle, depending on the type of wood it could take years, your local daily weather also makes a difference too

  66. Yea well most houses contain wood, wood has to settle, depending on the type of wood it could take years, your local daily weather also makes a difference too

  67. genuine question, is houses settling a nearly exclusively wood house thing? where i live houses are from stone and cinderblock, we don't get anything of that sort. noise is supposed to come from outside, that's why houses were built, to get away from it

  68. Someone told me (who lived alone) that she would just turn up the TV loud so she didn’t have to hear any unexplained noises

  69. I'm completely comfortable in my home with all of its noises, even late at night when I'm the only one awake. I'll fumble around in the dark, watch scary movies, it's all good. That is, until I'm home alone. Then every single sound is the impending serial killer or the demon from beyond who's coming to get me. And I don't care to find out which. I will turn on literally every possible light trying to get from here to there, and it's still not okay.

  70. Oh man. That’s one of the worst parts of moving into a new place…adjusting to new house noises.

  71. I let people stay in my house while I was out of town and they described all the sounds to me saying it was weird.

  72. I heard noises in my house and people told me it was "Settling" soon i found out that a pipe needed to be replaced. Guess HOW I Found Out

  73. I agree - lived in a 1895 Queen Anne Victorian for a few years, and one winter [um, 66?] there was the usual Western NY blizzard shutting down power for about a week. [Made my parents thankful for the town gas fireplaces in every room, we were warm at least.] I can remember the wind making the windows gently vibrate in the frames, and the walls creak. Probably why the whole creepy noise horror flicks don't bother me too much.

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