Future generations will have lots of high quality video footage of so many extinct animals.

  1. Mom! I don’t wanna go to the museum and see 21st century 2D videos of elephants! Can’t you just beam me to the holographic zoo so I can play with dinosaurs!

  2. Holograms are literally impossible! It is just some scifi shit that is made up. We will never have holograms.

  3. Yup. "High quality" is entirely dependent on context and thus time period. I'm sure the early silent movies were seen as pretty high quality in their times. Heck, I remember when 480p laserdiscs were marvels!

  4. Man I’m honestly good on the 3D VR football, i don’t ever wanna see shit from a running backs POV I’d be scared shitless the entire game

  5. How long will it take for people to start conspiracies that the videos were actually fake and the animals never existed though?

  6. Not long. Telling someone that a deer with a 6 foot long neck is real, but a horse with a horn on his head isn't will likely come off as suspicious quickly.

  7. It’s practically happening now. “The Earth is 6000 yo, and God placed dino bones underground just to test the faith of future people!”

  8. Detective pikachu is an accurate animal documentary of animals from the now extinct animal genus called pokemon.

  9. For a brief time there will be an enormous amount of high quality footage of one extinct animal, when we’re gone. By the time an audience comes to visit those records will likely be unreadable though. I wonder how long before the pyramids wither away or whatever the final trace of us is.

  10. It’s honestly fear mongering. Humanity has survived the fucking Black Death and the Toba Supervolcano eruption. It’s idiotic to think we’ll be extinct now, and that we’re special.

  11. Perhaps enough footage to build a program that learns the behaviour of on animal so they can simulate it

  12. Current resolutions are about as good as it gets in the sense that the human eye simply can't tell the difference between higher resolutions at normal viewing distances. Color saturation, balance and contrast might still be improved to a degree, but even then there is a limit to what the human eye can even register.

  13. Lmao, imagine trying to compare a fucking useless screen vs a neural implant that can literally create the "real" scene inside your own brain.

  14. Idk, if I watch a movie for example in 4k I cannot distinguish it from reality(other than the screen being 2d) no matter how hard i try

  15. and of news! i always think of how crazy it'll be to tell my future grandkids of how i lived through these events, then realize that they could probably pull up videos and information as good as actually being there.

  16. Only if the videos are transferred to whatever format is supported at that time. Think if your pc would be able to play a floppy disk? You can think about online video, but - how do you know that online service will be functional so far in the future

  17. As someone with a lifetime's worth of videos, some that I transferred from old super 8 film to video tape to digital, I think about this a lot. These memories will probably die with me or shortly after, with no one to continue converting them as time passes and old formats die.

  18. Not to underplay the extinction but surely in the next few generations we will be able to clone and re populate (at least some) species. Obviously it’s better to not let that happen but it feels like a lot of what’s happening now is out of our control.

  19. Cloning is like space travel, it's still the very spear tip of all our human technologies and a massive amount of mustered effort. It's unclear if it will have the widespread adoption to make it cheap and commonplace to have an impact on the rate of extinction, or clear that it won't. What's happening now is linked directly to our wasteful consumer practices AND overpopulation due to (consume wastefully, can support fewer without total ecological destruction). When you say "out of our control" you really mean "we lack the collective self discipline," to consume less and have less offspring, but technically, it's precisely in our control.

  20. Yeah the northern white Rhino is basically extinct with a couple of infertile females and the last male died about a month ago, but it is not impossible if they got some of the sperm and eggs in a freezer to be able to clone some in the future

  21. The 'scientific falacy' is one that assumes we can 'science' our way out of demolishing the fuck out of planet and ecosphere in every way imaginable. (Narrator: 'They can't.')

  22. The number one issue for the survival of species is habitat. You can clone all you want but if the habitat is gone replaced by strip malls and roads then there’s no place for them to be. We’ve done a great job in the US bringing a number of species back from the brink of extinction but the prevailing issue is habitat.

  23. and what do you do when you didn't took the dna ? Like for species that got extinct a long time ago, or when you didn't had the chance to do it ? Like soecies that lives 1km below the ocean surface ? And the extinct soexies that we didn't even knew they existed ?

  24. I don't think so, because as someone else said, the human eye can only make out a certain level of detail. Eventually, things are so photo realistic that the eye can't make out the difference.

  25. Stop overdramatising. There will be some damage, probably quite catastrophic in the next 100 years but we won't come close to extinction.

  26. What will grandkids think of their grandpas and grandmas if they find out, grandpa & grandma didnt care shit about them or the future of this world and still maintained a lifestyle that is destroying this planet?

  27. I think that as much as it won't be as good as their, it's is objectively good. If a screen can appear as a window, it must be something good

  28. No. Looking at a new tv, you dont lose any detail from what your eyes can see. In the 20s, that was very much not the case. I'm sure there will be other advancements, maybe in VR or 3d technologies, but there isn't much you can do to improve a static picture over what we have today

  29. Don't underestimate human stupidity. If we ever have some sort of EMP war everything will go to shit before you can say "tech savvy".

  30. Husband and I were talking about that the other night while watching Jurassic Park... he said “do you think future robots or species will study us like we study dinosaurs?”

  31. We could be seeing animals thought to be extinct all the time, but because we know fuck all about animals we have no idea. If I see a frog I just see a frog not a specific type of frog for example. A bird is just a bird unless one of the few I know the name of. If there is a seagull with a strangely shaped beak thought to be extinct I would not notice it since I've never looked at it closely before.

  32. High quality to us.... low quality for them as they're seeing all video in flawless 360 degree 3-d holograms.

  33. I also think about whether we’ve hit a Plateau of video quality and it’s good enough, or maybe in the future people will look back and say ‘that’s a shitty ass old video with horrific quality, must be from the 2020s”

  34. Honestly, it might be unwatchable for them. Remember how racing games in the early 2000s looked so much like real life cars? When you go back and look at it now, you think, "I can't believe we thought this looked realistic." 360p YouTube videos used to be "high-definition". I figure that similar situations will continue for many more generations.

  35. “High quality” is subjective. Cave people probably thought “Future Generations will have lots of high quality paintings of so many extinct animals.”

  36. Past generations also had high quality footage. Black and white, grainy, poor resolution video was high quality back then. Future generations will look at our 1080p flat videos and think “wow this footage is so old, I can’t even tap into it with my AR/VR glasses”. Tech that seems good now will not seem good in the future, that’s how technology works.

  37. Is that true tho? Judging by the quality of reddit videos that have been shot not even a year ago, I don't think there will remain a lot of high quality videos.

  38. Future generations will be extinct. The aliens that take over will have plenty of footage of us.

  39. I think about this, but i don't think itll happen that way. Like all the people when photos were invented thought the same thing but they're dichotomy wasn't in quality but existence. Were going to invent cameras and systems that will make models, skeletons, and animations from a video file and make a virtual reality scene for you to dick around in, but well find out that you need 3 or 4 identical cameras from different angles and once that's the norm for viewing then all those "high quality" videos will get added to the piles of old records that photo recolorers are working through

  40. Our gold deposits will last basically forever. Unnatural uniform piles of gold with Mint symbols pressed in to them. Aliens will know that's a sign of past sentient inhabitants

  41. Im wondering why nobody (to my knowledge) goes ahead and collects DNA Samples of animals... Like stop whining about some rhinocerus going extinct and collect some samples to clone it when the technology is ready

  42. And most of them will have the same experience that most of us have had (ie only seeing them in videos), so it won't seem like that big of a deal

  43. Pfff by then we'll be genetically engineering tiger print pandas with eagle wings and a rhinoceros horn

  44. Students will be given a research assignment of random people from the past and told to write a paper on their life.

  45. Welcome to the VR nature experience! Immerse your in our ultra filtered mountain air(tm) as you get to experience the earth as it was created.

  46. All you optimistic f***'s who's to say we don't bring all those extinct animals back using blood samples Jurasic Park style and they and the ones optimised for warfare doesn't eat us all.

  47. Future generations will complain that they only have low 4k rez 2d "footage" lol of extinct animals when tangible 16k rez holograms are available in their generation.

  48. Future generations will be unable to view the HD videos due to advancements in technology making old tech impossible to read.

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