WSIB: looking for a game to put a ton of hours in

  1. Factorio is super good for this because once you’ve gotten bored of Vanilla, you can play all the overhaul mods. I’m currently playing Space Exploration and it’s supposed to take 100+ hours to complete, but I play slow so it’ll be maybe 300 hours.

  2. Also, Project Zomboid. OP if you’re interested in an open world sandbox survival game set in a zombie apocalypse, you’ll fall in love with this game.

  3. Elden ring. 10/10, the best of the souls games, I got sucked in for like two weeks ~100 hours (which is a lot for me, I tend to game hop)

  4. Does destiny have any sort of different builds you can make? Or any sort of customizable weapons? That was one of my favourite parts of MHW.

  5. I haven't played it but but I've heard Path of Exile is complex as hell, and has a ton of gameplay while also being free. So I'd suggest looking into that.

  6. Path of Exile player here. The game is incredibly (and I don't mean that lightly) complex, and 100+ hours is actually nothing if you're just starting out (that's me. I'm about 170 hours in and there are still a lot of stuff I'm still trying to grasp). There are tons of builds, tons of content, tons of loot, and new stuff comes out every three months or so. Some players have played for tens of thousands of hours, and they still keep going on. The thing that makes new players balk would be imo the skill tree (Yggdraskill because of how big it is), but get through that, and you should be fine for a while. You'll build your character up, hit a wall, change some stuff, get frustrated, back out, check the wiki, decide you bricked your character, start over by following a build guide, and suddenly you find yourself sucked in by the game. Let's just say that if I am not sick or working, I'd be spending a lot of time on Path of Exile. Just focus on one thing at a time and eventually branch out. Don't try to do everything at the same time. Fair warning though, you can be burned out, and it's fine. Take a break and do something else.

  7. Came here to say this, I've easily put thousands of hours total into POE and each season I try a new build or 2 depending on how invested I am in the League mechanic. I remember when the Harvest league was around I got 3 characters fully geared max level with everything I could ever want cause it was just such a blast playing a farming sim while playing an ARPG.

  8. Maybe Stardew Valley? It is a great game! I have over 1200 hours in the game and I still play it :) It is a lot to so in the game and it is very replayable.

  9. Ive wanted to get into stardew for a really long time but i never got around to it, what about it makes it so enjoyable? It seems like a pretty simple game, is there a lot of complexity to it?

  10. How much game is there for someone that doesnt like farming in the sense of actual farms, like digging, planting, watering, i cant stand any of that. If i were to try it would there be enough to do? And to explore?

  11. +1 dyson sphere, game is like crack and i disliked factorio. Dyson's learning curve was smoother for me, i could really wrap my head around how everything merges and works.

  12. You could look at some rogue-like. You can get a lot of play out of most of them. Binding of Isaac and Hades are great, in particular. Also, not necessarily the most complex, but Darkest Dungeon can be fun/brutal and has long playthroughs

  13. I second this. Rouge-like games (Dead Cells, Returnal, Hades, Loopmancer, etc.) will have several hours of replayability.

  14. No man's sky can be fun with a bunch of free dlc with continued dlc. Idk about 500 hours or open world but starves valley can be very fun and played for a long time plus the coop on both of these games is solid too.

  15. Absolutely, they also have the character/skills building that Dark Souls and Monster Hunter have, so OP if you like that about games you should try them! New Vegas is my favorite but 3 and 4 are also worth playing.

  16. I know I keep mentioning this all the time but silent storm and jagged alliance 2. I don’t know I jsut like old games at this point . If you do consider an mmo then yes world of Warcraft and classic wow

  17. I just bought Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen and the fact you have to traverse most of the world on foot will rack up some hours haha. But also very much digging the game so far.

  18. Yep i just entered post game and beat daimons first phase. Great game so far, probably the best rpg combat you can find

  19. If you want a MMORPG consider Final Fantasy XIV instead. While the early story and quests can be boring, the rest of the game is great. The 8+ man content can be extremely difficult.

  20. Warframe, massive amount of content, anything you see is possible to grind out for free (even premium currency items since you can trade it between players).

  21. I havent seen any comments that say elden ring, it's made by the same people who made dark souls and jve spent prolly 100 hours just reading through the wiki

  22. OldSchoolRuneScape, the late game PvE content is quite difficult and it takes thousands of hours to clear all the content in the game minus achievements (4-6k+).

  23. shooters: deep rock galactic is amazing and great for replayability through the build variety some of the upgrades you unlock make, deep rock galactic is my top recommendation for this. GTFO is a very good strategic shooter with a lot of depth in terms of game knowledge.

  24. i actually just bought god eater 3 and have been really enjoying it. it's kinda like if monster hunter and code vein had a baby.

  25. Not sure if mentioned already, but I'll endorse Snowrunner. Slow and grindy, but fun and chill. Plus it looks spectacular. I currently have 365 hours logged and still have a quarter of the game to go (including DLC)

  26. If you're looking for something with depth and complexity, Space Station 13 is an absolute gem. I've been playing it for years and, every time I join in on a round, it feels like a fresh and unique experience. There's always something new to learn and, while our community is relatively small, the game receives a lot of love from its player-base. Not to mention, it's completely free to play.

  27. I just envy the time you have, 500 hours in a game would take me around 2 years of playing that single game and nothing else.

  28. Stardew Valley or Oxygen not included for sure! The main game of Stardew has at least 100 hours and thats without considering time to decorate, or explore, or divorce your wife then make her forget then marry her again.

  29. Nioh 2 is the natural best answer given your game preferences. It is easily a 500+ hour game and the combat is often considered more complex and free-flowing than the Souls games.

  30. Wow or FFXIV. Both have a free trial granted the FF free trial is far better. The current state of WoW at least to long term players is not great but the upcoming expansion shows some early signs of promise but with these kinds of games patches can always drastically shift how players are feeling about the game if the developers do something to anger players.

  31. Guild wars 2 for an mmo. The base game is free and you dont need to pay $50 upfront and $15 a month for a very very outdated mmo like wow

  32. If you haven't really dabbled in MMOs that might be the move, tons and tons of content to play, me and my girlfriend have been really enjoying Star Wars The Old Republic lately, has really good stories for each class and it's fun to play together.

  33. Silly question, but have you gone back to other MonHun titles? There's been a large influx of fans that haven't gone back to older titles yet.

  34. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - If you have a switch, get ready for an experience that will humble you. Rise and World are great, but they make certain things easy and accessible. GU will not do that, instead smacks you in the face.

  35. Red Dead Redemption 2. Don’t need a wiki but you will absolutely spend hundreds of hrs playing it.

  36. Old School RuneScape, they have one of the best wikis in the gaming world and a really good community

  37. If you want to hunt after a variety of beasts who have a variety of abilities and behaviour, while wielding you weapon type of choice, I'd recommend Dauntless.

  38. Recently got into Path of Exile and already dropped like 70 hours in the past week since I’ve been sick. It’s extremely addicting but also very complex. Pretty easy if you stick to guides but also can be fun to blind build if you’re not looking to dive extremely deep later in the game. Already dropped $20 on extra stash tabs and mostly did it cause I wanted to support the devs. Great game highly suggest

  39. Ive given an honest effort to get into genshin, but there is just too much anime in your face all the time, i couldnt stomach it for more than a few hours

  40. Paimon killed it for me. Shes so fcking annoying. Once the ice mountain was released i just couldnt deal with her anymore. Gosh that lil freak haunts my dreams

  41. Genshin impact is really a good grindy game if you know what you’re doing. But for me I’m just done with it cause like after the story it’s just literally grinding and then after that it’s jsut daily’s.

  42. Just confirming Path Of Exile as others have suggested. Go in and don't read the help panel or the wiki if you really want a challenge. Just figuring out the regular campaign will blow your mind and once you run into previous league mechanics it gets worse, but in a good way if you like figuring things out. Some quit after seeing the regular skill tree and a couple of leagues ago they added another that you won't see until you finish all ten acts and that one allows you to pretty run the previous league mechanics that you like the most.

  43. Rimworld. You can throw hundreds of hours in base game alone. Add in two DLCs, even more. Add in mods, you’ll blink and days have past you by.

  44. red dead redemption 2. maybe not 500 hours but each play through takes at least 60 due to how long the game is. pretty good. wikis huge so many cool secrets and side missions too. ive played through it 4 times on my 5th play through now

  45. Jedi fallen order, not a game you could put hundreds of hours in it but it's like dark souls with great story and mechanics

  46. This comment is a bit late, but I highly recommend The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. The binding of Isaac rebirth with all the dlc is a game you can easily put 1000 hours in with the wiki open and still not be complete. I’ve got more than 500 hours (way to much more lol) in Isaac and im probably 40-45% done. It’s a randomly generated rougelike btw.

  47. I would try warframe. It’s free to play, and has no p2w mechanics (there are micro transactions obviously, but none are necessary or even worth it). I have over 650 hours in the game, and there are so many things and systems i haven’t touched yet. You can easily put in thousands of hours before getting through everything.

  48. This isnt really violent so idk if it would be for you, but I absolutely love satisfactory. It’s a game where you land on an alien world an build a ton of massive factory’s. It’s incredibly complex with a ton to explore and it can occupy you for hundreds of hours

  49. Since you like Terraria, I think you'll really like Stardew Valley. It seems like a small puddle of a game, but once you start playing it's a vast ocean of potential activities. There are even mods on Nexus that are basically the equivalent of free DLC with some of them.

  50. The elder scrolls and Fallout franchise should at least get a mention. Skyrim in particular has had house put into it which only gets expanded by mods.

  51. I’ve got around 1,200 hours in the binding of Isaac. It’s definitely more fun if you have all the dlc but it’s my favorite game of all time tbh

  52. What's your thoughts on MMORPGs? Those generally have a shit ton of content and possibility of dumping in time. I started WoW after christmas 2015 and have sunk in around 14000 hours since then. Ofc you don't need to do THAT much (and a lot of it is afk or running around chatting to people) but MMORPGs are a timesink. Like, any of them.

  53. If you put a lot of time into the dark souls games you might enjoy Hollow Knight, I haven’t put in nearly 500 hours, but if you put in the time to beat the pantheons you’ll have put in a good amount of time

  54. Bro. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and the DLCs. My wife has played over 1000+ hours on ps4 version. I've probably got like 100-200 on there. Then 450ish hours on the PC version.

  55. Lost Ark is free to play and super easy to put 500+ hours into if you end up enjoying it. All the paid store aspects are essentially means of jumping ahead in content instead of just grinding it out yourself so there isn't really a need to put a single dime into it if you don't want to. I put roughly 200 hours in without paying anything before I stopped.

  56. Borderlands is a great series! You get to feel like an absolute badass and use all sort of cool guns and skills while exploring and see cool maps and stuff, I have 800+ in bl3 alone, probably 2000 in all Borderlands related titles

  57. I recommend any and all of the borderlands games. Borderlands 2 on particular has tons of content and farm and grind potential. Borderlands 3 is real good too but has slightly less content and is technically more complicated. But I love the series and if 6-700 hours across the series has taught me anything. Its that I don't know anything and I need to do more research. If you do get into the series I have one tip, always go for the matching grip :)

  58. Kenshi is a game you either can't get into or you spend countless hours in and forget the time, although it's not the type of game you're used to it's still amazing had has an absolutely massive open world and very deep lore that you have to piece together your self. Fallout nv might be a good idea too. Very good story, plenty of quests and places to explore plus amazing dlcs if you want them. The game is already very repayable but adding mods just makes it even better, but make sure you read about the mod first, you don't want to end up start a mod like fallout the frontier. Personally I've got 500 hours in kenshi and 300 in fallout nv

  59. Battle brothers, very good turn based game with rogue like mecanics and a very high replay ability added to a rather complex combat system

  60. WoW is good, but you have to be prepared for some level of repetitive content. Current expansion is weak, so maybe wait for the new expansion and/or Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

  61. Don’t know if it’ll be ur cup of tea but personally since I got a pc almost 2 years ago I’ve played mostly escape from Tarkov with almost 2k hours and I’m still not even close to being bored. The game has issues but I love it.

  62. Elden Ring, not my favorite of those games yet I do have over 500 he's in and still going. You can def sink tons of time in. Plus fabulous mods if on PC

  63. Valorant. Its a very different type of grind. Instead of putting in hours for a new weapon or completing a complex story line its more of what can i do better? What strategies work? Its pretty annoying and the player base is filled with actual real life npcs but its fun if you like strategizing stuff i think its one of the best games to do so, it gives you all the tools you need. Seeing yourself grow in the game itself feels rewarding

  64. I’d definitely recommend Destiny 2. While there are a fair few sore points in the community, I can say, as someone with 2.4K hours, that it is a game you can definitely get into.

  65. Foxhole, I have 2k hrs in the game and it costed me like 20$ . Every 4ish weeks there is new war (depends on the time it takes one side to win the objective). There is frontline warfare aspect and there is also logistics aspect where you producd everything for the war. Easily best game I bought for the price.

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