1. Pretty sure this is a joke? Most people who would do something like this unironically also don't believe in white privilege

  2. I’ve seen this plaque once in my life, some black dude was driving a new minivan with the same saying. It’s clearly satire, not sure how people can take this seriously. People need to lighten up

  3. There is a black artist forgot his name who literally sales a white privilege card looks like a credit card. He jokes about it alot too

  4. I know a lot of people from my hometown who would absolutely put this on their car to mock the concept of white privilege. They're asshole Trumper types.

  5. Yep. I'm not saying all corvette owners are like this but... I think people who are like this drive a Corvette if they can

  6. It’s also on a 5th gen Vette. These are some of the cheapest Corvettes you can find. Very good condition, low mileage base C5’s can be as low as $15k. It makes the emblem even more funny.

  7. People put badges on other peoples cars, I wouldn’t doubt this is one of those scenarios. People were putting trump stickers on peoples cars in my neighborhood with that gopro 3m shit that doesn’t come off.

  8. I would find them and stickerbomb their shit to oblivion with as much left stuff as possible, slash 3 tires so insurance won't cover it, let the air out of the 4th and throw the cap away, puncture his tank and take the gas, then take the cats off and sell them at different scrap yards, take the oil filter off and take his oil, then put signs all over the neighborhood that told the guy's address so everyone else can fuck with him. Fuck that nazi cult pos.

  9. You mean you didn't get your own Corvette at the last white people conference? You have to register ahead of time! Dummy.

  10. I think they are making fun of the racist term of white privilege. Sometimes people take a hateful term like that and use it for themselves as empowerment. I think it should just go away but to each their own.

  11. It does feel shitty to have everything I’ve worked my whole life toward and done my very best that I can to achieve be reduced to “wHiTe PrIvIlAgE”. I’ve had people I don’t even know come and yell this in my face unprovoked. In front of my kids once, for no reason. I certainly wouldn’t display something like this, but I do get it.

  12. I mean, it's not wrong. If you're mad about it you're both missing the point and exactly the sort of person that the message is pointing out.

  13. Ignoring the first two sentences entirely, since that's an opinion. I'm fairly confident the last part is incorrect. It is not a magnet.

  14. Yeah apparently telling an entire race of people they're privileged gets at least some of them irritated. Go figure.

  15. Because they take it as "they're saying my life is easy because I'm white!" when it's really just a SEVERE misunderstanding.

  16. I bet you $10,000 that the person that owns that car is a 50 year old white dude. I see so many old white dudes driving Corvettes all the time. Mid-life-crisis-mobile. 🤮

  17. i've been wanting to get me a corvette stingray from the 70's and paint it the same colors and design as the transformers tracks.

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