Peak degeneracy


  2. Yep, that's what we need. People high revving their engines and taking their eyes of the road for a sneaky wank, just because they're complete tools

  3. Half of reddit has bookshelves full of shitty Marvel and Star Wars funko pops. Not to mention T-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, car stickers. Hell, a significant amount of people name their children after movie/TV show characters.

  4. I blame bullying in schools. There's just not enough of it these days. Kids are free to just be open about weird shit.

  5. I mean, that's what being an eccentric hobbyist is. Some people just enjoy the medium, be it games, cars, cards, comics, etc. Others get a tad be carried away, then they combine two of their hobbies and you get this.

  6. My enjoyment of degenerate garbage is fueled by people's hatred towards it. Trashing on anime as an excuse instead of admiring the money put into things like this. Wraps especially get a ton of shit for no good reason

  7. You just reminded me of how few people in tech school made it to the Engine Controls and Advanced Electrical classes. I'm assuming that's why they front loaded with Braking Systems, Basic Electrical, and Steering and Suspension.

  8. Electrical and control systems? I am pretty sure it's basically a tablet reading data off a bus using a standard protocol. I have a cheap Bluetooth dongle I bought that connects to my phone, it would be easy read the RPMs. When I first saw it I thought they hacked it onto the OEM dash, that would be interesting.

  9. You'd literally just be assigning frames of the animation to different increment readouts from the tach.. it's hardly different than the bar animation that goes from left to right

  10. The guy who did this is Scott Johnson. This is his mk3 Supra drift car and I believe he runs Agile Performance. You can check out his personal Instagram @gasketfuka

  11. As a weeb, i would love to see this with something a little less embarrassing. Like an animation of Goku powering up through super saiyan levels.

  12. Same. Have you seen the guy who made a kinda the same thing, he made it so that when you hit 3500rpm(or something like that.) eurobeat starts playing

  13. I think this layout idea is inventive but it's a damn shame it's wasted on an anime girl when literally many other cool displays could've been to better effect.

  14. From looking at his Instagram he has a bunch of different ones including a street fighter one and a dragon ball one, this one is clearly just for a laugh

  15. Ok this is actually kind of cool because think of the things you can put on there. Like if you had a drift car you can put something on the dash

  16. Could have a car sitting and as your revs go up the car on the dash does a burnout making more and more smoke

  17. Honestly i don’t even hate this just cause it’s so bad lol Imo as long as the people doing this aren’t actually super weebo’s and just doing it for the memes it’s hilarious

  18. Subject and placement aside, I like the idea. It’s an interesting tech to make your car change something about its appearance as you gain speed. What if the interior ambient lighting changes in color as your speed or rpm increases?

  19. This would be extremely embarrassing if you ever had a girl in your car, but then again the kind of person to have this probably won't make it that far.

  20. I can not believe you are being downvoted. People that like anime are bad enough. The people that jerk off to it should be exiled to Siberia.

  21. how to make yourself a literal target for people to run you off the road so that u can no longer drive that trash around the world no more

  22. Someday someone's going to figure out how to put one of those flexible LCD displays on the outside of the car and hook it up to something like this.

  23. The fucking anime try hards man, like why the fuck would you install that. We get you like tits, but don't put that shit where you can get distracted easily. "Oh but it wont" I don't fucking care, you'll get people hurt

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