American tries to label all countries in the world

  1. I mean, the map does have them as separate areas so OP could have just assumed they were countries they didnt know about

  2. you did great job for real. i know one guy that can do better than that. he can name every country with it capital and number of it population and it language and culture and some of it history. he love this shit. so you yeah this is the only guy that can beat you that i personally know

  3. The borders of Western Sahara are disputed and Morocco claims much of it, but most nations don’t legitimize the claim.

  4. Better than I expected, tbh. I feel like you’re probably under 40 or you’d know that tiny wedge between Iraq and Saudi Arabia is Kuwait.

  5. Extra credit for differentiating Sudan from South Sudan even though the map's borders were clearly drawn before it became a country, but MINUS points for leaving the northeastern tip of Sudan red and making me think that there is now a North Sudan.

  6. I actually looked for jamaica i just assumed it was smaller and 1 of the tiny islands that would be impossible to see what shape it was

  7. Why is there such a circlejerk about Americans being bad at geography? Do Europeans have better knowledge of southeast Asian and pacific island countries? If so why? What reason would schools have to spend time on that, and if not in school then where are they spending time familiarizing themselves with such?

  8. I’ll be honest, this isn’t bad for the average person. I would challenge people to call this embarrassing when the average person from their country wouldn’t do much better I wager.

  9. I put it as balkans as i didn't know what the countries were and im pretty sure its more than just yugoslavia, there's croatia and others

  10. Is this a joke and I'm whooshing? Because it is a location in South America. It may not be considered a country, but it is always labeled on the map and not just left as a weird unnamed land.

  11. Well done my friend considering geography it barely taught in the US anymore. I have a bachelors in geography and I don’t think I couldn’t have done much better. I have trouble remembering west Africa as well.

  12. I think op never met an American. This would be a very valid map, it's decently filled, and no normal person is expected to know all/most countries on a world map.

  13. I mean they didn’t do THAT terribly. I think I could do better than them at Africa but other than that I know what regions countries are in but am liable to confuse Slovakia for Slovenia for example.

  14. Western sahara is algeria. algeria is actually libya. western sahara is under "monaco" maroco*. tunisia is correct. along with most north and east africa and the middle east. great work

  15. Yeah but this is just if they were confident they knew where a country was, do you know how confidently incorrect the majority of Americans are

  16. Missing most of the balkans yet knowing north macedonia exists but not putting it north of macedonia is... truly something.

  17. The coloring isn’t based on correctness it’s how confident op is that they got the answer correct. One commenter pointed out that Liberia is green, but that’s not Liberia it’s Equatorial Guinea.

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