Star birdo, za waurdo!

  1. This actually seems like a real stand. Most Part 8 Stand memes are satirical, about Stands which do way too specific stuff.

  2. I think the reason people think part 8 stands are too specific is just bc of the first two enemy stands: Fun Fun Fun, that only works if the user is above the target, and California King Bed, which activates when you fuss over the user.

  3. That's what the US government is doing right now. They replaced all the birds with surveillance drones. #BirdsArentReal

  4. Part 7 had this dude with a stand to detect intruders. Long time since I read it but I think you know what I mean

  5. Genuinely sounds like an enemy stand user explaining how powerful their stand is when they think they won

  6. It's crazy how this man actually sounds like he's explaining his stand ability. Specially with the background music. Good shit.

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