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  1. Fuckin koichi is a total piece of shit man he ran over a dude's cat with his bike and then when the dude asked for some compensation koichi had his lackeys beat him up. Can't even bother getting his own hands dirty unless he's stealing a money from his mom's boyfriend and then threatening him with a knife. How did such a kind woman raise that shameless delinquent? Can't fuckin stand that dude.

  2. Howdy there partner! It's me, cowboy Kakyoin! For a long time, the only English translation of Jojo part 4 was done by a Chinese Colledge student as a language project, translating from Japanese to English with neither as his first language. Its commonly referred to as the Duwang translation due to how it romanized Morioh and Duwang. Its pretty donuttin' impressive for what it is, but it has some less than grammatically correct English. In the scene when Josuke and Okyasu are trying to make Koichi look like a douchebag so Yasuho wont bother him, he says "Koichi really steals? No dignity." Whelp, that's all for today, I have a very busy schedule of being dead to get back to!

  3. Hold up Kevin durant claims hes shorter than he actually is so he would not be lumped in as a big during the draft. He claimed to be 6´9 but was actually 7´0.

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