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  1. What I’ve found about people like this is that birth becomes 100% about them and not the baby. I find posts like this to be extremely selfish.

  2. That’s true. They want the “experience” but don’t care how the baby will turn out because they’re going to trust God to make the baby healthy.

  3. They want to post and “brag” about it later. They’re posting and “bragging” about it now. I often wonder if this many people have always needed so much validation or if they amount they require has increased due to social media.

  4. Personally, I did not have the experience I expected at all. When I talk about it, I say that the birth I ideally wanted didn’t fit with the birth baby needed and his needs were more important than my wants.

  5. Well, the placenta will usually detach itself after a little while - maybe 20 minutes or so. It's called the fourth stage of labour. Contractions continue to shrink the uterus and detach the placenta so it can be delivered.

  6. It also smacks of that thing where white people will eat up anything that's marketed as an ancient non-specific Asian mysticism type thing

  7. Folic acid intake dramatically decreases the risk of brain and spine birth defects. But yeah, I’m sure God will sort that out. The only reason why women of ye olden times had such dangerous pregnancies was because they didn’t pray hard enough.

  8. Pregnant women are also told to limit/avoid organ meats specifically because of the associations between excessive Vitamin A intake and birth defects. But… she’s doubling down on beef organs by choice?

  9. Of all the things in this list, this is one I can actually relate to. I got very orthorexic about “mEaT bAsEd” keto/carnivore/fasting eating a few years back. Tried to keep it going in my pregnancy and “failed.” Thank god. But I felt so guilty for eating the dreaded carbs and I’m pretty sure I did some extreme damage to my metabolism and body.

  10. This is insane to me bc you need a balanced diet but also I'm 8 months pregnant and still have aversions to all meat like I cannot eat it so what if that happens?!

  11. Don't pregnant people commonly experience constipation??? I feel like eating an all meat diet would absolutely add to that...

  12. She's also going to get SUUUUUUPER constipated. I can't think of any animal product that's a good source of fiber.

  13. Well if she took her fucking prenatal pills, it shouldn’t be an issue. Also love that she thinks that each pregnancy is the same and that this kid will love a full animal diet.

  14. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that vegetables aren’t an important part of a daily diet - especially when you’re growing a human.

  15. Absolutely baffled at some of the nutritional pseudoscience being pushed these days. The healthiest societies we know of consumed plenty of carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables, etc.

  16. It can be done. You need a lot of organ meat, careful monitoring, and an MD-approved meal plan, but I've met people who eat animal-only food through some online GI disorder/allergy support groups. It doesn't sound fun.

  17. I just wonder what they think this will get them? A healthier baby? Positive birthing experience? They can do most of what they want safely, but I don't understand not taking basic precautions like prenatals or having a midwife.

  18. To be a stickler, where do you get 70% from? From ancient to medieval times, the maternal mortality rate is typically estimated around ~0.5-2% (compare with ~0.01% in the US today) while infant mortality could be as high as ~30% (compare with ~0.5% in the US today). Of course, estimates before modern institutions have a lot of issues, but is likely around that range. Depending on the period, about 5-10% of women died because of childbirth (keep in mind people generally had more kids in those days).

  19. No rhogam? I hope she enjoys the many miscarriages she's going to have in the future. Why are people so dumb

  20. I'm o- and got it as soon as I could! I want more children in the future and don't want my body to literally attack them. I don't understand...

  21. If you have rh incompatibility once, won’t you automatically have it every time? Because it means you must be rh negative and your partner is positive? So won’t your baby die every time?

  22. OB here. We’re not talking miscarriage here. We’re talking about stillbirth. If she develops certain antibodies from a previous Rh positive baby, she’ll most likely make it through the 1st trimester and even the second trimester. Most miscarriages are due to some significant genetic issue with the fetus and thankfully happen in the first trimester. For mom’s with certain Rh antibodies an otherwise perfectly normal fetus dies in utero from severe fetal anemia. No blood cells = no oxygen = fetal distress = fetal demise.

  23. Don’t be silly, we’re not ANIMALS. It’s natural for stupid giraffes and wildebeests to yeet the placenta asap, but people are different because reasons.

  24. Indeed, in fact, animals usually eat the placenta so they don't waste the nutrients. I know some very hippie 'all-natural lifestyle' folks, and they eat the placenta wjen they have kids. Which doesn't even come close to bothering me on the level of leaving a rotting organ attached to a human being who can't make a choice whether they want it or not. Like if you're going to go all woo-woo do what's best for your biology natural living stuff, it ain't that.

  25. Im sorry but that lotus thing sounds disgusting. Does that mean they carry around the placenta for a few days/weeks. Yuk thats disgusting.

  26. I don’t understand why people do this at all. Not only does it seem unsafe and, frankly, gross but it also seems incredibly inconvenient. I’m pregnant with my first but imagining trying to learn to breastfeed and otherwise care for a baby with something attached to it seems so awkward. Animals don’t do that either.

  27. I saw a woman in a FB group posting about hers. She birthed at home with only her husband and mom there, covered the placenta in the colonels blend of 23 secret herbs and spices, and wrapped it in a blanket. She didn’t leave her room for like a week, because she was bonding with the baby and her dead organ. She was wetting the cord to move it around the diaper and clothes the baby was wearing.

  28. Wow today I learned, I thought the lotus thing was to keep baby attached until they delivered the placenta then cut it. This is much worse !

  29. You have to be mindful of the placenta every time you pick up the baby! It’s an important part of infant development to have to be 20x more careful that you don’t rip their belly button out

  30. A bunch of pseudo-spirital sounding terms mashed together. Mindfulness in terms of like Buddhism is all about basically not turning off your brain and being deliberate in your thoughts/actions. Being on autopilot would be the opposite of mindfulness. Nothing about this really sounds like it has anything to do with this other than attempting to make things sound more spiritual/intellectual or something like that.

  31. Idk if anyone knows Alice on Tiktok but she did a lotus birth as well. Shit show she is. Keeping a dead organ attached to a newborn to possibly give them a life threatening infection is so peaceful 😍. This whole unassisted free birth shit is not at all for the experience. It’s becoming something to brag about and make them feel superior. Not all but most of these moms are batshit crazy and do the most for nothing.

  32. There's been recent videos where she's been either at a park or at a stream and the baby is just straight up face down on the ground. Not even a blanket or anything. His face just in the dirt...

  33. Ich lerne deutsch - does the “heult” sound like “hoilt” or more like “hew-lt”? I haven’t learned the rules on “eu” together.

  34. When it falls off, you just staple it back on and tell the child their entire childhood that they are special, and thats why they have to carry a placenta bag with them to 8th grade.

  35. Prenatal vitamins or at the very least folic acid are so important. I hate this shit because so many people around the world would love to have access to medical care for a pregnancy. The whole thing just smacks of privilege and foolishness.

  36. Yep. I am sorry for your experience! I come from a country where home births are somewhat common (but with prenatal care, of course), but the mindset around them is a lot more reasonable in general. I still have a hard time understanding why someone would choose this (no critic).

  37. I was chatting to my pt about people doing home birth and how that would be awful to clean up and she said "there's no way they'd let have one you're already 35. I agreed but mostly because I have heard so many stories about how it can go wrong so quickly and I vowed I would give birth in a hospital and even then the ob office almost didn't catch my pre-E in time and I or baby could have died.

  38. Ignoring the fact that lotus births are disgusting because it involves leaving a rotten organ attached to your child, which smells horrible, the logistics seem like a nightmare. The placenta has to go everywhere you go, so every time you pick baby up, you have to make sure to pick up the placenta as well. When you nurse, you have to first situate the placenta and then latch the baby. If a family member/friend wants to hold your new bundle of joy, they essentially have to hold your placenta, too. I honestly don’t even know how you dress a baby with the full umbilical cord still attached…I guess you just press it to their little body and weave it out through the leg hole or something? And what happens if you forget about the placenta and you just stand up with baby and walk away…does it get ripped off or something? It just sounds like an insane amount of work for something that stinks and serves absolutely no benefit to anyone. If you wanna encapsulate your placenta or whatever, fine. I think it’s weird, but you do you. But do not leave your poor helpless newborn attached to a smelly rotting organ. Get over yourself.

  39. It's cool, she is already planning on taking soil supplements. Whatever the fuck that is. I have ingested and inhaled a lot of soil due to work and I'm pretty sure it wasn't beneficial in anyway.

  40. That’s just so gross. I didn’t know that was a thing (to salt it and season it but really not too far fetched since some people fucking eat it), but god the thought makes me want to throw up. Lol.

  41. Her body and mind will guide her and let her know what she needs to do if the baby’s born preterm, though! 🙄🙄🙄

  42. Could you imagine trying to get a job after that and having to explain why you have a child neglect and manslaughter charge? Like “oh yes this is my charge from keeping a rotting placenta attached to my child after birth.” Could prob get a job at a chiro’s office though. Lol.

  43. “This next pregnancy I’m going to do everything I can to risk my life and that of my baby. If we die, oh well 💁🏻‍♀️”

  44. I have seen a lot of poor people saying this shit as well. I don't think it is particularly tied to wealth, it is just that the rich nut jobs get more attention and have tbe resources to propagate their nutty views. As one might expect, home births are generally negatively associated with education and household income.

  45. CarnivoreMD and ItsCourtneyLuna (she’s a treat if you haven’t ever seen her videos) are going to be her biggest cheerleaders!

  46. Well, there won’t be a full pregnancy resulting in birth without the shot. Science is real. Good luck to them with that lol

  47. there is an extreme fundie mommyinstagrammer named Karrisa Collins, @thecollinskids, and she refused rhogam this still cooking right now pregnancy, her 11th or 12th? somehow her kids mostly make it (she has had some miscarriages) so of course she tells everyone to skip the shot. Sigh.

  48. Imagine all the people in history who would have killed for the medical knowledge we have today in regards to giving birth. And these mOmMiEs just piss it away.

  49. I know this girl that literally did all this and the baby was born deformed and died. Her mom is an influencer that scams people big time. They are both so arrogant and then they acted like it was a good thing it happened because the baby was deformed. These kind of people make me sick.

  50. Did you WANT 1800s mother and child mortality rates? Because that's how you get 1800s mother and child mortality rates.

  51. God: I gave her hospitals and doctors, she’s not using them but she’s asking me for a healthy baby and safe delivery. Is this bitch for real?

  52. “Mindful process” is a nice way of saying we had to keep a close eye on the whole thing because of risks of infection.

  53. WTF does a 'mindful process' even means?? What is mindful about a rotting organ attached to your baby, that you have to cover with herbs so it doesn't stink up the house???

  54. Considering 50% of regular pregnant women get hemorrhoids, if all she is eating is meat she better add a p.s. at the end of every prayer asking for protection for her b-hole.

  55. She's going to pray for a healthy baby, but not do anything herself to help it be healthy, ok good luck.

  56. My fiancée is pregnant with our first child (39 weeks in 2 days). We’re currently in hospital, three days now, working our way through the induction process because her blood pressure has kept climbing and started impacting her liver. Our original plan was homebirth, water birth, as natural as possible. We’re now on three days of medication, looking at a c section if things don’t kick into gear.

  57. Ok I'm rh- and have had the rhogam shot with each of my kids. And need to get it with the surprise one we found out about last week. I always get that shot at the very first appointment since (in very basic terms), your body will attack the baby due to it seeing the rh as an outside threat.

  58. I took in a pregnant stray cat and after giving birth to her kittens she ate the placenta and umbilical cord. Even my cat was far more intelligent than this woman.

  59. Well my placenta wouldn't detach and I almost bled out and died...had to get a blood transfusion. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go through that willingly.

  60. Whenever I hear about lotus birth I think of a woman who spent a long time trying to get pregnant, did IVF and then did a lotus birth. The baby died.

  61. Needing a rhogam shot means mom has negative blood type. No rhogam shot means mom's body with work hard to get foreign, positive blood type fetus out of it. That means miscarriage. So, ok, no shot, no baby??

  62. I’m all for praying to God for a safe and healthy pregnancy if that’s what helps you, but you can’t ignore all medical care and advice and then get upset when “God” doesn’t keep you safe.

  63. I had the same OBGYN as someone else I knew. They told them their birth plan they were having a lotus birth. OBGYN just said "no". LoL

  64. Not taking prenatals and actively avoiding proper nutrition during pregnancy…it’s like actively choosing not to have a healthy baby. And then refusing to monitor your baby’s health and progress on top of that…make it make sense.

  65. Why do things that sound really unpleasant, always have to be given a pretty name? Why do we romanticize these things. Instead of a “lotus birth” why not call it, “keeping the placenta attached for who knows how long until it dies on its own and falls off while a baby has to deal with an organ attached to its own body rotting, and the mom has to try to keep the baby clean and tote around a smelly bag of mush.” Most animals don’t do this. The mom removes it, eats it, and lets the remaining umbilical cord fall off on its own.

  66. This woman is asking to harm her baby, lotus births alone can cause infection, not to mention not knowing a due date is dangerous, just full of terrible ideas.

  67. "Lotus birth is when American hippies in the 1970s fantasized that some made-up primitive people in ancient Asian were so commited to nonviolence that, unlike every other mammal, let the placenta and umbilical cord rot off the baby instead of cutting it, then pretended that actually happened and told everyone how enlightening it was."

  68. Looks like Heart and Soil is the name of the company, and I think they make their supplements from organ meat?

  69. I really hate when these nuts use God as an excuse to endanger their children. Pro tip jackasses, God never once said to refuse medical care. Hell, he encouraged taking care of each other. Yanno, like letting a doctor use their brain and talents to make sure you baby is as healthy as they can be.

  70. Watched an old friend (from afar, we don't talk anymore) lose baby after baby after baby because she refuses the Rhogam shot. She is either stupid or stubborn because she hasn't made the connection.

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