I’m sorry but 🤮

  1. If you’re already washing a period pillow twice a day could we not just spring for some more period panties and save the whole… mess

  2. exactly what i was thinking. like what?? imagine the kids friends come over, oh don’t use that pillow, that’s my moms blood pillow.

  3. Like OP... honey... you know what would work even better than clenching a pillow 24/7 for a whole week every month?

  4. Possible hot take but there’s literally no reason for free bleeders not to use period panties except for the attention bleeding all over everything get them.

  5. This. So she's washing a pillow twice a day, plus bleeding through all these layers of clothing that she also has to wash...What's the point?? Just get period panties or pads. I don't understand any part of this. lol

  6. She already has period undies that do the same thing when she's not at home too. She's 100% just choosing to bleed on everything for no reason

  7. Yeah, I've got endometriosis so sometimes most times sticking a tampon up there is absolutely not an option so I can definitely identify with this more than I'd like to, I (usually) solve this by using Thinx. Which are just awesome period panties. They have all sorts of different styles and absorption levels and are just fabulous.

  8. Free bleeding is just not using pads. It’s for attention. It’s the same as letting your breast milk run down your body or letting your nose run without wiping it. It’s weird.

  9. I mean, cups, discs, period underwear and reusable pads are ALL things. Much less messy and simpler things. This person is already washing a pillow, why not just get a reusable set of pads and not worry so much???

  10. Period panties and a menstrual cup have been life changing for me. I no longer have to worry about changing a tampon every few hours, making sure public restrooms have trash cans, taking my purse to the bathroom (like a neon sign saying "THIS GIRL IS ON HER PERIOD"), soaking stained underwear in hydrogen peroxide or cold water before washing, leaking on the sheets while sleeping, tampon odors (sorry to be gross), making sure I have supplies every month and inevitably having to make an emergency run to the store with toilet paper shoved in my underwear.

  11. What I don’t get, as someone who likes to “freebleed” at night (not on the bed like an animal but with a large cotton prefold loosely nestled to catch things while still allowing airflow), is that I thought the only reason to do it was to air things out - my ph gets wonky with the cup in all week, but I hate the feeling of wet period undies or pads, having prefolds to tuck in my undies if I need to catch something when I need a break from the cup or disc means I can keep it dry. Seems like the opposite effect to just have wet undies, shorts, and a stinky pillow you have to sit on. Like sure, it’s just blood, I’m in favor of doing a little extra laundry to be comfortable but undies, pants and a pillow when you could actually not have it pool in your non absorbent pants instead by switching out a pad or washcloth seems weird even for free bleeding.

  12. How is washing a pillow twice a day in any way easier than using [period product of your choice]?

  13. I mean, maybe if they have issues that make both standard pads and insertion uncomfortable plus a very light flow? And it's a waterproof pillow?

  14. So, not to disgust anyone, but I do something similar to this. I have a condition called lichen sclerosus; basically, my immune system attacks the delicate skin of my vulva, which makes me want to break a spike off the nearest cactus and scratch myself to death with it. My symptoms are at their worst during my period, and wearing pads literally makes me want to scratch my skin off. I always wear underwear when I leave the house, and I suffer through wearing the pads when I go somewhere, but if I am at home, I sit on a waterproof incontinence pad. I'm in my 40s, so my flow is light now, and it's better than exacerbating my LS symptoms.

  15. Wasn't it Kotex that had the campaign to send free pads and tampons to young girls so they could go to school and Not have to 'free bleed' at home and miss out on an education?

  16. I think so. Also, she should take a trip to countries where period products aren't commonly used or accessible. I recently saw Pad Man on Netflix.

  17. So because women elsewhere are stigmatized for their periods, she shouldn’t be able to deal with hers how she wants? That’s not the solution. There is nothing wrong with choosing to free bleed, there is nothing wrong with choosing pads or tampons or cups. Aside from the massive waste of water for the pillow portion, there is nothing wrong or gross about what this woman has chosen. Women in those other countries have to use products to be allowed in society, instead of us teaching that there is nothing wrong with having a period to begin with.

  18. And if she does, she’s sitting around on a wet pillow all week because how is it drying after it’s “washed.” How is she even finding time to thoroughly wash a pillow twice a day? Doesn’t the blood soak inside of the stuffing?!!

  19. So she’s still using a specific item to absorb blood, actually several items. Why is this method better just using items already on the market? I guess it’s cheaper overall but so much more work in the long run.

  20. Well she does mention the period panties and panty liners she uses while leaving the house. But then. If you're gonna use that stuff anyway why not just use it at home as well and be less gross?

  21. I mean, free bleed away, but there are way more comfortable ways to do it than sitting on a wet bloody pillow for five days a month.

  22. Imagine how.. unpleasant it would be to live with this woman. Seeing her carrying around her blood pillow for 5 days straight.

  23. I am still getting used to periods again after two pregnancies & breastfeeding and… damn, I wish I read this a few days ago bc I have had to wash a lot of things due to leaks. (No pillows, though.) I straight up have old diaper samples I never used lol. Maybe next month!!

  24. I had a hysterectomy performed last year, but prior to that, I experienced extremely heavy periods due to severe endometriosis. The thought of free bleeding in my situation is just…well, it would have looked like a massacre occurred in my house for about five days straight.

  25. How in the hell is using a pillow as a pad and washing it twice a day easier than just putting in a regular pad? Or tampon, period underwear, cups/discs??

  26. She never said it was easier, sounds like it's just a weird thing that she formed into a stinky gross routine. I don't think ease or convenience is the point of it.

  27. That pillow sounds horrifying. And how can you even sleep while you’re bleeding all over yourself? Must be nice to be that deep of a sleeper. Can’t relate.

  28. I have a light flow and when I'm horizontal there's no blood coming out. However I would never be able to bleed through undies and thick pants to a pillow so I don't think this person has a light flow ...

  29. yeah i mean this nicely... but before i got treatment, my Endo bleeds routinely soaked through every bit of clothes and padding/tampons half hour or faster and i blacked out constantly. i really think this "free bleeding" is both ignorant of how many people have to deal with periods and also a slap in the face of those who CANT access period products and are held back in their lives . ffs

  30. You may have looked into it already, but you might benefit from an endometrial ablation (if you’re done having kids that is). I got one (NovaSure) a couple of years ago and I went from “have to empty the diva cup every two hours” to “barely need a liner at all”, it’s the best thing I ever did.

  31. You may have looked into it already, but you might benefit from an endometrial ablation (if you’re done having kids that is). I got one (NovaSure) a couple of years ago and I went from “have to empty the diva cup every two hours” to “barely need a liner at all”, it’s the best thing I ever did.

  32. This sounds like entirely too much work for free bleeding. Why not just use period panties and reusable pads? Like that’s such an intricate system. I free bleed too, but I have an IUD so my bleeding is extremely light and it doesn’t get everywhere. If it was enough to soak through— checks notes— thick underwear, shorts, thick sweatpants, a pillow, onto the bed, etc, for god’s sake, I’d just use a cup.

  33. I can get behind free bleeding in certain circumstances. I am an extremely, concerningly, heavy menstrator. Like I fill a diva cup in 20 minutes some days bleeder. A super tampon and super pad for class bleeder. So when I was TTC and was off birth control it was… awful. During the day I’d feel just suffocated and damp and nasty. So at night I’d put a towel or two down, a pair of bottoms I didn’t super care about sometimes but usually naked, and let it happen. I was going to soak through whatever I used anyways, might as well be more comfortable.

  34. It doesn't matter what I use: Pad, tampon, cup, any absorbency, it will almost certainly leak at some point while I'm sleeping or when I get up in the morning.

  35. Look, we fought to get easily accessible and comfortable period products for years, and now that we have so many options... why do this, why 'free bleed'? It isn't sanitary, it isn't convenient, and it isn't logical. There are options for hypoallergenic and all natural products, leak-proof underwear, cups, pads, tampons- why would you want to bleed everywhere and create more laundry which would use more water and electricity to clean, when you can use products which are both comfortable, work for you personally, AND hygienic? Don't forget, there are countries where they don't have these options, and there were campaigns to send period products to those who couldn't afford them.

  36. We also worked hard for expanded prenatal care, advancements in NICU, etc. as well as increasing access to trained midwives for women in remote areas in developing nations and you have these free pregnancy nuts.

  37. I never understand “free bleeding.” You’re left with a mess, it’s unsanitary, and creates a lot of extra work. It’s fine if you don’t want to use disposable product, but there are other options that are reasonably priced in comparison to the cost of cleaning up after free bleeding.

  38. I mean, I will free bleed (issues with tampons and also pads) but only when Im home and in specific underwear and my "period sweatpants" none of this all around the house, cushion carrying nonsense.

  39. The comment explains that she doesn't do it outside the house, and there's not really a different between wearing special clothes while free bleeding and making sure you're always sitting on a specific pillow. A lot of people put pillows between their legs as is to help with pain/positioning.

  40. Lots of talk about period panties on here. I like them too but…are there any that don’t remind me I’ve aged and had several kids? Feeling not like a farm animal is good for my self esteem.

  41. The whole pillow thing is disgusting but i'm not gonna sit here and act like i don't freebleed out of sheer laziness on my light days

  42. I feel like people are being extra snarky because of hive mind, but free bleeding isn’t all that bad. I have to freebleed because tampons and menstrual cups don’t work after I had a baby, and I have a heavy flow for the first day. Does she sound kind of gross with her pillow? Yeah. But I also think most of her stuff is precautionary just in case she leaks. I still think she could be doing it in a cleaner way but she’s not a savage for free bleeding.

  43. She owns period pants and panty liners for when she leaves the house. Tbh I'm just happy she doesn't free bleed out in public or in other people's homes 🤷🏻‍♀️

  44. I’m better than everyone else because instead of buying REUSABLE PADS I’d rather subject everyone around me to my nasty BLOOD PILLOWS.

  45. Someone should tell her about the tiny pillows you can wear in your underwear to catch the blood. Stick with me here. They’re called pads. There’s both a reusable and disposable version.

  46. I don't understand the point? Is it comfort? That sticky mess cannot be more comfortable than a pad? Is it a health thing? Why not just use like reusable pads?

  47. This is just so extra. I call bs on she's washing that damn pillow twice a day. Does she not have things to do or a job when she is menstruating?

  48. This is so much extra work. Just… use a tampon. Or a pad. Or a cup. Or a reusable pad. Or heck at night back when I was younger and my flow was intense, sometimes I would even use those fancy adult diapers. Just… do something. Anything.

  49. Don’t judge me but I’ll be on my period for like 10 days to a month and after so long I’m tired of changing tampons and I’ll just free bleed. Like it’s not heavy enough to bleed through my pants by time I decide this but I don’t wanna buy another box of tampons but I’m just over it. Like this is gross with the pillows (but also oddly respectful of others’ space) but to each their own if it’s not bothering other people

  50. I really don’t see this as gross or weird as other people seem to think. She’s keeping areas of her house clean and respecting the space of others so what if she free bleeds? It’s her own damn house! People are so judgmental.

  51. I’ve had a uterine ablation and don’t get periods anymore but I loved period underwear and my period cup and got my teenager to use them too. So convenient and honestly I wish they’d been available when I was younger.

  52. I mean, I didn't set out to be a free bleeder but this is pretty much my life. I can't use cups or tampons because they cause insane amounts of pain they both cause. I use period panties and pads, but bleed through them pretty much immediately so on my period week i have a set of towels, shorts, period underwear, and bedding that are all okay to stain.

  53. Cups were a complete change for me. I absolutely love them. I’m typically not to heavy but even on days I am it doesn’t matter. I don’t feel the cup when it’s in and I’m a runner. I don’t understand the free bleed thing, I’d hate to make a mess with my period all over. Seems odd when there are so many alternatives

  54. Yuck. That is human waste. Period blood isn't any more disgusting than urine and faeces, but it isn't any less disgusting either. If someone claimed to crap in their pants or on their special crapping pillow because they preferred that to using the toilet they would correctly be vilified, I'm not sure why 'free-bleeding' is any different.

  55. The comment very clearly states that she uses other things when she leaves the home. idk why everyone here is missing that.

  56. The SMELL in her house! I’m a heavy bleeder and i could not imagine all the extra cleaning being done outside of the pillow. When i overwhelm a tampon it’s a trail of blood to the bathroom.

  57. I don't have a problem with someone doing this in her own house. It seems harmless. Unusual, but harmless. It seems like the underwear would be cheaper than pillows and pants, but maybe, she buys a bunch on clearance for this purpose. I don't know why anyone would post about it online for everyone to read, though.

  58. NGL most things in this group shock me but I actually do this too, although I’d never admit it to anyone I know. If I really need to, for example if I need to go out in public with a super heavy flow I will use a pad, but for the most part I don’t, because they are extremely uncomfortable and I can’t use tampons.

  59. Why make it so complicated???? Also cushions??? Pop in a menstrual cup and a washable pad and call it a day girlfriend

  60. What is even the POINT??? There are so many options now for menstrual products now. I use washable pads and so does my daughter. You put the pad in the pad bucket, you wash, you reuse. Simple as that. But she wants to feel special having to lug pillows and wash her sheets and pants and shit....

  61. I’m kind of shocked at the number of women bashing another for her period choices. She makes it clear she’s cleanly about her free bleeding and that she uses other items like a small pad when leaving the house. Sure she could buy more period underwear instead but who cares?

  62. The big concern is sitting in a bloody mess all day and how is washing pillows every day in any way better than using period underwear? Further, it's more difficult to wash a pillow and keep it sanitary than using washable pads and period undies. It's not more economical or eco-conscious to have to run a wash cycle for a pillow either compared to some undies and pads.

  63. Yeah I don't get it. Some people don't bleed that much, some people find period products uncomfortable or too much hassle. She's explained that she doesn't do this outside the home and that she doesn't just bleed anywhere - there's absolutely no difference between sitting on a pillow on the couch and using rewashable period panties while sitting on the couch.

  64. There's a whole lot of judgy people in this post. If this is how she's comfortable dealing with her period in her own home then what's the issue?

  65. I had a labiaplasty and had to free bleed on towels. I would never choose this life lol. Period panties though - greatest ever.

  66. I’m confused how any of this is easier, more comfortable, efficient, earth friendly, sanitary, or whatever other claims are being made to support this.

  67. There are so many reusable options for those out there who want to reduce their ecological impact. But this is not the way! There is literally no need to do this at all.

  68. Given all the things they could do to still do this without such a mess, I think this person just likes to be gross.

  69. I use period panties, but they aren't comfortable at all. If this person has a light flow and doesn't bleed out somewhere else outside her house, I don't see the issue

  70. I am really annoyed how this place rn is just shaming women for their own decisions that really don't have to concern anyone else. She wears her period panties outside so she won't bleed on a chair you use in a restaurant. If she gets blood on her own pillow - who the f cares? I get shaming moms not taking their kids to the doctor. That shit harms people but free bleeding at home? Just mind your own business. Also not everybody has a heavy flow. I usually have a few drops in my pads the rest comes out when I relax to pee. Chances are she is just lucky with her flow and doesn't sit in a blood soaked pillow all day. Chill and let people live.

  71. Excuse me, BUT--- YOU say "mind your own business " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is REDDIT!!-- it was posted INTENTIONALLY for thoughts!!

  72. Why do people like this (and antivaxxers, freebirthers, doctor deniers, etc) think that going backwards is somehow better?! Women should never be ashamed of their period but we also shouldn’t want to go back to sitting on straw (or pillows) 5 days a month and pretend that it is somehow empowering. Period products (no matter which you choose to use) are empowering. They keep us sanitary, keep periods from holding women back in the workforce, keep our bodily functions discreet. This person is insane to be proud of “free bleeding” for fun. It is also insensitive to people who DO struggle with their periods due to underlying illnesses or oppressive politics where they live and would love to have free access to sanitary products that would help them. Honestly, this woman pisses me off! If you wouldn’t do it to pee, shit or vomit, WHY would you do it with period blood?!

  73. Im gonna assume positive intent for my own sanity so I guess that this person doesn’t know period underwear exists 😌

  74. Someone should tell her about the tiny pillows you can wear in your underwear to catch the blood. Stick with me here. They’re called pads. There’s both a reusable and disposable version.

  75. Someone should tell her about the tiny pillows you can wear in your underwear to catch the blood. Stick with me here. They’re called pads. There’s both a reusable and disposable version.

  76. Someone should tell her about the tiny pillows you can wear in your underwear to catch the blood. Stick with me here. They’re called pads. There’s both a reusable and disposable version.

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