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  1. She really turned it into a competition didn't she. Like the vaccines and 5g combined in her womb and impregnated her!

  2. That explains why I'm super fertile, I'm fully vaccinated! I can't believe I didn't notice it before. Those vaccines also explain my infertile friends! I can't believe I didn't make these connections before!

  3. “What’s your reason for going to the doctor” is what pulled me in. “The 5G towers grew my cancer and parasites faster” is what did it for me. Bruh 💀😭

  4. Can you imagine when these kids grow up? So much deafness from ignored ear infections, brain damage from allowing fevers to run rampant. And sensitivities from all the EO they're slathered in. If they can even make it past the easily preventable childhood diseases.

  5. So did the 5G tower inseminate in her and she is pregnant with an iphone or did it cause her cells to mutate into some sort of half human, half cyborg off spring?

  6. How do these people survive in the wild. It's baffling to me how people can be this deep in believing this junk. 5g towers. Parasites. I just can't.

  7. “Spacing out Poison doesn’t make it less poison” yes… it literally does. How do you think ODing works???? This just shows how dumb they are.

  8. Don’t they literally give tiny doses of poisonous stuff to themselves to “build resilience” or something I don’t know. Am I thinking of homeopathy? I’m sure this is a thing some of them do.

  9. Justice for Evee ? Really ? You mean the mom who suffocated her baby by co-sleeping with her and blamed it on the vaccines ? Right...

  10. That probably wouldn’t even give a clear picture of how dangerous these people are. My husband is 30 and has a lot of physical issues due to medical neglect as a child. These kids are in danger of having life long issues because of this idiocy.

  11. Oh man, I feel this on a visceral level, I could have written this myself. Sorry about your friend, it sucks. Except mine keeps like reaching out every once in a while and is like "oh we hardly talk anymore, what are you up to to?" And I'm like.....please just let me fade from your life.

  12. Ugh. I don't post pictures of my kids online, but I don't freak out if my in-laws post the occasional picture (I'm not tagged, and they don't post often, I'm talking 1 or 2 a year). I also don't comment negatively at all on my friends pictures of their kids. I even often hit "like."

  13. This reminds me I'm ready to kick out our roommate renting the basement. He's told me that the vaccine won't prevent covid, it's says so on the box and he did his ReSeArCh. Has also told me the rapid tests don't work you can put tap water in it and it will still be positive. I almost hit him. First time in my life I've ever held my tongue too. MFer needs to move out. Reading these comments makes me realize he is just "one of them"

  14. I was recently told by a family member that the COVID vaccine is “not a vaccine, it’s a shot”(?) because “it doesn’t actually prevent COVID.” I had MANY more questions but decided I was better off saying “okay” and walking away.

  15. I think spacing poison would, in fact, make it less poisonous to the person being poisoned. Just ask any heavy drinker.

  16. Scrolled way too far down to find this. The logic doesn't even fit even if vaccines were poisonous. A litre of vodka can kill you if drunk in 10mins but you wont damage your body too much if it was spaced over 10hours

  17. The vast amount of misinformation and confident morons have made parenting even more of a challenge than it has been in the past, I think. I know all generations have their struggles with regard to parenting in their time, but this is so hard sometimes with the constant influx of information. I went to a great college, a 4 year bachelor of science in biology so I like to think I’m science-literate and understand how to think critically, but there are issues I’ve struggled over (which are clear to me now, in retrospect) thanks to the vast amount of misinformation out there.

  18. My personal favorite is the lady with parasites saying she’s now dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Either she’s insinuating the vaccine got her pregnant or she’s just throwing it out there as a non sequitur. Doesn’t matter, either way she’s coo coo!

  19. MTHFR is a gene. It has variants and mutations. It happens to run in my family and is linked to the inherited blood clotting disorder some of us carry, called AntiPhospholipid Antibody disorder. It has also been linked to one family member’s lupus. It is known better for causing neural tube defects and predisposing fetuses to these same defects because it affects folate absorption. I tested negative for it in my teens but my maternal fetal medicine specialist had me take extra folic acid during both of my pregnancies, just in case.

  20. I spaced out my son’s that way too. Not for any health issues in the family but I was probably influenced by scare tactics in crunchy mama groups 20 years ago. However, I was a stay at home mom and he wasn’t endangering other kids, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  21. What does the third commenter think family docs do exactly? A family doc would encourage vaccination, even if spacing apart. Source: my husband is a family physician. We also vaccinate our children. Because he’s a science-based, not moronic doctor. FFS.

  22. Right? Does she think family doctors aren’t also mandated reporters and you can get around being reported to CPS just by not seeing a pediatrician?

  23. So for one lady the vaccine made her pregnant, for another it made her infertile? These antivaxxers can’t even get their story straight.

  24. My pediatrician’s office has a sign in every exam room and at the check in desk about why they refuse to delay vaccines or follow a parent guided schedule. There are obviously actual medical exceptions, but I love the fact that they are so up front about it. They might as well put up a sign that says “take your woo and shove it” and I’m here for it 🙌

  25. Man, you can't help but get sad when someone is saying don't take your kids to the doctor because they might call CPS on you.

  26. I feel if you are worried about CPS being called, you’re not fit to be a parent. It’s just my opinion though.

  27. Nahhh, it’s like being worried going through TSA. I don’t blame people for being afraid of having cps called on them, somebody might have a baseless vendetta against you and simply be out to ruin your life.

  28. Funny. I have MTHFR gene mutation, along with 50% of all Americans, like every single one of my kids and my husband. We all have double alleles, all fully vaxxed. I am the o ly one with a vaccine injury, fron the early 80s. I STILL got vaccinated afterward. Lol

  29. “Scrutinize every single one of those ingredients”. How? By googling them or getting a PhD in pharmacology?

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