Why didn't Jason bring back tons of plants when he went to Pallimustus?

  1. He brought some non magical plants in his cloud flask but he didn’t have the resources to grow magical plants in my question is why didn’t he bring seeds for earth plants with him back to pallimustus

  2. I thought about this too. At the end of book seven there is a mention about stocking the cloud house, but I'm unsure if he brought anything back.

  3. Probably because he knew about invasive plant life in another world. Introducing a whole new species of plant life into a place where it may not exist already can have a gnarly disaster effect. Ranging from your plants dieing to them invading and killing the biodiversity of the local ecosystem. They could crossbreed for good or bad to creating something that can be highly tasty but also highly toxic, or some combination there in. Basically it’s usually a bad idea to transplant new biological plant life with out testing to see what happens first in an controlled environment.

  4. Yes, but there are plenty of plant and gardener type essence users available all over the place that could have studied them, raised them and incorporated them into the environment.

  5. Jason longed for Pallimustus and left Earth with a pretty bad taste in his mouth, and as you said, food and cooking are extremely important to him. I can see why he'd rather embrace the ingredients of Pallimustus than be reminded of unpleasant memories from Earth while trying to do an activity that's meant to be good for his soul.

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