Essences and powersets, what would you want?

  1. When I was a kid I wanted a Power Ring so I could be a Green Lantern and I've been sitting here thinking since I posted this about what that would take.

  2. Mind, computer, and rune. Probably a magitech confluence but maybe something more exotic. Safe long range combat style with Plenty of room for crafting and research when I don't want to adventure.

  3. I wish I had an award to give this comment. The amount of time, effort and thought that went into it is inspiring. Just thinking about the world breaker stuff you could do at diamond rank...

  4. I always liked the idea of Bear+Earth+Rune=Transfiguration. Sort of a werebear Shaman feel. Or Wolf+Iron+Lightning, same confluence but more Heavy Metal album cover.

  5. Fish/Shark + Water + Spear = ? I think the idea of specializing in water combat would be super cool. Plus if I was in that world trying to get a set that was affordable would be tough.

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