[New Chapter Spoilers] Chapter 138 RELEASE Megathread!

  1. Crazy chapter. I think we all knew that Mikasa was going to be the one to kill Eren, but the gassing of everybody we love was kind of insane.

  2. Makes me think back to the rooftop scene with Nifa- back then it slightly bothered me how he somehow knew that she was the one in imminent danger even though he could've easily been the first one shot by Kenny too. But now I'm like "ohhhh. That's what it was"

  3. Yea I had to re-read that sequence of panels like 4 times before I could continue cause i couldn’t process that was actually happening lol

  4. What was kinda fitting about that was I reacted and accepted the situation just like Connie and Jean. At first I was like nooo fuck. But then, like them, I realised time is running out and it's best to just 'enjoy it while it lasts' in a sense. It was a good way to go. They were fucking warriors to the end. They accepted their fate and they had a good final moment together.

  5. Considering how important the "See you later" scene was I really don't know who decided it was better to just remove it from the anime

  6. What if the anime is also an alternate reality? One that either continues from this manga or an alternate reality with a different ending

  7. Same with the Mikasa arm tattoo thing, or Levi at the end of season 1 I guess. The anime studios either didn't have the foresight to know it would be important later, or they didn't consult Isayama on that particular detail (out of the many I presume they did).

  8. The centipede farting out titan gas was the gut wrenching twist I didn't need, but thank you Yams for making me feel again.

  9. Jesus, can't imagine the pain of not seeing your only family for 9 years, finally seeing them, and then essentially watching them "die" right in front of you. How Annie didn't break right then and there is honestly incredible.

  10. Imagine falling off the cliff, and the last thing you see is the rumbling coming to a stop behind everyone else

  11. Damn I didn’t even realize until this chapter that the last thing Eren said to Mikasa is that he always hated her. That’s so damn brutal. Suppose that Eren really dies here, that’s such a depressing ending to their relationship

  12. I interpreted Mikasa's vision/dream/whatever as main universe Eren overlapping with alternate universe Eren and speaking to Mikasa through PATHS. Basically, what he said to her in that vision is what he wanted to say in the main story.

  13. I mean it’s long been established that his armor protects him from the CT’s explosive abilities, back when he fought Eren at the wall and when Bert transformed in Shinganshina.

  14. But are still subjects of Ymir somehow, as can be seen with them hearing Eren's message when the wall initially crumbled.

  15. What a depressing chapter, I can't believe Jean and Connie are going out like this.. everything feels so hopeless right now

  16. Honestly, I still have hope that somehow they’ll go back to normal... if not, I’ll just throw myself down in a river of my tears lol

  17. I absolutely loved that Connie reminds Jean of the promises they made the night of their graduation right before they face their death to give themselves some peace and closure. "You did save the world." Connie a fucking real one till the very end.

  18. That hit me really hard, harder than I expected it would be. Jean has shown to be one of the best characters, and his actions in the previous chapters leading him to his death, dude that's poetic. Connie had a quite symbolic death, he died in the same way his mother did, her death that he has just recently learned to accept. Thanks yams, you're a nice man

  19. Eren's been doing a pretty poor job of having agency at all. I wouldn't flinch if the epilogue somehow hinted that Ymir was in control the whole time since the Rumbling started nor would I be surprised, if big ole Hallucinogenia got killed next chapter and every Eldian became a normie again.

  20. You know what really fucked my shit up? The Warriors being reunited with their parents. General Muller extending a hand to Mr Leonhart ,determined to bring this cycle to an end, only to be faced with the inescapable truth. The Eldians are still bound by this curse / blood that’s been passed down to them. They all still face “the punishment known as fear” no matter how much they struggle against it or seek peace.

  21. It does add some legitimacy to Marley's horrific dogma on Eldians. They can just transform into man-eating monsters at the will of a single person. Doesn't matter who they were before, your friend, your lover, your enemy. Any Eldian could turn into a titan with the right trigger.

  22. However this manga ends, I finally got what what I wanted after all my 6 years reading this shit. Two colossal titans duking it out. Eren, you may have killed billions by this point but you made my dream come true. If only Hange could've seen it...RIP.

  23. Mappa, animators are just drinking non stop gin after seeing two colossal titans fighting knowing they'll have to animate that.

  24. No one seems to be mentioning it here but, man, how tragic was Annie's reunion with her father? Right when they were about to embrace he transforms. ;;

  25. At least mr leonhart got the closure he needed by finding out his daughter was actually alive this whole time.

  26. One thing that was misinterpreted in the leaks and cleared up now: The Rumbling has not restarted so far, they are only talking about how it could if Hallucigenia-chan made contact with Eren again.

  27. Chapter 1 even has a panel with Mikasa hunched down when saying that line and in this chapter we get the same.

  28. Damn. I think you've cracked it. Eren's uneasiness during the "what am I to you?" conversation with Mikasa was because he saw the alternate reality where she said how she felt and that they should run away from everything. I guess it's just like you said, Eren knew that that was definitely the tipping point and wanted to know which of the two realities was the one he was living in.

  29. This is how I interpreted her vision as well. It seemed like she was getting a look at one of the parallel timelines that Eren had access to due to the Attack Titan's ability to see the future.. and that her answer to his question of "what am I to you?" Was like a "choose your own adventure" story for Eren.. where if Mikasa refers to him as family instead of her love, then the only outcome is for him to see the rumbling through till the end.

  30. In chapter 1 Mikasa has short hair (and isn't crying) when she says the famous phrase. Infact Eren says right after "When did your hair get so long?". It seems that the one who "awakens" cries: Eren in 1st chap. and now Mikasa. So, can Eren "dream" too? We're still lacking some decisive informations.

  31. So the headaches are related to her personal connection to Paths, aka the “See You Later, Eren”? At least that’s what I’m taking from it + her waking up in tears in the dream/alternate reality and him asking why she’s crying is a beautiful touch

  32. Now I wanna go back and try to figure out if there's some pattern to her headaches in the story. Hopefully somebody goes and does that.

  33. That final image is fucking powerful. It's incredibly weird and creepy but I think that's exactly why it'll be iconic.

  34. Reiner Helos incoming. He's gonna use one of the spears in his back to kill the source of organic matter.

  35. So Mikasa thinks she kissing the AU Eren, but she's actually kissing the Eren she just killed? dark.

  36. the weirdest part to me was ymir in the back all smiley like it isnt the most tragic shit... but then again shes been through a lot

  37. I thought at first she was kissing him right before she killed him as a goodbye but nope....its worse.

  38. I don't think we give Armin the credit he deserves. Aside from maybe Falco, he's the most pure-hearted of all the main characters and will ALWAYS try to do the morally right thing. In a series where characters are rarely classified as "good" or "evil", it's important that he's still around.

  39. Absolutely. Armin is very underrated as being one of only a handful of characters in the series who's actually concerned about morality.

  40. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. I've been expecting this confrontation between Eren and Mikasa, and knowing what could have been makes this even more painful.

  41. I have long suspected that it would end with Eren having to die and Mikasa having to be the one to kill him. Truly heartbreaking, but I’d expect nothing less from Isayama tbh

  42. Idk why but I liked more the confrontation between Armin and Eren, not only do we finally see his colossal throw punches, it's against fucking Eren, the kid who always threw the punches for him. God this chapter was so good

  43. I felt that the alternate timeline mikasa saw was if she said she loved eren to his face the night of the camp overseas. you know what I'm saying?

  44. Here we are a single chapter of the story left and I could not tell you which way it will end. I never imagined something would happen to Connie and Jean.. They seemed to be the safest characters to me. Damn, what a chapter.

  45. It's pretty crazy how many people are ignoring this major plot twist. Its all good though, it's sooo much to take in right now.

  46. I like that idea, that in the first loop Eren was very much more affectionate towards Mikasa. The second loop he realizes he needs to push her away at a possibility of succeeding.

  47. I think you got part of the loop right. I keep reading this chapter over and over. I think Eren is passing memories to Mikasa about their other time line where they got to live together. She was happy to be w/ him until the end. She said the same phrase from the future, past and present, Eren, I'll see you later.

  48. I can appreciate a poetically tragic ending. 'See you later Eren' hits harder than I could've hoped it would. And seeing everyone go out like they did, death honestly might of been a more merciful outcome compared to those who look like they survived.

  49. Was never a big shipper, but a big Mikasa fan nonetheless... She didnt deserve this at all. Alot of people were angry about talk no jutsu last chapter, but I knew it was a setup. Seeing everyone unite happily made me realize something horrible was about to happen. Still didnt expect this. Isayama really didnt lie when he said he wanted to hurt his fans. Fantastic chapter and I have no doubt in my mind that the final one will deliver. Either way no matter what this is the best manga ever written in my opinion.

  50. There is no way the others aren’t turning back into humans after this.... because if most of the main characters remain pure titans that would be so insanely dark

  51. Unless there's more survivors around the world, depending on just how far the Rumbling got, this very well could be the ONLY surviving humans on the planet, outside of the Eldians on Paradis.

  52. Man this fucking manga has broken me so many times and it's done it again. This is some seriously insane stuff. 1 chapter left and I could not for the life of me tell you how it's going to end. Is Mikasa just imaginingg that stuff with Eren or is it coming from him/Ymir? Is this ErenxMikasa confirmed or is this just her imaginitation. I have no idea what's going on. I half want this to be a resolved ending with some sort of big explanation but I feel like it's probably going to be an EVA style figure it out for yourself that's the point kind of ending. I wouldn't mind if it's the latter and honestly it would probably stick with me more just like the EVA ending.

  53. Also, inb4 the current shifters sacrifice themselves to bring back Jean, Connie and Gabi. And right after that, Ymir ends the titan curse and turns the titans back to humans, making their sacrifices meaningless... Just for the extra pain.

  54. And Reiner attempts to sacrifice himself to save Gabi or his mother only for the curse to lift moments before he is eaten

  55. Wouldn't be sure all 3 would be brought back, since annie still has her father that she'd want to bring back.

  56. Mikasa pulling out her scarf and accepting that she had to kill Eren was an impactful end to her arc.

  57. Reminds me when Ymir was looking at a kissing couple in her backstory chapter. Maybe she just likes to ship.

  58. I feel like I’ve seen the Mikasa kissing Eren’s decapitated head somewhere like in classical history or something, that morbid love thing reminds me of something but I can’t remember where, I’ve been trying to look stuff up but no dice (it could all very much be just in my head and is deja vu)

  59. Ngl, I thought it was sweet at first, but everytime I saw it after that I couldn't help but laugh. She's just an EM shipper guys, she's happy that they finally kissed xD

  60. So my prediction would be that the final chapter will be like the end of End of Evangelion(lol), mostly happening in PATHS or on a metaphorical level. Then at the very end it just shows people reverting to human form(assuming they do) and leaves it completely open what happened to the world afterwards. Don't see any other way it could work within 45 pages.

  61. I was not expecting to be as emotional as I am about the ending of this incredible story. Even though we still have one more chapter (and honesty who knows what gonna happen... yams.... c'mon... make us hurt) I am just in awe.

  62. So I guess the headaches were attempts by Eren in paths to send memories of an alternate timeline/vision to Mikasa? Maybe to try and get Mikasa to run away with him to the mountains, as the memories from the alternate timeline/vision show, in Ch 123?

  63. In Chapter 123 Eren asks Mikasa what she thinks of Eren. She replies he is family in a moment of panick.

  64. Stayed away from leaks and read the chapter completely blind—my heart absolutely DROPPED when I (and the characters) realized that they were all inhaling titanizing gas, and then broke completely at the "what-if" vision between Eren and Mikasa. I've been waiting a long time for "see you later", and it delivered, and I cried lol.

  65. 137 was Armin's, 138 is Mikasa's, It make sense for 139 to be Eren's. It started with EMA, it ends with EMA.

  66. You mean ends with AME. Then we will get a special epilogue chapter about Niccolo and the Amen is complete.

  67. So Eren's dream in Chapter 1 was basically his entire life from the moment Mikasa confirmed her feelings for him in that alternate universe until she left him.

  68. The "you are all important to me and I want you to live long lives" scene is already hitting different.

  69. It’s so satisfying and heartbreaking that Levi was the one assigned to Eren to kill him when the Survey Corps took charge of him but in the end there was a different Ackerman there to kill him. It almost makes you wonder if the true role of an Ackerman (and why they’re not subject to manipulation) is not just to be subservient but to be able to end the threat of titan shifters like Eren who are too powerful or dangerous.

  70. Two characters who have been through hell together staring down their inevitable deaths arm in arm is my favorite trope. ;~;

  71. I can't believe we will only be here one more time. I am glad I never let those people who went crazy over the leaks try to take this amazing story away. This is NOTHING like got season 8. This story is beautifully crafted, with details from chapter one still being important till the end. I have no doubt, with how many different intricacies throughout this manga, that the last chapter will deliver.

  72. Can't believe Isayama sunk the Cart and the Horse ship 2 chapters after showing us they really worked well together, sick bastard

  73. Ok, guys, I think I finally understood the connection and it all makes sense this way... Some things a lot of people already said them, others I'm just realizing now and I didn't see them already put together. So let's start:

  74. One really interesting question here is that with both Eren and Jean dead, who is the man holding a baby in the final panel? I think this chapter gives a lot more credence to the theory that the man is Grisha holding a baby Eren.

  75. I believe that this is it. Eren is dead for real this time, he’s not coming back from this. It’s over.

  76. I don't have any insightful comment about the chapter, just want to be here while history is written

  77. This chapter solidified AoT as my personal favorite story that I've ever had the pleasure of consuming, be it books, movies, manga, anime, etc. This was the perfect conclusion for Mikasa's character arc, Armin's development into the true hero of the story and Eren's struggle for freedom against all odds.

  78. Absolute same. I was worried after the previous chapter but Isayama proved me wrong. This was beautiful & is my favorite story of all time.

  79. Damn so uh... everything is looking pretty resolved this chapter. I guess the last thing to happen next chapter is for Reiner or someone else to kill the Founding Titan parasite and end the Eldian curse, then probably epilogue.

  80. Everyone's talking about how it's sad that Conny and Jean turned into titans and how the last page is really sad but is NO ONE GOING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE ARMIN VS. EREN COLOSSAL TITAN FIGHT?!!? THAT WAS SO COOL!!!!!

  81. Honestly this chapter settled all my complaints of the last chapter. Even if they beat eren, this was not a clean victory. I love it. Isayama always makes us think that things are going well then boom.

  82. Obviously there's no way Gabi's arc ends like this. 100% she will be back in human form, wheter it's because she eats Reiner/Pieck or wheter it's cause the curse ends.

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