[New Chapter Spoilers] Chapter 137 RELEASE Megathread!

  1. You know, just because Isayama loves not letting him die, I'd put money down on Reiner surviving that.

  2. I loved that the leaf Armin was looking at was a baseball from Zeke's POV. Maybe for Mikasa it would be the scarf lol. Sacha's would be a steak.

  3. Zeke's final moments are so unintentionally funny to me. Like yeah its very poetic in the way it ends, but its so funny to me how if you take that moment out of context, it looks like he's just kinda out there enjoying his day, and then Levi just comes out of nowhere and fuckin kills him lol

  4. Yeah I was confused at first cause I didn't realize they were still going for the "kill Zeke" plan. I was under the assumption that Eren didn't need Zeke anymore. Guess I was wrong.

  5. I think we’re missing something, namely Ymir’s true motivations - the line “Ymir wants us to be connected she must want something from us” stands out. I remember reading a theory somewhere where Eldians end up getting stuck in PATHS, I wonder whether that could tie in somehow with the whole “everyone being connected” thing?

  6. Yeah, she was standing right there as Armin and Zeke were talking to the past shifters. We've basically got three "resolutions" to get through- Ymir, Historia, and Eren himself. Loved this chapter so much, can't wait for the final two

  7. Lol Kruger used his signature ship-breaking move on a titan. And Ksaver's titan looks like a ram, which confirms the theory that beast titans take the form of some animal that represents the shifter (Zeke had a monkey doll). It also seems that Eldians are connected even through death, so an afterlife may actually be canon in AOT, at least for Eldians.

  8. Shifters, not Eldians. Everyone in that scene were all past shifters which means there's an afterlife for 9 people every 13 years

  9. It was sort of implied when Hange died. I forget the detail but someone was in the afterlife that she couldn't have known about.

  10. Didn't think Levi would look so depressed being handed his revenge on a silver platter like that.

  11. even in the forest when Levi heard about the coup from his men & thought he was about to feed Zeke to someone, he still looked super despondent over it & was only thinking about how he made Erwin a promise he needed to keep, not about getting revenge on the guy that killed him

  12. Brock Lesnar.. I mean, Reiner with a spinebuster to centipede-kun and Kruger with a back breaker too? What a chad.

  13. Look at my hand, now back to me. Now back to my hand, now BACK TO ME. I found a leaf. Now it's a baseball, now it's a leaf, now it's a baseball again. We're surrounded.

  14. It seemed like there were a lot of armored titans going against Annie, making me think that there's a sort of rock paper scissors system between the nine titans where one Titan checks the other.

  15. You can see that all of the arrows lodged in Reiner's back have different designs, because they were fired by different Warhammer Titans that lived in different time periods. Isayama's attention to detail is simply uncanny.

  16. Jean finally getting to use his "save the dark-haired cutie from danger" technique he trained all those years.

  17. Not gonna lie, the amount of Jean x Pieck panels we’ve gotten in the last few chapters has been very satisfying. Jean’s really getting to be the hero of his story now.

  18. I thought this chapter was really beautiful because it got at the heart of what this series is about. So often in this series we have seen people die “pointlessly”. Thinking back to when Erwin led the scouts to their deaths, he said “No matter how blessed a life you’ve lived, it’s all the same if you’re shredded by rocks. Does that mean life is meaningless? Was there ever any meaning in our being born? Would you say the same of our fallen comrades? Were their lives meaningless? No, they were not!”

  19. This is beautiful. It made me remember how Zeke was enjoying slaughtering them for a while, then he got angry because he got frustrated with how they kept fighting even though they knew they were going to die. He didn’t understand it at the time, and he finally did in this chapter.

  20. Yes, well said, I had similar thoughts as well. The idea that we're more than our biology is so key here, that our emotions and our feelings are just as real as our "need" to multiply. The debate between Zeke and Armin also ties into their actions throughout the story: the fact that Zeke believes life has such low value is probably why he could even contemplate carrying out such a horrific plan as euthanizing his own people (and of course turning thousands of Eldians into titans). On the other hand, Armin has long been the most empathetic character in the series, and of course his ideals like his striving to see the ocean was the main justification that Eren used to revive him with the titan fluid: humanity needs people driven by those ideals to succeed and prosper.

  21. Man, I used to hate Zeke, but now is just pity. He found meaning in life at the end yet knowing he would die accepted his fate. F for the guy.

  22. So weird, I wanted to see monke's death for so long, then that wish kinda went away after a while. I think I'm still in shock that he's dead, quite dificult to accept/comprehend

  23. it's nice we see all these moments of jean in situations where he might hesitate but still going through with it, ever his standoff with that chick from Kenny's squad when armin had to save him

  24. I did not expect Jean to be the one to deal the presumably final blow to Eren but I'm glad it was him. Mikasa would've been too painful, Armin too depressing and I don't think anyone else except Reiner should've been the one to do it - and Reiner did his part too and might actually get what he wants, which was the cherry on top.

  25. Only 2 more chapters makes me a bit glad we'll see the end, but so sad it's ending after all these years. I'll miss all of you :(

  26. It honestly looked kind of small, especially in the panels where he's with Kruger and Grisha's titans. He's a titan so obviously he can be used but compared to the Armor, Female, Jaw, Colossal, even Cart, he does seem lackluster. Maybe he couldn't inherit the hardening skill either, or they didn't know how to give it to him during his time.

  27. Honestly its like a terrible 10 meter version of a jaw titan imo. except having strong jaws and claws you have horns you can ram stuff with (which in a practical sense doesnt do much more than the cart titan with her iron face wedge thing, in fact it does less since she actually can use it as a wedge which has more of a fulcrum than a ram does). I think it was at least 3-4 meters shorter than the 15 meter attack titans so yeah, and weve seen smaller beast titan forms as well. Unless its like got incredible bipedal speed that shit isnt really useful imo.

  28. I agree, Zeke's final moments were beautiful. But at the same time it was hilarious how Levi didn't miss his shot the moment he saw a opening. His head was flying before he even finished collecting his thoughts haha

  29. Man I never would have thought Zeke would grow on me but somehow he did to the extent I was even sad about his death. Maybe it was because of how poetic it was like you said.

  30. Oh shit you're entirely right. And among the forces rallied against the Aesir and their host are the army of "Hel's people," which is usually interpreted as being a legion of the dead (seeing as how Hel presides over the honorless dead in Niflheim/Helheim)

  31. We don’t know for sure if Ymir is allowing the rumbling, all she did was set herself free from the curse. Eren is doing all of this. Or maybe she wanted it at first and along the way changed her mind, when she saw the power of friendship between the Marley and Paradis enemies. At this point I’m not sure if Ymir really wants this (anymore) at all.

  32. Thanks! I was eluding leaks since 4 days ago, and finally when the chapter releases I go to check and there's no link in the post, so I had to sort the comments by new and hope I don't get spoiled just trying to find the hero with the blue letters.

  33. It's really cool how he's subtly weaved this theme throughout the series since the beginning. That inner monologue of Mikasa's in the Trost arc is still one of my favorite parts of the entire series and gives me chills every time.

  34. End of Evangelion vibes. The past shifters returning from Paths reminds me of Shinji and eventually Asuka choosing to reject Instrumentality. They understand the world can be awful, but there's no meaning in it without other people to share it with.

  35. So, Zeke died. Kinda bittersweet but these are what I thought of, and I'm actually excited for the remaining chapters:

  36. Really enjoyed Armin's talk with Zeke and how the origins of the Titans was kept simple yet thought-provoking. IMO the ending of the fight made sense in the context of AoT’s themes, but it felt kind of abrupt for the tides to shift over the course of a single chapter. Though we’ve still got two more and I'm curious about the fate of the Eldians now that the Rumbling is over and the world was reminded of their abilities.

  37. Does this chapter confirm the rumbling is over? I understand Eren cannot be back at paradise. I just don’t wanna get my hopes up and then sike, Yams starts the rumbling again

  38. Why did it feel like reading that chapter only took 30 seconds? 👁️👄👁️ I really hope we get a proper sendoff for Eren in the next two chapters, if we never hear anything from him again I will be wildly disappointed. That's really the only way I would absolutely despise the ending.

  39. He will definitely show up and it will be revealed what he is up to in Paths. Human Eren may be just a sleeping head but in Paths Eren/kid Eren seems to be just fine and interacting with Ymir in 133. It just seems his activites in Paths have been hidden from us for a reason.

  40. Ya ngl if eren is really gonna die i wanna see a proper goodbye between him and mikasa and maybe she'll express her true feelings to him too.

  41. As crazy and profound this journey has been, I still cannot help but reminisce/pine for the days of ignorance. That sense of all encompassing wonder while reading/watching. Just hitting the next scene and being like "What the FUCK is going on, I love it."

  42. Honestly, I actually cried with Armin's conversation with Zeke. I've had a rough time dealing with depression ever since I was young and this last year has been particularly rough since my mum discovered her cancer in 2019 and covid and all. I'm stuck in a country that isn't my own and can't travel to my own country to see my family and friends and it's all been very bleak. I try to look to the future, for the better times to come but with all that's going on it sometimes seems just as dark as the present. But Armin's words reminded me to keep looking for the beauty in the now -- the tiny snowflakes falling outside, the calls with my students, the movies with my mum, the songs that I love and even this beautiful story; all little things that make this world and the inevitable present we live in a little brighter. We look at the bleakness of the future and the nosalgia of the past with so much focus, with such eagerness to advance or return when there really is so much beauty around us that we don't appreciate until it's also gone. This is a truthfully wonderful masterpiece of a story and I'm so glad to be able to experience it right now, in such a poignant moment of my life.

  43. Same! I think the thing Ymir wants is freedom from the paths forever and that is why she allowed Zeke and Armin to bring back the shifters and destroy Eren's Titan, but only after she had to work with Eren to achieve his goal of trampling the world first so Paradis would be safe. Destroy the enemies of Paradis, then destroy the paths forever so that the Eldians can truly be free.

  44. I'm kind of totally on board with a Jean/Pieck pairing haha, the panels of him holding her when her arm was eaten and when they were on Falco at the end were cute

  45. Would fit his character arc and the story arc as well- he's obsessed with this vision of him and mikasa having a family in the future, but Mikasa wants nothing to do with him. Then he runs into this woman who is the enemy, and dogmatically they hate each other, but with time together they both give up on their preconceptions of each other and the world and Jean achieves his happy ending in a way he never expected.

  46. Yesterday I read a comment from the leaks saying something like "reasons I believe the leaks are real (...) · Gabi hits a moving target while flying" and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the panel.

  47. I think we can all agree eren is still alive. Next chapter should be a fight/discussion between eren and some of the gang if not just Armin. We still have some inner thoughts from eren that need to come out. I don’t think the ending will be as simple as “eren dies and the gang rebuilds whats left of the world”. Isayama and those who know the ending make it sound very tragic, but eren just dying like this doesn’t fit that. Good chapter though, idky people are saying talknojutsu when there would have been no reason for fighting between them. Like why would zeke try to put up a fight against levi rn, he accepted his death and is basically attoning for his sins with his death.

  48. Maybe the reason we were born was so that we could experience amazing stories such as these. And if that where the case would it be so wrong?

  49. The armin zeke conversation gave me chills. I wish people understood that armin's message really is what matters. The emotions snk has provided me. I'm so grateful. This chapter was amazing.

  50. Armin and Zeke‘s talk deeply resonated with me. It‘s something I have thought about a lot and I came to a similar conclusion to Armin.

  51. This world is cruel, yet it is beautiful. The two can co-exist and the latter can justify the former if one stops and finds beauty in the madness, as Zeke finally (if only briefly) did when he returned from paths.

  52. And to think, I thought he couldn’t do a proper ending within 2/3 chapters but this month proved me wrong. We may be getting a sufficient ending after all. Probably not the best or satisfactory for some of us but sufficient is enough.

  53. I agree. I love that zeke delves into the idea of what's the point of living if you don't want to multiply (breed and keep your species going). But sometimes we want to live for ourselves, for those precious moments we experience in life.

  54. Eren wants freedom more than anything. For himself, his friends, his race. His decision to start the rumbling seems at least a little odd, does it not? I’ve seen countless debates on here on whether he is being controlled by Ymir, if he’s insane, dead, or something wild like that. Not to mention we haven’t seen his POV in many chapters. My theory? Eren, with his future/past sight, knew that he needed to make the ultimate enemy so the “paradis devils” could save the world, redeeming Eldians in the process. Remember when Kruger said they needed Armin? Ch 137 showed us at least slightly why, with him potentially delivering the killing blow. We still have 2 chapters left, but I dont think that is enough chapters to cover another battle along with falling action and resolution. Not sure how valid this is, gimme your thoughts.

  55. I started reading the manga today from where the latest episode of the anime had left off because I've been avoiding spoilers left and right but knew it was inevitable to have something huge ruined. Caught up to chpt 137 in a few hours.

  56. There is a feeling I got from the story back at 2013 when I started reading the manga after S01 got finished. The manga was in the Clash arc and when I saw Reiner talking to Ymir on the trees with Eren captive I thought "wait a minute, this is odd what are they talking about?" kinda hoping it wasn't a plot hole. Same thing when Ymir could read that canned food at Utgard and the same when Eren could control titans. I always thought "what is happening? is this some kind of plot hole?" and I was really surprised when we got all the remaining information we lacked. The feeling of being in the dark, just as the cadets, was really something exciting for me.

  57. Same for me man. Isayama has proved himself as a genius writer. I genuinely believe he can finish this story strong.

  58. It was a really good chapter, I think, the leaks made it seem way worse I enjoyed seeing Armin and Zeke talk it out, and it's no wonder Zeke changed his worldview after sitting around in paths for years

  59. I love how this subreddit is here complimenting the poetic justice for zeke and levi, and the baseball scene while titanfolk is having a meltdown Edit: Typo

  60. It will shreds me apart if it turns out Falco does save Gabi and fulfilled his promise in the end, only to realizes the person he made the promise to is not there to see it.

  61. After the conversation between Armin and Zeke, after seeing Armin harken back to different moments in his life especially to the moment where they were racing as children, after seeing Zeke appreciate life for the first time right before dying, it hit me what this story is really about.

  62. Why does the founder titan still require royal blood to use? I thought Eren freed her from the shackles of the royal lineage allowing her to use her own powers freely?

  63. I thought we would not get much from Zeke anymore so I absolutely loved this resolution to his character arc

  64. Armin and Zeke's conversation in paths reminded me of the theme of Pixar's soul. The little things are what make life.

  65. Theory time. Don't know if someone else already thought of this. Stll, I may have figured out the ending of Aot. Given this, I'll be happy to receive new inputs, maybe I'm just wrong about it all!

  66. I don't think Ymir was ever on a side really. The main conflict with her in the present is her being chained to the King's will. Eren broke that chain, and happened to be the first to reach her, so she lent her power to him.

  67. Kruger wanted to save Eldians on the continent for his entire life. Him being there makes perfect sense.

  68. It does make sense that Ymir out of all people would let these people be free and not forced to be Eren/Her puppets. The question is why now? Maybe they always could take control, but just never realized it, until Armin called them forth.

  69. Yeah i'm proud to say i overreacted and this chapter was actually godly. Anyone that complains about that zeke and armin talk and dimissess it as just ''talk no jutsu'' is biased asf. That literally condensed ALL the themes of AoT right there. Freedom. Death. Life. Family. Love. Beauty and Cruelty.

  70. The Armin & Zeke talk... saying it again. Absolutely goat moment of the series. I keep reading it and getting emotional. It was also the moment when I started to feel the finality of this arc and the entire series. That shit was the defining moment. Isayama is fucking incredible

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