Live Comedy in Kolkata

  1. Abbe chutiya!! Pura duniya mein agar 700 crore log hein to unmese 600 crore fish khata hein. Serf Bengali nehi khata Fish is very healthy protein. Even it's fat is healthy. Tere jaisa 2-4 uncultured Punjabi madarchod hein jo serf beef khata hein aur 45 saal ki age mein gand phulake maar jata hein.

  2. Bengalis are the last people who should lecture about vegetarianism and I say this as a Bengali myself. Although there are various reasons, largely bengalis are carnivorous. Although I myself don't like fish, it is inseparable from bengalis in large. But if some people are trying to turn vegetarian I think we should support that. Although practicing Vaishnavas here and some other traditions followers do follow strict vegetarianism FYI.

  3. These are obangalis trying to promote veganism . Bangalis irrespective of religion are non vegetarians . Religious Boishnobs, may not eat non veg in their own home , consumes non veg outside . Poshchim bongo and bangali has no interest in vegetarianism or veganism . Ilish chingri chilo ache r bhobishshot eo thakbe.

  4. These vegans and lgbtq mongoloids are the worst of their kind forcing their preferences and presence on other who have 0 fucks to associate with them.

  5. I am a strict vegetarian but I think we should not force someone to just give up their daily diet habits. I mean we Indians follow proper diet unlike China and other Asian countries.

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