Tik Tok Reel generation. What a shame🙄

  1. not staged i guess, but selectively picking up bits where people gave the wrong answers or dumb answers to make them look like a fool

  2. People are that dumb in reality, I've seen such people a lot. Whenever I try to correct their facts they run away with same old - "mereko kya karna", "Upsc ka exam thodi dena hai", "my GK is too weak", etc.

  3. Lol, fir yahi jayenge aur kahenge reservation hai, bachao hamein, modiji rozgaar do, ye gormint hi biki hui hai, education system hi bekaar hai, hamein to Finland me paida hona tha, India is not for us, paper 50 saal me sabse kathin tha, Ma-baap ne mehenge vale coaching ki fee nahi di isliye padh nahi paye etc.

  4. Bhai Maa kasam khake kehta hoon Rajendra Prasad ( first president of india ) chodke sab aata tha par yaar phir bhi inko kuch itne basic matlab recent event questions ke answers bhi nahi aate.

  5. I now know what librandus look like but unfortunately I look like them, that's a shame. I am gonna change my fashion sense. :D

  6. अच्छा है मैं गांव मैं रहता हूं,क्या लाभ जब सारा दिन प्रदूषण मैं रहें और ज्ञान झांट बराबर भी ना हो। इनसे तो ज्यादा ही ज्ञान है।

  7. भाई ऐसे चूतिये मुझे पूरे शहर में ढूँढने पर न मिले, पक्का मुंबई या दिल्ली है

  8. People like them then go ahead and qualify UPSC, SSC etc. and actually capable students are stuck at TCS in the day, masturbate to desi porn and then cry themselves to sleep in the night.

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