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  1. Reasonable people disagree. The only way all these historians could come to the same conclusion is if they're part of a secret cabal of woke anti-whiteness! They're all racist! Especially the Jews...

  2. If we weren't all banned from that cesspool we should suggest fantasy literature. Don't want to read about reality? Well there's a whole genre for that!

  3. Modern conservatism isn't about making decisions based on objective reality - it's about making a decision, then finding some information that can be twisted to fit that decision. Conservatives believe in feelings over reality.

  4. Doubt sleeping beauty has the chops to write their own fiction. They just over there asking for fan fiction someone else wrote.

  5. So I’d never heard of Rodney Stark, and took a quick look. Turns out he writes exclusively about Christianity; how it’s responsible for every good thing ever; and how all that bad stuff we’ve heard about is part of a secret effort to make the church look bad. So yeah, not woke. Very much asleep.

  6. Now I want to know what he says positives about the crusades and the Africans with sexual deseases because they abandoned condoms after a visit of christianity.

  7. As someone who has a BA in History, Stark is not trash per se, but no respectable historian would solely use his takes bc he’s insanely biased.

  8. We all know that only liberals would care enough to write a book that's longer than 500 pages.

  9. Exactly, as if anyone could condense centuries worth of the systematic oppression and eradication of an entire race of people into a text the size of a Harry Potter book.

  10. Any book that only includes good stuff by the colonialists and bad stuff by the natives is going to be a short fucking book, so this guy has accidentally made a good quick measure as to whether or not it's "woke".

  11. Right? Like I was reading 1000 page books for fun when I was in 4th grade and he can’t even handle a 500 page history book?

  12. Lol Bob Odenkirk did an excellent satire on some comedy show he was on before he was famous for playing Saul on Breaking Bad. Very f'n funny.. was pretty absurd, he played a slave owner who was super nice and always trying to get the slaves to not work so hard, think he even made them take a break ,while he jumped in and did the "hard work',laughed my ass off cuz i know there are dumbfkks out there who actually believe stupid shit like the subject of this sub

  13. "I'll take about 80% less genocide and industrial slavery in my manifested destiny. Also keep it short because brain no work so good."

  14. Also if you have it it would like a book about WWII that doesnt make the nazis look like the bad guys.

  15. "They were considered property, why would someone damage their own property? Most of them were actually treated like family! They clothed, fed, and gave them a place to live and everything!"

  16. It's like that with everything. Every reputable medical and scientific organization supports the validity of trans people... 'ah must be leftist propaganda'.

  17. If you ever talk to conservatives, they will tell you straight up that they don't believe anything written by "liberals".

  18. Cue the Skinner meme "Is my understanding of history all wrong? No, it must be woke historians imposing their guilt upon me!"

  19. Pretty much devoted my life to this subject and there are 1000s of easily accessible objective accounts, many by Natives themselves. Cretins like this are looking for 1950s Westerns.

  20. The thing is the natives were not particularly peaceful. Sure some tribes were peaceful than others but as a whole they were much like other societies when those were at similar tech levels.

  21. “I want to read about the wanton genocide of an entire continent of peoples without experiencing second hand guilt as an individual who has benefited from said genocide.”

  22. Translation: “Hey, I’m looking for a book that makes a genocide seem not so bad. Also I get bored easy, big text and few pages please.”

  23. Is the 400 year American Indian war just a blanket term we use for the dozens of wars we had with dozens of different indigenous nations?

  24. Does anyone have any books about genocide or slavery that are pro slavery or genocide? I keep reading books but they’re obviously woke because they say slavery and genocide is “bad?”

  25. Basically he wants to feel like watching a spaghetti western, but without having to tune into a grit channel with those annoying ads for old people.

  26. The guilt comes from the realisation that your entire identity, everything you are proud of, being an American patroit, is not as great as you thought it was.

  27. That's what I never got about the alleged reasoning behind banning "CRT". "It will make little kids feel guilty," like bro you're not supposed to feel good about racism, you're supposed to feel bad. Because if it makes you feel dirty maybe you won't be a racist, or maybe you'll call out people who are. At the very least don't vote for them.

  28. This idiot wants American history books from the 1950s which was the last time anyone was racist enough to paint the US as the heroes in the native genocide.

  29. “can you give me westworld but without all the rapes and murders? but, like, accurate history. nothings that makes me feel bad. thanks!”

  30. In a sane world that would make him a democrat. But far-right morons love to say they're centrist. In some cases they're lying to others to lure them in and in a lot of cases they're lying to themselves.

  31. Pretty indicative of the conservative mindset as a whole. They don’t develop and continually reevaluate their worldview from observations. Rather, they start out with a worldview formed from preconceived notions and cherry-pick evidence to justify it, ignoring even the most glaring counterexamples.

  32. Have you checked children's books from the 1950s? I'm sure you could find plenty of cute stories about the Americn Indians teaching the Pilgrims how to grow maize and all sitting around a long picnic table together enjoying a Thanksgiving feast.

  33. "Sure there were tears on the Trail of Tears, but I bet there were smiles too - why don't they ever call it the Trail of Smiles? Woke agenda, that's why!" -- this guy, probably.

  34. The wokeness requirement is ridiculous on its own, but the 500 page limit too, really? Good history draws on so many sources that a truly in-depth overview is going to extend beyond that. History isn't like philosophy or other such fields where you can reasonably make an argument in 300 pages or less, a real consideration of the available primary source documents for most eras will require a great deal of space.

  35. I mean yeah we took their land, r*ped their women, and killed off about 95% of them. But is it too much to ask for books about it that don't paint us as the bad guys? /s

  36. I mean we're talking about the people here who believe being anti-racism is woke, and therefore not for them. Almost like at best they're the white moderate King was talking about, allowing racism to persist, thrive, and succeed by doing nothing to stop it.

  37. He wants a history book about a 400yr long war, and he wants it all in the length of a YA Fiction novel? I've seen books about single battles that are longer than what this chucklehead wants.

  38. It’s sad how these assholes conflate woke with anti-white, anti-American and anti anything else that dares to challenge their whitewashed views of history.

  39. as a native and native american studies scholar it is incredibly offensive that anyone could think a book could sum up hundreds of years of native american history. to get a decent understanding requires thousands of pages, dozens of books, and that only gives you a rudimentary understanding. remember there are hundreds of tribes that have histories with the united states.

  40. Everyone of these guys is like one furrowed brow away from a 'are we the baddies?' moment. I love it.

  41. Literally when the SCOTUS ruled for the Native American Tribes to keep their land, Andrew Jackson took the constitution of the US and basically went, "Nope." and after he finished drinking some grain alcohol and shooting someone on the White House lawn (which he did often) he ordered the military to march them off their land, stating: "The Judge has made his decision, now lets see him enforce it."

  42. It’s usually hard to find historians on the side of the genociders, glad this guy was able to come up with one or two names over the course of his search.

  43. I’m looking for a book about ww2 that’s not woke. I’m tired of all these history books trying to make guilt their central theme, I mean it’s a history book, it shouldn’t be teaching me morals rifht? Preferably one that doesn’t tell me that nazis are bad, you know, wouldn’t want it to be woke. Wouldn’t want anyone to be taking moral stances on genocide, would we?

  44. So they are looking for books on how the enlightened white men came marching west, bearing the bible and all the native Americans fell to their feet and wept, for their ignorance and backwardness was purged and they threw their children at the feet of the white men fo be re-educated to remove their native lineage……

  45. So, in Conservative vocabulary does "woke" mean "things that make me feel guilty?" I've never been able to put my finger on their exact definition.

  46. Just like every other word they use it means whatever they need it to mean at the time they are using it. See your problem is in thinking that words have actual meaning to these people and aren't just tools and weapons to be used against their enemies.

  47. I think my favorite thing going on right now is conservatives saying education, especially college, brainwashes people with woke leftist talking points, but when you ask for specific examples they usually have nothing

  48. Maybe they need to go back and read all those novels written before 1950 that portrays the menace of red skinned people against sll those valiant settlers

  49. Interestingly, American historiography on the history of white encroachment on North American tribal territories did have a period where there's an over-emphasis on declension and indigenous victimhood, and then it righted itself to focus more on indigenous agency in its interaction with whites. The latter was already almost a cliche when I attended grad school 7 years ago. Both phases, I'm sure, are still intolerably "woke" to this f'n dude.

  50. Grad school is inherently woke, you can't trust anybody who invests that much of their life in one area of study, they're brainwashed!

  51. Anytime I see someone moron use the word woke I think they are looking for alternative facts/history to fit the pre-conceived concept of reality.

  52. I notice that your conception of the historical record doesn't fit with your feelings about it. Would you like to borrow my hammer and make it fit?

  53. Dude looking for a book that uses the words “invasion” and “colonialism” as little as possible? Good luck.

  54. This is what cognitive dissonance looks like. He wants to read about the colonial genocide of first peoples but also doesn't want to feel bad about it. He knows that genocide is wrong, and is especially wrong against someone who can't defend themselves, but can't put 2 and 2 together and figure out maybe colonialism isn't a funtime beach read.

  55. They are saying they would rather sleep on uncomfortable truths, they get it more than they think they do lol

  56. I'm looking for historical fiction that hasn't been written because everyone who is smart enough to write that realizes that people like me, specifically, are clowns and not an audience to be catered to

  57. Looking for a Bible that isn't woke. Is there any one that makes Jesus out as the blood thirsty savage he was?

  58. Will North America ever learn that my ancestors aren't actually from India? Unless we count fucking Pangea.

  59. Like, if you look at when most of them were written you will discover if you are clever enough that "woke" was an unknown concept - which it should still be as it is only used by people who live in their own minds.

  60. lol just slap on a hood and watch Birth of A Nation, of course no chud could handle 500 pages unless it makes him feel like a special boy

  61. I’m looking for non-wokey history books about the War of Northern Aggression in which the heroic South actually wins against all odds. Also, history books where Hitler wins WW2. And maybe something proving the righteousness of Cortez’s Massacre in the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan by telling the truth that it was justified because the Aztecs were actually Antifa? Y’all got any suggestions? Short books with pictures preferred.

  62. I'm in search of a book in which there's no whiney, detached-from-reality American conservative right wing.

  63. Just watch a John Wayne movie if that's what you want. It will have as much "true history" as you can hamdle

  64. I mean it would be cool if there was slightly more attention paid to the incredibly effective armed coalition resistances the various native people's were able to muster - such as during the Spanish expedition to Florida they became convinced they found Hell due to the locals. But sorry bud, by and large it was still systematic massacre after massacre.

  65. My greatx5 grandfather started shit with Native Americans in Alabama and let’s say he is an early example of an Alabama man “fucking around and finding out” - beat pretty well, partiallyscalped and left for dead. He was found and returned to as good as health as you can get after that but he didn’t mess with the Natives after that.

  66. This person might as well be asking for porn... It sounds like they just want something that glorifies what America did to the natives. Cause how do you even look at that and not feel disgusted unless that's how you get your rocks off?

  67. i need a SHORT book of LIES so i don’t have to think abt all that yucky guilt and empathy that reasonable ppl feel when then read about the atrocities that their ppl have done

  68. This is so sad. It's okay to feel something when you read about history. Our ancestors committed atrocities against the indigenous people of North America. When we read about that fact it's okay for it to elicit feelings. If it's guilt, if it's sadness, so be it. It's like this guy is scared of NOT being a sociopath.

  69. I am not one of those who believe the indigenous people of America were perfect. The truth is, they had all the flaws that every group of people throughout history had. But as soon as you say, 'isn't woke,' that tells me you basically want a book that rewrites history.

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