Why the fuck is it when Ashina is literally burning to the ground and it’s soldiers being massacred on the front lines, Genichiro is in some fuck off field harassing some kid like “Give me your blood kid auhhh for Ashina”

  1. Genichiro was mortally wounded after the rooftop battle and was still recovering even with Rejuvenating Water so I guess he decided to not be in the frontline and pursued Immortality instead because with Immortality, he would have recovered quicker and faced as many enemies as he wanted. Genichiro is kinda an example of: I have calculated all the risks, but damn am I bad at maths.

  2. When first playing I thought Genichiro was gonna turn into Shura. Ya know, the whole red eyes thing, killing a shit ton of people, lust for power, all that Shura stuff. Surprised he didn’t

  3. well, there are many things. Firstly, he's mortally injured after being half murdered and then jumping off a rooftop. the rejuvenating sediment, while strong, is nowhere near as strong as the rejuvenating waters or the dragon heritage.

  4. Well, he was wounded and his troops were devastated by some immortal Shinobi, who he pissed off by kidnapping a child.which he could have avoided by not doing that and telling wolf to go kill the ministry troops and not stop until he reached the Shogun.

  5. Tbh, Geni screwed himself when he attacked Kuro. Like wtf was he expecting from an immortal shinobi who just had his master kidnapped ? Plus I don't even know why Geni didn't expected Wolf to be immortal.

  6. Genichiro's immortality is imperfect; coming back after Wolf kicks his ass doesn't bring him back up to full fighting potential, and Isshin implies that using the Mortal Blade too much would eventually kill him. Furthermore, he's just one man; he could probably manage to kill a bunch of soldiers before going down with his lightning, but he'd still go down in time. Kuro's blood was the only hope in hell Ashina had for survival.

  7. He was wounded from his second encounter with Wolf, he needed the dragons heritage if he was going do anything about the ministry on his own, that's why he went for Kuro

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