for you who is the most annoying mini boss in this game? (mine is the drunken fat guy and headless)

  1. All about pressure. If you keep attacking the fog goes away and you can dodge/run/jump again. If he fades away turn your camera around when he reappears (there’s an audio cue) and he won’t attack. The hardest part is getting the timing for deflections. His attacks are SUPER telegraphed but also “delayed” by about a second. Lilac umbrella is perfect but parry dance can work too if you don’t have it.

  2. I never fight headless. I did all of them at the end of one run, it was super easy, but they require confetti and are no fun.

  3. Don’t forget the duo fight with them at the Serpent Shrine. I went there right after beating Glock Saint with only a single death feeling pretty confident in myself and got my teeth knocked down my throat.

  4. The Lone Shadow Longswordsman at the bottom of the well. I loved the fight, thought it was an incredibly fun opponent to deal with, and loved all the other versions we got to fight later on. But the camera in that well is fucking horrendous. The amount of times that I was unlocked without wanting to be unlocked or just flat out couldn’t see anything at all took that from a really fun fight that would’ve been close to the top of my list right to the bottom.

  5. I'm stuck on Shigechikun right now. I beat Headless Ape in one go, two chimichangas and a headless in one day and get stuck and that fat fucker 🙄

  6. Use delayed finger whistle to lure sword guy over and dead blow him, then use puppeteer ninjutsu to show spear boy how fun a 2v1 really is

  7. You can actually make the sword one fall off a ledge if you go to the branch on the left side (idk the precise steps since it only happened to me once) or you just stealth kill him with the invisibility candy.

  8. I found the underwater headless to be a walk in the park compared to the land ones. Just swim around them and go in for a poke every once in a while

  9. The underwater headless isn't too hard if you pop a divine confetti before diving in, use the terror gourd when you get near and focus your damage on the "real" one, as the other one dies when that one dies.

  10. Easily Headless for me. The rest can be fucked off in a matter of maybe a minute each once you have them ALL the way figured out. Headless is just bullshit every time and its attack wind up is insane so difficult to time deflects for. Plus the "slow you down before pulling your prostate out" mist is ridiculous lol.

  11. what cheese? using puppeteer ninjutsu on 2 of the cannon bros and watch her health melt? cause that's what I did lmfao

  12. That fucking purple asshole that gatekeeps the raven feathers, had to stab the fuck in the back, he wasn't going out any other way. Stupid fuck, he's dressed like the god of lean and 80s jazzercise, he should have some shame. Bald asshole

  13. Mini boss before Genichiro boss fight. That bald samurai who can one shot you. I still cannot understand how I killed him.

  14. Annoying - Okami Leader Shizu. Having random electricity hurled at you from a distance for a while before you finally reach him and can roam around freely was obnoxious.

  15. I had to cheese her, I got there before I beat Genichiro because I didn't realise after you beat Jinsuke saze you have to go on the roof until I was already at Mibu village and my attack power was barely anything. Corrupted monk was easier than her imo

  16. Snake Eyes. Headless and Shichimen are pretty easy to deal with, especially when you have confetti and/or Phoenix Lilac, and they also give really good rewards, but Snake Eyes are just horrible.

  17. True it's not the boss I'm annoyed off. It's the place and the enemies. Everytime I need to kill them off to fight him peacefully.

  18. Exactly, same. Especially with all of those annoying Snipers all around in that room, god damn is it annoying clearing them every attempt.

  19. Learning how to not get hit by headless was a painful experience but it helped me in the long run. However, fuck Juzo the Drunkard, I will never not cheese that bastard with poke attacks

  20. Headless are very annoying. I also had a surprising amount of trouble with O’Rin of the water. She was actually one of the harder bosses in the whole game for me oddly enough

  21. Honestly headless is the worst, its not even that hard with purple umbrella juste annoying as fuck. Feel like playing against someone who know they're gonna lose and just decided to make your life miserable.

  22. Juzo and the lone shadow with the dogwhistel, no doubt. I can reliable beat inner isshin on every try with little to no healing… but that lone shadow… fear

  23. Headless don’t really annoy me because I don’t bother fighting them. I’m more annoyed by poison ninjas and the drunkards. The latter aren’t even that difficult but I’ve found them tricky to learn.

  24. Motherfucking seven spears fellas. The trade off was that it helped me to learn and lean into posture damage buildup, which prepared me for tougher fights.

  25. Headless and shichimen. Also headless ape with its screaming and true monk with her vomiting in phase 3 - those two are not difficult but they are annoying. Guess why.

  26. In regular NG, probably O’Rinn or the dude with the wolves in Hirata Redux. In NG+ and on, probably Headless. They get tankier and the reward isn’t really worth the trouble after killing them the first time

  27. im still a bit of a newbie (recently beat genichiro) but i will admit the hardest for me was the armored warrior..even more so than some of the others im seeing mentioned...i think it was mostly how you had to kill him, i got so many deathblows in before finally pushing him off that stupid bridge

  28. Headless, hands down. The windup is tricky to time consistently and fuck it hurts when you get it wrong. Snake Eyes is tough and I’ll die a few times but I actually enjoy that fight

  29. The underwater headless. The landlubbers are no problem, they have tough animations to follow but they’re doable. The underwater ones can get fucked.

  30. These three fucking fucksuckers: Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear Bearer with his damn dogs, Snake Eyes Shirahagi because of the poison filled arena, and Ashina Elite Ujinari Mizuo because he’s a damn cunt. Other than them, I think the mist noble is pretty difficult.

  31. Seven spears at the moon tower… was tuff for me in my first run and had to cheese him but when i understood how to deflect in my second run i breezed through almost all mini bosses except this guy… had to flame and fire crack my way theough

  32. Seven spears. Like 7 hours. Was such a roadblock for me. The process of learning how to beat him really taught me the game. Was able to take down lady butterfly and genichiro in less than 10 tries subsequently.

  33. I’ve beaten the game plenty of times, but on my current challenge run, O’rin has proven the most difficult obstacle so far. I can barely do any damage and can’t use Kusabimaru. So annoying.

  34. Honestly, Jinsuke Saze and Ujinari Mizou. The two blue samurai. I can never get the timing right on their unsheathing attacks.

  35. When you see the second glint of the sword hit the parry button twice. It absolutely obliterates their posture. You can also just tank it with the umbrella.

  36. If you’re ever having trouble with him you could take out Suzakus umbrella and the spin effect blinds him for a few seconds. Easy day.

  37. Not really "mini" but mist noble, quit playing for 4 weeks because of that ass. Spent 2 days farming to barely handle

  38. It used to be the Headless for me, but now it's Snake Eyes Shirahagi. The first time I played the game when it came out, I've beaten every boss and mini boss, except for the Headless, didn't beat a single one of them.

  39. The apparition enemies that inflict terror and the drunkard guy are the worst for me. I could never get the parry timing down for the drunkards. It’s one of the few humanoid bosses that I always go for the health depletion kill.

  40. Juzou the Drunkard in part 2 of Hirata Estate. There's too many ads in that area I ended up first trying that whole stretch but holy fuck I hated every second of it.

  41. Honestly, i hate bulls, never learned how to properly deflect them, so my fight looks like dog chasing his own tail. I am that tail 😀 Just running in circles for 1-2 hits...

  42. Hmmm, snake eyes by the poison pool maybe because the poison blade doesn't wreck her like it does the other one and she has cannon dude backup in a poison swamp.

  43. Funny enough, the Drunkards really give me a difficult time. I've beaten the game several times too. Just something about their attacks throws me off

  44. Headless easily. First play through I just avoided them. Second play through when I was much better I wanted to show them who's boss but sooooooooooo annoying

  45. Headless and scichiman warrior is the only mini bosses I don’t bother killing on repeat playthroughs unless I really want there drops

  46. Taking a year off from playing Sekiro did wonders for me. Came back and knew from this subreddit to deflect and press way more than my first playthrough, and first tried Juzou and Genichiro. The headless though…many, many tries.

  47. O Rin. I’m on like NG+30 now or something and she’s the only boss I still die to on every play through. Her parry timings are so weird

  48. The first time through: Juzou took me 8+ hours and made me cry. Granted I still did not know what I was doing at that stage and he (and his later clones) are a lot easier now, but there will always be that leftover fear when facing him.

  49. On my first playthrough the drunken fat guy gave me the most trouble out of any of the mini bosses. But when I played the game again he wasn't so bad. (But he's tough when you are still trying to learn the fundamentals)

  50. Ashina elite idk why I never could double deflect him with mouse and keyboard so I always had to cheese him with poison prosthetic

  51. The bull. Keep in mind I didn't know you can parry him. It just didn't cross my mind you can parry a giant flaming bull. I think my fight was more annoying than it should have been.

  52. Headless: like other apparition mini bosses you can’t stealth deathblow them, there’s 5 of them, they’re equally unfun on land and underwater, they basically require confetti to fight so good luck fighting the first one early, and so on.

  53. Headless. They have found the most cheese strats for him, because people are so desperate to not fight him properly.

  54. Blazing bull. I know he has like, a loop you can enter to slowly deal damage but it's still so annoying that even with parry he deals damage, also fire damage and in NG+ he's just a nightmare

  55. At the beginning of the game while I was still learning, Drunkard Juzou and 7 spears dude in reservoir were the ones that gave me the most trouble. Now that I know better, Headless. Fuck the headless slow-ass mist gimmick

  56. For me it's the seven spears. Even though I know "strafe right to win" I still always get that damn spear straight through the dick

  57. Probably the two guys towards the end. I just avoid headless, and while Juzo makes me really mad, he's not... the worst

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