Best Mexican food in Seattle ?

  1. At 85th & Greenwood there is a small store called La Conasupo. Walk through the store and in the back is a small restaurant, limited menu but it’s easily the best Mexican food in Seattle. Avoid Sundays when all the families get out of church and head there for menudo, long lines.

  2. Dude I just discovered this place while shopping for some Mexican spices. I haven't tried the food yet but really need to.

  3. Weirdly enough, El Catrin just a block away from there is also very legit. The guisados there are excellent.

  4. I waited over an hour for our order on Cinco De Mayo. Thats how serious i am with my Mexican food. You cannot go to La Fondita without getting their chicken enchiladas. Skip their hot sauce, make sure they give an extra bag of roasted serrano peppers and onions

  5. My friend from Tijuana would get something from these guys like almost weekly. Can confirm it's amazing, but also super indulgent with all the meat and cheese for those unfamiliar with birria.

  6. Their birria tacos are great but a little greasy. There's a taco truck in Lynnwood called La Terazza that has better birria tacos imo. You should check them out.

  7. Carmelos tacos is the only place that even hit the spot in Seattle for me. They are located in a bodega in Capitol Hill, definitely check it out. They have al pastor on the trompo, lengua is fire, and the Campechano is so good.

  8. In Seattle, yeah. That's been my go to. They recently opened up a new location on Seattle University's campus.

  9. Carmelos is okay. I like how they toast the burrito tortillas. It is sort of crispy, but not so much that it crumbles like over toasted bread.

  10. La Carta de Oaxaca is excellent, particularly the mole negro. I actually wound up on a plane next to two restauranteurs from Mexico City, and they also highly recommended it.

  11. I don't know of any good places in the city center. Or most of Seattle proper for that matter. La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard is pretty good, but it's more of a sit down restaurant.

  12. Asadero is more of a steakhouse, which is why they’re more expensive. But I agree, they’re awesome.

  13. El Camion is one of the few places where the burrito will make me full and it is a deal at less than $10. I usually add grilled veggies to it for a little bit more. They also have a wide selection of salsas rather than just the two or three that other places will have. You might have to wait a bit for your order, though...

  14. Yeah their salsas are where it’s at! Been going for years and their tacos are still good. Chipotle and habanero salsas are on point

  15. Moved here from SoCal and the only thing that really ruled here were the red tacos imo. Those were great. Everything else was decent.

  16. Also open till 1am on the weekends and 11 or 12 on weekdays. Pretty rare for restaurants to do that for particularly the Eastside but even Seattle. It's our ultimate backup plan if it gets late.

  17. Can’t figure out why this isn’t higher on the list. Mexico has fast food too, and this place rivals any I experienced south of the border.

  18. Taco Street right next to the Othello Light Rail Station is pretty good. My favorite breakfast burritos in Seattle are there. Owners are from SoCal originally IIRC. They recently opened a 2nd location in Tacoma as well. Think it's near/at Point Ruston.

  19. Yeah that place is good, when they get your order right…. I do customizations like adding rice and chicken to the veggie burrito and a lot of the time they don’t put it in there. It’s also another place that doesn’t fill me up when I order...

  20. The portions are too small at Fonda la Catrina. Every time I order there I am still hungry. Do you know of any places with bigger portions?

  21. The good Mexican food is in Burien. Everything in the city is either fancy pants (and good) or not good. You can get cheap great Mexican food in Burien though.

  22. Tacos Chukis in SLU is p good and decently priced. Other options in the city either suck or are too expensive imo, but some good spots mentioned in this thread

  23. This is the only place I’ve had that could be considered decent. Taqueria El Antojo is sometimes ok, just really inconsistent.

  24. Lots of decent suggestions here, no hate, but what really reminds me of San Diego style Mexican food is Taco Time.

  25. Fogon is mediocre Mexican food buoyed by their excellent booze options. Someone used to the Mexican food across the border/ in SoCal will not be impressed.

  26. Seńor Moose in Ballard on Leary Way…auténtico y delicioso! 😋 & la Fonda Catrina in Georgetown… now I’m hungry 🤤 Unfortunately the Ballard el Camión closed :(

  27. They’re just “El Moose” now. They’re alright. If I’m hitting up a place in Ballard, it’s definitely gonna be La Carta De Oaxaca, though.

  28. We’re definitely spoiled in Ballard, that we have good options. SoCal/southwest gringoes will probably still bitch tho “like litturaly No Mexican food here! Where is Muh queso/chimichanga/nachos??”

  29. Yes! Sazon is amazing. The machaca de res might be my all time favorite brunch meal. Also, while not Mexican, La Cabana in Greenwood is some of the best Latin American food you can find in Seattle.

  30. Yes! Love this place. They give you tostadas instead of the standard chips and salsa when you first sit down. Margs are 10/10 too

  31. Is rositas authentic? I asked a Mexican coworker for the most authentic Mexican in seattle and he said rositas in green lake.

  32. There is a taco truck in the parking lot of richs furniture mart on 99 in lynnwood that has the best tacos I’ve had before, including ones I’ve had in Mexico/Texas.

  33. If you want Mexican, you gotta check out Burien. We have a ton of really good Mexican restaurants, but my favorite has to be Taqueria La Estacion

  34. Fogón Cocina on Pine. Their CAMARONES A LA DIABLA are straight fire! They are crazy spicey but the flavor is on point. Their little tostada appetizer they hand out when you sit down has a citrus slaw that is simple but delicious. As a San Diego transplant, I was impressed.

  35. Agua Verde Cafe in the u-district is great. They make their own corn tortillas from corn they get from Mexico I believe. The drinks are overpriced af but the margs hit hard lol. It’s also on the water so I love their patio and marina cantina

  36. Solid breakfast burritos and great location, especially with the newish waterfront park/beach just west along the canal

  37. Agua Verde used to be one of my favorite places. New ownership and they ruined the Bacalao tacos and made the portion size smaller for everything. So bummed.

  38. Mama’s was great. More Cali-Mex than Mexican, but it was solid in it’s prime. Nothing better than some of those maragaritas and a gut-bomb of meat, cheese, beans, and rice (plus tortillas) to finish off the evening,

  39. Jalisco's was my go-to. There's still a few around and Casa Patron in Roosevelt is run by the same family and has the same menu.

  40. I tried so many places to quench my taste for central Texas Tex mex and was disappointed every time

  41. Unfortunately, the only reliable place to get Tex-Mex is in Texas. It's a good reason to go back there every so often!

  42. In the city center? Not that I have found. At least nothing worth writing home about. If you’re looking for something closer to what you get in Mexico, your best bet is poking around outside the city center, in places like burien, white center, bothell, etc.

  43. Play some dodgeball in cap hill on Fridaynight shit faced then head over to Rancho Bravos when your done. After that go clubbing and ski till the sun comes up

  44. Is taco time good? I see them everywhere but im too afraid to try it. I agree white center is where you need to go for mexican food

  45. Not to sound like a jerk, OP, but there was a really amazing thread with the exact same question only a month or so ago. Not to dismiss folks on here, but I'd check out the great suggestions in the other one too.

  46. Possible to find brisket queso anywhere around Seattle? I moved here from Dallas awhile back and miss it so much. Getting great queso and any good Tex Mex here has been a serious challenge.

  47. Getting brisket outside of BBQ joints is pretty rare here. Have you tried Jack’s yet? I know they do queso, and their brisket is decent for Seattle. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to combine the two. I know they do brisket nachos.

  48. Someone already said go to burien and I would add white center as well. Huge Latino population. Don’t know what it’s called but there is a taco bus on Ambaum and 112th in white center that has been there for over 20 years and is my favorite street taco style place

  49. There's a couple legit food trucks in outer ID, a good one near SBP on Rainier Dr S. There's a highly legit bodega next to the produce market by Jefferson park that even has chili lime crickets! The best stuff I've had though is always some random place in some random agricultural town I end up driving through for a hike.

  50. La Esperanza Bakery in beacon hill has great Mexican favorites and has a restaurant across the street the serves up all the classics! We love to get mojara fritas there!

  51. Alibertos in mountlake terrace. Small family run taco stand. Family is from Chula Vista and food is almost as good as my favorite San diego taco stand, definitely the best in the Seattle area

  52. Former Angeleno here. I don't drive, so I'm limited to places easily accessible via bus. Mexican food within the city is pretty mehh, and even Mexican groceries have been disappointing.

  53. I admit I’ve never been to Mexico. I like El Barracho, Señor Moose ( which is now El Moose) and Taco Time for what they are, but this place tastes closer to what my mouth thinks authentic would taste like.

  54. Almost any place in White Center / Burien is going to be the best authentic Mexican food in the area. I second La Fondita (truck) in White Center. There’s an elote truck right next to them too.

  55. Whenever this question is asked, there is a fair bit of hype for tacos chukis. Take it with a grain of salt. It’s ok if you’re desperate for a taco, but it’s most certainly nothing to write home about. If you’ve spent any real time in Mexico and know what a good taco is, you’ll likely find theirs to be meh. Not bad, but definitely not worth the hype they usually get around here.

  56. I agree, I actually tried that today and it was no bueno! Actually pretty horrible. Also the smallest direst burrito i ever seen. Even their spicy sauce was meh. Then I tried their quesadilla asada, idk what they gave me but it was most definitely not quesadilla like I ever seen smh. People’s definition of good Mexican food is clearly skewed here.

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