Espresso martini recs

  1. The Pink Door has the best one I've tried in Seattle. Percy & Co and Brimmer & Heeltap would come next. I've heard good things about The Pie Bar one, but I haven't tried it yet. I make a mean one at home and if interested in doing it yourself grab a bottle of Mr. Black. 2 Parts Mr. Black, 1 Part Fresh Espresso. Add some ice cream with a some Mr. Black pour'd over and a shot espresso for a nice after meal dessert.

  2. I had one from JOEY Kitchen in U-Village a few years ago that was super good! I had it during happy hour so the price was pretty reasonable - unsure of the price during the regular business hours.

  3. Saw one on the dessert menu last night at Il Nido in West Seattle. I didn't order it but the other cocktails there were excellent (actually everything was excellent)!

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