How cool would it be to find weakened walls or cave entrances covered in rocks, just so we can use a gun powder barrel to find the hidden loot.

  1. This would be so cool. The underwater cave in the Meg quest storyline shows how really interesting areas could be tucked away behind explode-able rock

  2. The underwater entrance would have the challenge of setting the barrel and moving far enough away to shoot it in time to blow up the wall, without blowing yourself up. That would be awesome

  3. That would be pretty amazing actually. Definitely something they should implement eventually. Would bring additional purpose to an existing item. Even a mission that would be setup like a heist where you have to rob an inland bank with some explosives would be awesome.

  4. I had a thought about riddle puzzles becoming very rare and instead of one chest to dig up it leads you to a small hidden vault filled with maybe 1/4 of the treasure from a skull fort.

  5. They would need a spawn chance on set spawn points like shipwrecks, but on islands . Should have a few random chests / skulls/ crates . If it were done that way I could definitely see it adding a lot to the game.

  6. THD update was nice and all but lets be completely honest.. There were a lot of things wrong with the update. There is too much tediousness in having to make sure everyone plays the song.. sometimes it gets bugged and theres just so many problems... They need to expand the core game and the core factions.. I feel like they are going way too slow for their main audience just my opinion..

  7. I agree. I am slowly losing friends that want to play with me, which is what I enjoy most about the game. I hope they are consistent with content

  8. Man this is a very cool idea! Makes you want to carry gunpowder on your ship with all the risks connected for a reward! Imo the weak spots need to be random though, otherwise people would just go farm them..

  9. Fun fact: that bomb isn't programmed to do any damage, its sole purpose is to blow up that 1 wall so you can stand right over it and not get hurt.

  10. I had a similar idea where when exploring islands, you could come across weird small markings on the ground that signified something was buried underneath, and you could just shovel the crate/skull/chest hidden under.

  11. Every once in a while an idea comes along and you think "Shit. Why'd it take so long for someone to think of that? Why didn't I think of that?"

  12. Originally i thought thats what forts were, before you could open them via defeating the skeletons. Me and a friend during alpha collected a bunch of powder barrels and blew up the door. No dice :p

  13. I like this idea. If they ever add in grenades (grenadier style) this would really work into that well.

  14. No, you see, this is content that would actually make the game more interesting. All we can possibly get is a 3 months wait for a patch that introduces a special quest that's actually worse than regular voyages in terms of back-and-forth and has no replayability value.

  15. It took them 5 months to implement a bigger shark and flags so you can expect something like this in about 10 years or never whichever comes first

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