Unpopular opinion: Licorice Pizza is terrible

  1. Same here. I always stick it out. I want to love a movie, but this one was just so bewilderingly bad, and it felt so endless that I just couldn’t take it.

  2. I love, love, love PTA. I've been an apologist for over 2 decades. Magnolia too long? Bullshit. Every second is genius. Too many weird father-son relationships in his films? Nope, we need more of that. I've pretty much unflinchingly loved every film he's released (with the exception of IV) and watched them all over a dozen times at least. I consider There Will Be Blood to be among the 5-10 best ever movies anyone's ever made.

  3. I saw the film last night and think you have worded my emotions perfectly. From PTA’s 70s set films, Boogie Nights and Inherent Vice are far superior in my opinion. I kept thinking if Licorice Pizza had been written and directed by an aspiring filmmaker/newcomer..would it garner the same praise?

  4. I also couldn’t figure out how a 15 year old kid got a job selling waterbeds and then found the financial resources and business acumen to open up his own pinball arcade. I watched this movie wondering: “Why isn’t this kid in school?”

  5. I came to the internet for validation. I found your comment. Thank you so much. I could not have said it better myself.

  6. Yessss on point review! I also could not get over Hoffman’s lack of athleticism. Why are there are so many scenes of him running??

  7. I audibly gasped at the John Michael Higgins scenes with his Asian wives, I could NOT BELIEVE they were written (and performed! By one of my favorite comic actors!) in this day and age. Crazy and pointless.

  8. Thank you for this. I just bookmarked it so if/when this piece of shit wins Best Picture tomorrow, I can explain my disagreement to people by referring them to this rather than screaming at them.

  9. I thought all the critics love this movie, I should too. It was awful and the plot made no sense. How does a 15 year old own a pinball store? Celebrity cameos were self indulgent and made no sense. I agree no depth and what was that asian accent bit? So bad.

  10. I think the asian scene was supposed to make you uncomfortable. It wasnt supposed to be funny. Everything else I agree with.

  11. I'm so glad I'm seeing other people critical of this movie! It's honestly so boring and I had to fight every second to not turn it off! The main guy has no charisma at all and I noticed the main guy constantly running in a awful manner as well!

  12. It’s so bad! It took away two hours of my life I wish I had back. The main characters are so hate-able and not in an anti-hero way. She’s literally 25 and he’s 15. Their romance is stupid and contrived and cringe worthy at best. The only good part was Sean Penn jumping the bike at the club. Everything else was trash and I am astounded that this film is garnering such praise! I honestly think it’s someone’s weird backlash joke at the Me Too movement. So dumb. My boyfriend and I wanted to leave 45 minutes before it ended but just kept thinking something coherent would happen. Nope! Just a little pedophilia love story. Truly trash and I’m now dumber for watching it.

  13. Agreed, unfortunately. Love PTA (to previous posters, you cannot put this movie in the same sentence with Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood, that latter of which is consistently considered one of the best movies of this century, which I wholeheartedly agree with).

  14. A film knowingly made to appease critics and the Hollywood clique by tapping into their personal nostalgia of a very specific time and setting and it has worked, people read about it and buy into it. The writing is ‘quirky’, secondary and irreverent and to me I didn’t connect with it, it felt like someones revised memory that I wasn’t really invited to.

  15. The film put the 70’s in a blender and added a lot of BS - an awful film. I can imagine the people who nominate the Oscars watching this film stoned out of their minds on edibles and saying, “Wow this film is awesome!”. Awful indie epic fail for pTA.

  16. I wish i could get there. I appreciate your take. I just feel like his movies, especially the Master, There Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice and now Licorice Pizza, have zero connective tissue for story nor character. So rather than scenes being connected with "but" "therefore" "But" "therefore" it's just a long string of "and then, and then, and thens."

  17. Yo this movie was blatant as F. OP makes good points. It's like a movie for middle class, certain group of people, having that lovey dovey world is not bad sort of thing. It's just dumb. I don't like the poster either, has a punchable Kim K wanna be face

  18. Completely agree. A coming of age story without any story. No plot, no stakes, just a creepy relationship between two horrible people that I am absolutely not rooting for.

  19. Indeed! It also reminds me of the UNIX operating system. It was developed by programmers for programmers, not end users.

  20. Just saw it tonight and I left the theater dumbfounded. I love film, the 70’s, this director, yet I thought this movie was not great. What was the plot??? I am a fan of Haim, but I found the lead Haim annoying. What was the point of John Peters character? Big Anderson fan, just trying to understand what I saw?

  21. Also the dude in the number 12 shirt. A would be assassin, a shady drifter? What was the point? If someone got shot at least then something would have happened.

  22. I grew up in the valley during the 70s, in Sherman Oaks to be exact, just like the kid in the movie so I was all ready to love this movie and I was vastly disappointed because it was just so damn boring. If watching people sell waterbeds is your idea of great entertainment then this movie is for you.

  23. Don’t even get me started on the nepotism throughout. Spielberg daughters, jack nicholson son, phillip seymour hoffmans son, even pt anderson and maya rudolphs daughter pearl has a cameo. This movie was so boring and a big friggin waste of time.

  24. The thing about this movie that irks me the most is how it's like the 4 quadrant movie for awards voters and establishment film critics: old, white, worked in the arts, likes old-fashioned stories about women falling for unredeeming schmucks.

  25. What does being white have to do with anything? I know white voters in their 80s that are extraordinarily sharp about movies and they hated this movie. The movie is dreadful, if anything, it's YOUNG voters trying to show how hip they are, not older ones who know what makes a good picture!! Good god I think 45 minutes of this movie was watching that kid sell waterbeds.

  26. As you say, it was DREADFUL! Pointless, boring, no story, no arc, no one to give a fuck about. And WAY too long. What did they think it was, Lawrence of Arabia?

  27. Yes to all of the above. John C. Reilly had a 1 second cameo as Thurmon Munster. Although I found the cinematography to also be pretty lazy, and the acting uneven and weird. All the actors were in a different movie, since all the scenes were in a different movie.

  28. Going in, thought this would be as great as Dazed. Wrong. Dazed had interesting characters with arcs. I got to the cast credits at the end of Pizza and was like … I know nothing about any of you or your characters!!

  29. She is good in the film, but not believable that a woman in her late 20’s from a middle class family would never get braces on her teeth. The character & the actress - no - quirky funky teeth at her age are not attractive at all.

  30. I saw this mess over the holiday. Thankfully, it was a screener saving me from wasting money (just time wasted). PTA used to be one of my favorite directors. I wanted to quit an hour in, but stayed the duration hoping for something. No such luck.

  31. We waited and waited —it felt like hours at the DMV— for Bradley Copper to show up. We wanted to see why he was nominated. (And yes, he was fine, but why was he even the movie?) Total waste of time.

  32. Ok, here’s the honest experience with this movie. When known directors like this release a film I go no trailer and watch it with no backstory. TRIED TO WATCH IT THREE TIMES. Couldn’t finish it, even took an adderall b/c u thought something was wrong me. Am I missed something?! Or are my LA wannabe screenwriter friends on the hype train. On my addie experience I ended up getting lost in the set design more than anything. This film has an audience maybe more of the woody Allen folks not me tho. Not the style I expect from him. I hope nightmare alley isn’t a slow burn too 🙄

  33. Worst fricking thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve been seeing movies for 45 years and first job was in movie theatre. This is a TRICK of scandalous proportions by the studio,,, I’ll give them that. B.A.D.

  34. My friends were raving about it and called it comedy. I couldn't even chuckle at anything from the film. It's bloody boring, the dialogues are so lame, cringe-worthy. Some shitty cameos I couldn't care less and I can't give a shit about neither of the main characters. The plot was, what was the plot actually? Some wanky cocky kid trying to impress a chick? I've seen coming of age films every year and I always find something interesting in them. Not this one.

  35. I was waiting for the moment where the Butter-faced lead was going to wake up from his coma because nothing about this felt like it was grounded in reality. The age difference makes it feel implausible. There’s a reason men prey on girls and why it’s so common: girls are raised to believe their most important asset is to be desirable by men and that unfortunately makes them vulnerable to negative/predatory attention. If you’re told to be agreeable, you’re less likely to make waves, less likely to advocate for yourself or get the thing you think you’re getting from that imbalanced relationship. Boys are raised to believe the world is their oyster and they can have dominion over everything and anything. I think that plus the attitudes surrounding teen boys and sex is what drives the double standard. Still not OK.

  36. How it was nominated for Oscar’s just completely baffles me. This movie made no sense to me, just a bunch of shit put together, and neither of those pieces of shit moved the story forward or even made a story to begin with. A 15 year old high school student falls for a 25 year old school photographer, then they start selling water beds. That shit had me thinking, “what in the fuck is happening”. It saddens me that the academy nominates films because of who’s behind them. Just because you have a well known and successful director behind a film, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be good.

  37. Thankfully this piece of shit film didn't win a single Oscar or Golden Globe. The voters were probably baffled as to why this trash was even nominated.

  38. Felt like one big advertisement for the female lead. It was also odd how different generations were depicted hanging out. And creepy when the boys were jerking off the gas cans. Um. Yeah. And zero plot.

  39. I appreciate you bringing this up and I don't understand how people are saying you posted this on the wrong subreddit. You're talking about a movie and its writing, sounds like the right place to me.

  40. it's not so much op's post is wrong for the sub, it's the fact that they came in guns blazing, lumped the sub in with the "collective hive mind who deemed this movie objectively brilliant", when in fact there has barely been any discussion at all on this particular film. op also preemptively labels their post as an unpopular opinion, signalling a staunch belief that the rest of us are wrong no matter what if we happen to disagree.

  41. Just saw this and oh my god was it fucking awful. Literally one of the worst movies I think I've ever seen. Pretentious and deeply, deeply artificial, but the worst part about it was how funny Anderson seemed to think it was--the movie was constantly elbowing the audience in the ribs to say: look how odd these people are! Isn't it just hilarious?

  42. This move is legit garbage and wouldn't get any praise if not made by PTA, it's embarrassing how bad it is and I can wrap my mind around the fact that it is somehow critically acclaimed. How is that even possible? Why? It seems like an elaborate prank.

  43. Why yes it is. But wait, are you saying I'm brain damaged because i didn't like the film? I don't understand. It could be all of my brain damage.

  44. Terrible? No. There are much less entertaining movies to watch. But I'm still pretty disappointed, since I'm a big PTA fan. Inherent vice was a bit weird, but so is the book. This one though.. just doesn't compare with his great ones like the Master, Phantom Thread, There will be blood etc. Maybe it's something like a combo of Punch drunk love and Boogie nights, but overall it was weak.

  45. Alana Haim should stick with music and stay away from acting after this. Her performance was praised (rightfully so) but her first film was absolute garbage. She'll have a hard time getting cast in another film, one hopes.

  46. I'm absolutely baffled as to why this piece of shit is getting a lot of praise. Racist, boring, no cohesive story, plot, or character development.

  47. i NEVER write reviews of movies, or hell... ANYTHING really. BUT The first 3 minutes of this movie alienated me so quickly that I immediately searched for "Licorice Pizza Sucks" and this was the first link that popped up. When did we start making movies in which the underdog is an already over confident successful 15 year old actor and calling it "deep, believable, and heart tugging"? This movie is made for with the adolescent offspring of the innumerable newly minted tech bro millionaires in mind. A kid with his starting line placed so far ahead of the rest of his class that he doesn't even know he's in high school. He thinks he's fucking Robert Downey Jr in the Pick Up Artist. This is rich kid socialite porn at it's worst. Unbelievable and trite, I hate that I'm writing about a PTA movie like this as I love his movies. But this one is completely banal and non relatable. No fucking way. This shit is fucking awful.

  48. Actually signed up to Reddit so that I could interact with this thread. Yeah, I'm not a diehard Paul fan but his movies do stand out. There Will Be Blood is a good flick and I just bumped into Phantom Thread (of course, his muse, another three-initial wunderkind, helps). But this movie, which I had casually heard about on tele but really didn't know much about, I watched it recently, numerous times (rented it so...), and... WTF?!

  49. I'm a huge fan of Paul Thomas anderson. I think magnolia, boogie nights, Punch-Drunk love, and there will be blood are all masterpieces, or at worst, masterful.

  50. It's not your imagination, it's garbage. Tried to finish it twice. There is absolutely no continuity or cohesion. Actually, it's rather creepy and exists on the fringe of pedophilia. Just a clumsily strewn together heap of dung. But since the main character is the son of that guy who OD'd, it automatically gets accolades from the critics. Similar to any movie that focuses on a struggling homosexual protagonist. Regardless of the script, acting, etc- you automatically become a genius writer. Hollywood is garbage. Quit watching TV, a pray for the big one. The one that sinks that shit hole into the ocean.

  51. I mean, you're allowed to not like a movie. Art is subjective, after all. Doesn't mean it's "terrible".

  52. Weird take, he can say it's terrible while still being subjective. Just cause he says it's terrible does not mean he's saying so from an objective point of view

  53. Ordinarily I would totally agree with you. However, since the collective hive is deeming this movie objectively brilliant for reasons that escape me, my argument is therefore that it is indeed objectively terrible. Because of its utter hubris.

  54. A pointless, stream of consciousness, pretentious waste of time. Random people doing random nonsensical, and utterly boring things.

  55. The movie was so excruciatingly boring and odd(not in a good way) I was so happy when it finished. I was determined to stick it out. I shouldn't have. I don't like the 25 year old with the 15 year old either

  56. I consider myself a massive PTA fan and I was astonished at how bad Licorice Pizza was, and that would stand even if you could justify just the sheer stupidity of centering a coming of age romance on a 25 yo and a 16 yo (or whatever it was). It was a pointless run-on sentence of a movie that almost knows itself it doesn't have enough focus or story to carry itself.

  57. This is one of those movies for which I ignore my instincts & trudge through it only to be disappointed. Then I read comments telling me I should have known better. While I'm at it, since when is the idea of an adult woman with a minor a premise for a romantic comedy?

  58. Sorry but it seemed to me almost every scene has been done and better in other movies. And it was pretty cringey at times

  59. I think Paul Thomas Anderson is the best director of the last times but "Licorice Pizza" is a really bad movie, almost trash

  60. Worst movie ever, seriously, and if this was nominated for anything it shows both how out of touch Hollywood is with reality and how bad the last few years of movies were

  61. It's not my favorite PTA film, but I still enjoyed it more than Phantom Thread, which was so bad that it made Daniel Day Lewis quit acting.

  62. I think 2021 was a shit year for movies but Hollywood still needs to make money so they are paying reviewers and influencers to say movies like this and Power Of The Dog don’t suck.

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