Just for those who weren't aware how badly the binmen deserve the raise.

  1. So many people in here missing the point. It's not a zero sum game. If bin collectors get a fair wage raise it doesn't mean NHS janitorial workers or fast food workers can't or won't also get one.

  2. Exactly. It’s not a race to the bottom, it should be a push for the top and supporting each other to get there. All that mindset does is let employers off the hook. Stop griping at people who are just trying to earn enough to live a decent life. Save your ire for the shitheads taking home millions, not the workers asking for a reasonable pay rise.

  3. People kicking off about wage increase I'll always ask the same question: "how much would I have to pay YOU to collect waste for the next 5 years?"

  4. London train drivers get £70-£80k average salary yet Bin men do a far more vital job and get barely £20k… they need a raise far more than most public sector jobs

  5. I see your point, is everyone just meant to bend over and accept a wage that doesn't reflect the real cost of living, especially for the line of work they are doing?

  6. You’re implying that every company makes millions in profit and can just throw additional money at people. The vast majority of companies break even. Big companies make huge profits. You think the local pub or restaurant has enough cash to pay everyone 10-15% more. They’d have to increase their costs by that amount so nobody has any more money.. as you’re paying more for everything.

  7. Before I make this point, I just want to say I agree with the strikes and those wanting better pay/conditions, more power to you and fair play for being organised.

  8. My dad was one for 25 years, In his last 5 years his pay was consistently lowered which fucked with his pension. For 25 years service without a single day off, a council employee making 60k a year in a gold chain gave him a glass clock worth about £40. He told me his manager that got paid about 15K more than him used to sit in his office all day pinging elastic bands against the walls with his feet on the desk.

  9. Ive just lwft a binman. Job. Minimum wage. Nearly two years an still not goven a full time job. Then. This, our lot are headed tp astrike. Over pay. Whilst the gaffers are sat in their mercs or conpany car on 40,000, 60,000 a ywar. Not wanting to give us a minute payrise

  10. I worked for the council in the bin lorries and the van around 7 years ago. I enjoyed it but it was only £10.25 an hour at the time. I thought that was great! But it was a hard job. Now with everything going up in cost, they definatly deserve more than what they get now.

  11. It feels to me that all of these organisations, NHS, councils etc, need a total shakedown, stripping out needless management tiers and allocating money to those on the front-end

  12. Ex brother in law was on the bins his entire career, he's now utterly fucked physically, he was the driver, but still lifted.

  13. The average is £11.60? I used to think of bin collection as being paid a decent wage because it, literally, stinks. Give them enough.

  14. It's so bizarre that we collectively decided as a society that the worse a job is to do, the lower it should be paid, and the inverse for more comfortable jobs.

  15. As many comments in this thread demonstrate, the greatest trick capitalism ever pulled was to get workers to fight against each other, instead of against their shit employers. Sad

  16. I was talking about this at work this week. Folk are pissed off that some folk are in a union and lining up for a strike but "everyone benefits from a pay rise even you don't go on the strike".

  17. You think the government would learn from Covid who the backbone of this country really is. Binmen are one of the several jobs which are actually mandatory in life. Give them a fair shake already, greedy overlords.

  18. Anyone who comes in here arguing against anyone getting a pay rise generally and in the face of massive cost of living increases is a Tory imo.

  19. I’m with them all the way. I drive a refuge truck in Greenwich during lock down take home pay was around £385 to £440. Try living on that in London

  20. I really don't give a fuck how much they were getting paid before, I say give it to them, and anyone else who strikes. We're all due a big raise and the ones who fight are the ones who'll get it. 'Mon the binmen!

  21. It's shameful that those in higher positions like council members get paid the big money, while those who actually work for a living, breaking their backs and injuring themselves to keep things working get paid shit and treated as so by our government

  22. Councillors get £19,500 a year. Which if the binmen are working 37.5 hours a week means they get paid more. It’s the higher management who aren’t elected that you’re thinking of.

  23. Most councillors are basically forced to do what should full time job part time because of the derisory pay. It's the various layers of management and elected leadership (provosts etc) that are raking it in.

  24. I'm a cleaner with a local authority contracting company, we were balloted for strike action along with the bin men at least in my area.

  25. I'm a binman in England and my employers only pay 9.50hr and that's unlikely to change since apparently unlike Scotland the unions have no power in my workplace.

  26. Unfortunately Unions only have the power they are given by their members. The more people they represent the bigger their leverage.

  27. Fair amount of absolute fuckwits in this thread with zero understanding of work place solidarity and how the parties striking now might actually benefit them in the long run.

  28. Pretty much everyone That’s working for companies deserve a raise at this point you got time served tradesmen working for minimum wage and 11.60/hr is shit

  29. This isn't the hunger games. Reject the insidious tory propaganda that pits poor people against poor people the disabled and those needing asylum. These people are not your enemy and there is sufficient wealth for all to live without fear and anxiety.

  30. It's absolutely bizzare how these jobs that absolutely need to be done get such dogshit wages. And then how it's justified by saying that they should have studied harder and that this is the role for failures. So we built our society in such a way that we depend on underpaid "failures"? Did we construct our educational system to guarantee a steady supply of "failures" for these roles?

  31. The Tories want you to blame the workers, they want you to think bin men, train workers or barristers are lazy because it feeds into their narrative. It's about a fair rate of pay for all not some . The government don't care about us just power and the rich. Don't blame workers for wanting a decent standard of living, blame the Tories.

  32. Keep the rubbish piling up in the streets until they get a fair wage, makes it easier when we all need to raid the bins for food soon anyway

  33. Yeah i know that man. The guys above who dictate expenditure, i can appreciate that said guy has worked hard to get his merc. What i cant appreciate is the lack off effort and commitment these guys have to their employees, granted its not everyone, everywhere. They merc guys shkuld be sided with the bottom feeders, without us, there is no them. But money talks doesnt it. I know if i had money rn. Id be a cunt with it. Times are shit mate

  34. I wonder how much the coucil tax will have to increase to compensate binmen. This is rather a tricky situation, considering the average cost of utility bills in the UK have more than doubled in a year from £2k to £4.4k. Majority will suffer even more, as there aren't many technological solutions that could increase the binmen productivity should their wages increase. This means that wage inflation will have to be fully incorporated into price per hour and ultimate carried by homeowners.

  35. If it was me, I'd be taxxing the energy companies and using the tax to fund pay rises for the NHS, Binmen and anyone else that deserves it

  36. Same here and we have just been told our workload is increasing again. Hope everyone striking sees some improvement.

  37. I'm not sure how this popped up for me but where I live in the US they start around $24/hour. Everyone knows we are crap at fair wages so... Yikes guys.

  38. This unfortunately is a fall out from council tax freezes... Support better wages but I hope everyone remembers this is why increases will be coming

  39. I agree with the strike, but maybe it should be targeted at tourist areas' the new town and morningside etc, just where the money is. People who are even worse off than bin men are having to deal with toxic bin mountains. When really this shit should be on the door of the city council and folk living in £1m town houses, what's needed is a restructuring of council tax, those in the high price area's should be paying more or downsize, income based? Progressive tax anyone?

  40. £11.60 as a base rate for a job (albeit a deeply unpleasant one) that needs no training or qualifications is actually a decent wage all things considered, sure they should be paid more but so should 99% of human beings on the planet.

  41. £11.60 was a decent wage maybe 10yrs ago but now it's most definitely not. Also, you assume no training is needed, whereas there is constant health & safety training in the industry as it is the second most dangerous industry to work in, after agriculture.

  42. It's not the fact that it's unskilled. It's the amount and quality of work that needs to be done, compared to what they get. They deal with shit, piss, cum, dirty needles, broken glass and literally anything else that we the public throwaway.

  43. Striking in my town at the moment, on the picket line on day one in their camping chairs and haven't been there since. The raise they want is £3k. Fuck that, if you are striking and want the public on board, don't sit at home playing xbox expecting sympathy from the general public who are mostly suffering the same wage scenario.

  44. No one knows. Just that it isn't enough. It's hard to tell for public sector jobs. Id rather pay refuse workers the 80 something grand than the politicians though.

  45. My husband is the manager of a well known coffee shop and if you work out his base rate based on the hours he does a week it's not a lot more than that.

  46. It was so infuriating when I was 16 in mcdonalds. I was a "crew member" and I think it was £4.95 and hour. Then they hired people to stand around and practically do nothing in the eating area and they were getting double what I was, even though it'd be me getting shouted at by customers. The wage system needs an overhaul

  47. This post perfectly demonstrates the sort of nonsense 'Scoatish' people who populate this sub. That is middle-class crowd who know bugger all about working class people other than that they are friends of the working class.

  48. Are you saying I'm middle class? Also, 11.60 to pick up rubbish is shocking, especially with how much rubbish we produce every day and with the types of rubbish, especially in Edinburgh. They didn't film Trainspotting there for a laugh.

  49. The take away from this comment is cleaners aren’t paid enough either, it’s actually weird people have views like this

  50. I chased binmen along the road the other day. The guy tipped a big bin and some plastic fell on the road and he just left it. I picked it up and said "hey, you're dropping rubbish on the road." He said "we're not meant to pick it up if it falls on the road". For this reason I do not support their payrise.

  51. Then strike for better pay ffs. Just cos you’re not being paid what you deserve, doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. Fuck sake. What a selfish view

  52. Remember when they refused to come In to people's gardens for bins, it helped disabled people & old alike, it's mental how demands can change a career

  53. The UK is the 5th richest nation in the world. The problem is not a lack of money, it's the result of the tories idea of how that wealth should be shared. Well, not shared, more to the point.

  54. If other councils are anything like fife council then it’s the jail they need. Not a pay increase. A truly odious shower of incompetent lazy ringpieces.

  55. I earn £1 less but then I sit on my arse for 12 hours a day and get 4 days a week off. Absolutely disgraceful what little they get up at 5 or even 4am for.

  56. Apparently they used to in the nineties but their yearly pay rise was just so small for so many years in a row that all the other jobs have caught up

  57. That's probably the exact position I was talking about in the post. If they're in the job I think they are, they should not go for management or any promotion. That position is the best that mcdonalds has to offer imo

  58. The Council outsource to the lowest bidder. This is the sublot system in Government. The people doing the job should have a fair wage but are often the victims of a system designed to acquire services at the lowest price.

  59. And? I know freelancers who don't make much more than this, people who've spent four years getting a good degree and aren't entitled to any paid holidays or a pension. The issue isn't how much people are beingpaid. It's the ridiculous cost of living in the UK - I.e. no rent caps, fuel costs, energy prices sparing. That's what people should be protesting over, yet we're all apparently happy to live with that yet whine we don't make enough per hour to live?!

  60. I feel for everyone right now as the cost of living is disgusting but it's an unskilled job with a great pension and brilliant sick pay system with it being a council position.

  61. they still get more than me, I'm on £10.10p per hour in security, had a used needle waved in my face the other week.

  62. At least you can count the number of used needles that were near you. This wouldn’t be possible for a refuse collector and for toilet cleaners it’s a daily occurrence.

  63. At the end of the day they're Council workers, who for years have never done a days work in their lives. I've contracted to council workers before and would easily do twice as much physical graft than any of the guys sent out with us and their usual excuse was "we're told to make jobs last."

  64. I'm a lifeguard I'm literally the first responder if something bad happens. When I was in army I was getting less than 11.60 an hr. Ur on more money then most higher jobs.

  65. The army pays far above the national average and unless you spent your entire time as a buckshee jock in an infantry regiment (Which, you may well have done) pays extremely well for the amount of work done.

  66. Bin men hard workers aye right lol 😂😂 Maybaye when they used to lift the old bins onto there shoulders ffs I know ppl that work as a bin man and I’m telling you I’d love there job

  67. Fuck these bin men, shame of Scotland. Sack and bar them from all forms of future employment funded by the taxpayers.

  68. If they think they’re wages are shite go get another job, try working in the private sector, that will give you an eye opener, stop hiding behind your unions who effectively are a business in there own right. Most of of them would last 5 mins in the private sector where a hour lunch break is an hour not as long as you need . Easy life you have at the moment 😉

  69. I know it's dreadful, but I have not had a pay raise in 9 years. I support emergency services Comms systems. There needs to be a time where zero inflation and raise in pay may not be made a necessity to survive. What goes around will come back.

  70. 12 quid an hour after tax would leave you in debt by time bills were paid. Then you would need food etc so that means more debt. Totally not worth working at this point.

  71. What are you even talking about? do you work? I have a fulltime job at £9.60 an hour and I have managed to store away a decent amount of money in savings, my rent is paid, my council tax is paid and I can afford to buy nice things...

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