Anyone remember this Scarface game?

  1. also for gta v fans here i love gta v alot but if i have to chose between gta v or scarface scarface beacuse you get no cutscene for a shark eating someone alive like it kills you if you stay for too long in the water but for 1 mission a guy gets ate alive by a shark with a cutscene and like i said same thing for tony aswell and something funny when you go to like the beach or somewhere but if you found out then you will see a girl swiming while a shark is chasing her and is screaming a bad word to the shark like its a person lol and its just better for me i also like gta v but we need cutscene for getting ate by a shark .

  2. Wish I could play it again. This game would beat all if it was remastered. One of the problems with it was, if anyone cares, it was set up to run on only one core. Multiple core machines broke the game. Rebooting on one core fixed it for the time being. Now I have no idea how to make it work again. I've heard of multiple programs to download to make it run but seemed a bit above my computer knowledge and understanding. I wish they would remaster this. I got close to beating the game but never did.

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