Uber driver asked me how much do I pay usually on this ride, then cancelled the ride and I payed him in cash not through the app.

  1. Sounds great in theory until something happens during one of these ‘unofficial’ rides and then the passenger can’t go after Uber considering it wasn’t an Uber ride.

  2. The only fear I’d have is Uber keeps track of your location doesn’t it? Calms my nerves slightly getting into a strangers car as a women by herself.

  3. Really depends on whether you trust the driver enough. He is just trying to avoid tax and uber fee. Not really a scam tho. If you are worried about your safety, just share your location with someone you trust.

  4. Is the driver super cool? Someone you can ride with and rely on? I had a driver/friend like this who drove off the books and had regular clientele. It worked well but you won't get a receipt and have no legal recourse if anything happens.

  5. Not really a scam- but be careful with this. Uber offers a layer of protection, since they track their drivers and will know exactly when/where they are. I believe now that if they deviate from their route even a little bit Uber will call you now to make sure you’re ok.

  6. I used to do this with taxi drivers all the time. Ride was usually 20-30, if give them 20. They end up with more in the pocket, I don't have to spend as much. Win win.

  7. This thread reminds me of this murder that happened a couple years ago in Washington state to an Uber driver. Cautionary tale whether driver or passenger keep the app on.

  8. not a scam but you paid premium for uber for a reason. it is for the protection and risk management. everyone knows how “good” the taxi drivers were and how everyone “love” them once we have uber right?

  9. No you didn't get scammed. Technically you two broke uber policy. It's fine though. You're safe. Uber just takes a large cut of the amount you pay and the driver was tired of dealing with it.

  10. Insurance could be a problem, in case something happens since he cancelled the ride, you're not a fare anymore and his personal insurance won't likely cover you

  11. Scammed not really but you did put yourself in danger. With the app there is gps tracking, a refund option, and a company behind the ride. By going with the handing the guy cash option you just gave a random stranger cash to ride in his car. If he kidnapped you no tracking. If something happened no refund. If you were in an accident no company backed the ride and you’re only getting helped by what you will need to hope is his adequate private insurance.

  12. I had an Uber driver ask me if I took the trip I was taking often. I told him yes, and he gave me his number, then proceeded to tell me. If I want I can just call him directly and he will come give me a ride. Plus, he said he would charge me $20 per ride. When Uber was charging around $33-$35. I haven't called him for a ride yet. I actually forgot all about his offer. Until I read your reddit post! I hope everyone or anyone who reads this has a great day!!

  13. No it’s just a side hustle man needed money now not when Uber pays him. The only one getting scammed is Uber but who cares their prices are ridiculous

  14. A lot of people here are saying only Uber / the IRS got "scammed," but I think there's a strong case to be made that OP was also scammed, or at least ripped off.

  15. No not at all, they get scammed hard...... uber does not always pay well. Be happy because otherwise uber pays him very little over the cost to drive you there.

  16. He should have given you a bit of a discount IMO. Those fees cover "insurance" for if the drivers car sucks, they do something unsafe, etc. I'm all for cutting out the middle man, but if I'm paying the full price I want the full service. If he seemed like a good fella I'd gladly pay $1 less in cash.

  17. Did you make it home okay? Did he charge you more than your last trip? I assume both answers are no. This means you weren’t scammed.

  18. Do you hear yourselves, people? So to help the poor driver out, the driver that might kill you, you will risk getting killed in an accident where there is no coverage? No.no,no.

  19. It is indeed dangerous bc the fee covers insurance, but you definitely didn’t get scammed, you payed the normal fee, and he got a little extra than normal, essentially a weird taxi ride lol. Probably not the first time that the driver has done this though

  20. You didn't get scammed. A lot of drivers do that because Uber and Lyft fees are ridiculous and a lot of people would rather have the money now than a week or so later.

  21. Tbh the driver is probably sick of having to pay the fees. Just like they told you. Not a bad gig for the driver..but if anything like a wreck happened you'd probably be screwed..the driver would definitely be screwed..but I'm assuming you'd have to fight for medical bills . Best to take a legal ride. And you should report this driver ASAP. It's really not ok what they're doing. Not ok at all. REPORT THE DRIVER NOW!!!!!

  22. It’s so Uber can’t take a cut. I used to dog sit for Rover and one customer would pay me in cash instead of through the app so I could keep the whole fee. I didn’t ask them to though.

  23. OP doesn't know they actually do this here in Egypt all the time and I always report them and even get into fights with them about it xDD

  24. ive used uber exactly 2 times in my life. both times i told the driver how much they were charging me. both were shocked. i didnt realize that this was something youre not supposed to talk about.

  25. It’s a scam if you don’t get what you paid for. You paid the going rate for a ride and got the ride as promised. You were not scammed.

  26. My Main concern would be what if he was involved in a accident and you were seriously hurt- you have no recourse from Uber because technically you were not riding an Uber.

  27. I talked to an uber driver before and when they explained what percentage of the fare they actually pocket, I was shocked. Uber takes almost all of the fare and leaves well under what minimum wage would be, for the driver. That's pretty messed up considering the driver's time, gas, mileage, and wear & tear on the driver's vehicle. I understand what other people are saying regarding insurance coverages but I honestly don't blame the driver for canceling and pocketing the cash. I highly doubt Uber has increased the driver's share percentage accordingly with inflation rates over the last 6-12 months anyways.

  28. I'm curious how your worried that you got scammed. You know how much the ride cost and you got where you wanted to be. How did you lose anything? The question of course is did Uber get scammed? Probably and do they deserve it? But I don't see you having much skin in the game

  29. You were not the target of the scam, the IRS/Uber was. He's doing this so he doesn't have to pay taxes on his income, and so he doesn't have to pay Uber it's "share" of his fares. You'll be fine, but he could get in trouble if they catch him. You don't F around with the IRS.

  30. So, if he fails to report this as income, then he is scamming the IRS. But, I suspect you are right, and the driver won't report the income anyways.

  31. Fuck the IRS, never declare income, don't hold a bank account and pay for everything in cash, the tax msn can get fucked.

  32. It’s a bit scheming. While I understand why they do to avoid fees etc. Typically I wouldn’t want that ride cause if something happened, whether is was major or minor incident. Uber is off the hook and not there to back you up and or know who did what to you.

  33. Uber driver is just hustling. Now, if a cabbie ever pulls the “I forgot to run the meter; just give me X” never pay. Or “my credit machine isn’t working; cash only” upon arrival—nope.

  34. If you got to where you were going, and you paid the normal amount, and YOU canceled the ride or saw it canceled, how could you be scammed? The driver will get fired if he does it often or is ever turned in. I can understand a driver doing it, might need gas, might need lunch and funds are low, but, it is very much against any driver service rules to do so. The only possible scam would be if you paid him cash, and he did not cancel the ride and your credit card was charged.

  35. It is dangerous and against Ubers terms and conditions. The driver can get kicked off the platform if it’s reported.

  36. What your doing is becoming common and not really a scam, you're just cutting Uber out of the deal.

  37. You got to your destination and you gave him cash for the ride. How does him murdering you or scamming u even work considering you got your end of the deal already.

  38. Not a scam, poor guy is trying not to get ripped off by his employer. I used to drive Lyft/Uber and did the same thing a couple times.

  39. This is dumb, sorry. Pre-Uber this was the norm for taking cabs in NYC outside of Manhattan for decades. You’d call a car service, say where you’re going and negotiate a price.

  40. This is a scam though, it is just Uber that is getting scammed. Same as if a taxi driver drives you "off the meter", you get a ride, but you are not insured. Now, I think Uber takes way too much, but that is the terms the drivers sign up for.

  41. You only really got scammed in the sense that the driver should have split the difference of the fees he saved with you, but at the end of the day it's night. And you're not down so all good.

  42. Just say no if unsure but you weren’t scanned but you should have got a discount at least for yourself. Not worth it personally either as passenger and driver carrying cash etc plus insurance.

  43. This isn’t a scam, but some taxis in big cities will say their meter is broken and ask you to pay more than you usually do.

  44. Nothing wrong from driver prospects as doing this can save 35 % of uber fees. From passenger prospect you are riding on strangers car but sMe you do in yellow cab. Go with gut feeling

  45. Uber the company scams drivers. They take up to 60% of the amount the passenger pays. Sometimes the Uber driver winds up taking a loss in gas money. F Uber. It is a scam, the driver is scamming Uber, because they take a huge chunk of the fee for what is basically a phone app. How does a company report their taxes losing hundreds of millions, yet that same period passed out tens of millions in executive bonus checks? F Uber.

  46. I have a lady who works for Uber that did this when I needed a ride to the airport. I just call her when I need a ride and she always comes. I just pay her in person and not through the app.

  47. I don’t believe it’s a scam. A lot of ride sharing companies and even delivery services like Doordash are getting charged fees right now because of things like the increase of gas prices and whatnot. So I can’t blame the guy for wanting to cancel the ride and accepting payment in cash.

  48. I have have had people off Facebook Market who are selling items, ask me to purchase items that are shipped, not local pick up ones, outside of the platform, they want the money sent on pay pal as a friends transaction to avoid the new $600 tax thing..people on Instacart ask me to have them shop outside the app platform..so this might just be the same thing to avoid fees and taxes. Its risky for the purchaser more so.

  49. As a woman, she d be concerned that the app is off and there’s no gps tracking. You don’t know the driver or his background. You have absolutely no recourse if anything happens to you.

  50. Didn’t I see a video on this where Uber drivers were actually police officers, offering the same incentive but were ticketing/arresting people. Anybody know the video I’m talking about?

  51. First, as a matter of safety, I would never do this. Once he cancels, you are off the software and tracking. Second, Uber has insurance in case you get into an accident. California minimum insurance (not sure where you are) is pretty low. If you had some serious injury, good luck. Lastly, isn’t automatic payment part of the benefit of using Uber?

  52. Your not insured outside of an active ride and Uber app (probs still tracks you) but makes it a little harder if something happened. My biggest worry with this is insurance

  53. I've privately booked 60 mile each way airport runs for a lot of money driving usually 4 people, people that are returning home from Federal law enforcement training at a large facility in my city. They make up the bulk of my driving locally as most fly in. So i initially meet them that way. I feel quite safe because if ANYTHING negative happens connected with their training they will most always lose their entire govt career. This also means they are never too drunk on their evenings out. Which is nice.They're happy paying less than they would thru Uber and I'm happy making quite a bit more privately. Many drivers end up with regular private gigs this way as we also have a large community of rich retirees.

  54. Don't be worried. Many people are doing this because I heard Uber/Lyft can take upwards of 20% of the drivers pay. So long as you got there safe and sound, you probably did him a big favor. Several times I have rideshared and needed the money the same day. Living paycheck to paycheck is rough.

  55. I don't think it's a scam, he just needed the money. Uber keeps almost all the money they charge for the fare and let's the drivers depend on tips now, which is total bullshit. I stopped driving for them when they did that.

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