Elon Musk's Neural Lace is programmable graphene nanoparticles that form a web inside the body, can be controlled from the outside (5G). They are administered via injection. Scientists have found nanoparticles and graphene in some batches. Those were test batches. Tesla makes mRNA vaxx machines

  1. Yeah 💯. This guy is a complete fraud, a puppet playing a role. He's never actually built or created anything. The elites are brilliant at psychological warfare. They knew who would be the most reluctant to get the vaxx, and eventually the digital ID chip they will make mandatory to have access to Fed Crypto. Elon will sell it well to them, talk about how it will improve everyone's lives. They will walk right into the slave trap

  2. Ehhh... His evidence is really loose. Like he really emphasized on Musk's comments on how he can use arteries and veins to deliver the lace. Then he jumps to the conclusion that he's talking about a shot, or "vaccine". But Musk isn't talking about that. He's talking about delivering the lace through a tube. We use this technology a lot now for non-invasive deliveries. For instance, if they want to put a stint in your heart, they don't drill into your chest, but instead go through an artery in your leg and send a wire up and deliver the stint that way. They are also doing micro operations this way as well with remote controlled tools.

  3. Sounds like they created a problem with the jab (neurological symptoms, and they are many according to Pfizer documents) and will offer Neuralink as a solution.

  4. Yep the mad scientists are pulling off the total permanent enslavement of the human species. It's pretty incredible.

  5. Wait… so you heard the words “veins and arteries” and then connected the dots to that translating into “vaccines” (which get administered via the intramuscular, or subcutaneous route)? 🤦

  6. And is proven to end up in the bloodstream, even some studies saying it passes blood/brain barrier. The first time they said the jab would stay in the muscle i taught "people can't be this dumb" turns out they believed them lol.

  7. Elon Musk is a DARPA frontman, just like Mark Zuckerberg. These guys are the real life “avengers” who make all these advanced weapons (like social media, artificial intelligence and transhumanism) seem cool and exciting.

  8. "Scientists have found nanoparticles and graphene in some batches." ........................batches of what?

  9. The guy who has locked in syndrome who received neurolink to be able to “tweet” with his brain received the surgery not by going through the brain, but through his jugular ie veins and arteries. To further clarify, they used laparoscopic surgery not an injection.

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