someone please explain this to me in baby words

  1. Youre distributing the power to the inside which gives you x2 + 100, but for factors when it’s raised to any power you can’t do that. You have to multiply (x-10) by (x-10) since it’s to the second power and distribute

  2. You can’t distribute exponents. Instead, use the FOIL method (first-outer-inner-last) when given this form. It usually results in the end product being a quadratic trinomial (three terms with the highest degree being 2) With practise you’ll get faster at it and it’ll be like second nature :-)

  3. 2nd power means you multiply these numbers in parenthesis to itself twice, so it is (x-10)(x-10) next you gotta multiple every term by the other ones in other parenthesis, FOIL or whatever you use xx-10x and -10x-10(-10) it gives us x2 (from xx) -20x(from -10x-10x) and +100(from -10(-10) so the final answer is x2 -20x+100

  4. Have you ever heard of the FOIL method? It's the same equation everyone else has commented, but I always remembered it this way, first outter inner last. It helps to write it out like (x-10)(x-10). First terms multiplied gets x2 Inner terms multiplied gets -10x outter terms gets -10x last terms gets 100. Sum that up and you got what you need c:

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  7. Go watch factoring videos by the organic chemistry tutor. If you don’t understand the basic concepts then there is really no point to throw yourself into these problems.

  8. It’s just foiling (first, outside, inside, last). It can be rewritten as (x-10)(x-10) and then it would be x2-10x-10x+100 which is x2-20x+100

  9. Read the question and thought I was thinking like a genius until I looked at the answers and realized none of them looked even remotely close to what I was thinking

  10. When something is squared like this. It’s multiplying it twice. If you foil you end up with the stuff in the middle. It looks like this (x-10)2 =a2-2ab+b2. It’s strangely formatted sorry bc I’m on a cellphone.

  11. Bro ngl if you are having problems solving this question then you need to back off and take your mind off for 1-2 years from sat since you are in junior year.

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