Reminder there's a whole sub for "criticizing" safemoon. Go there with your Fud and negativity. Don't drag our investment down.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with criticism against a team that’s proven time and time again that they’re not reliable.

  2. Bro the devs not looking here taking advice from little fucking Timmy lmfao y’all just dragging ur own money down the drain cuz the only people that look at this is other holders that have to power to sell 😂clowns

  3. That’s retarded tbh, imagine you were building the next Apple Inc. and everytime there’s an issue you keep bashing it… do you think it will succeed? Why would anyone bash their own investment is beyond ne

  4. Yeah these clowns honestly think some shit talking on a subreddit is tanking the price? For a year straight? 😂 maybe it has something to do with the millions of missing funds, failed product launches, uncooperative tokenomics, and a childish leader. We know who the realists are in this community.

  5. I see you can only speak in this sub if you blindly follow the safemoon team. Got it. I guess constructive criticism has never been part of successful company or project before

  6. Yeah basically if you don’t have the same opinions as the people here, you are just a hater and need to bring your “negativity” elsewhere.

  7. Technically "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt" (FUD) dubbed for people who have FUD on their investment. People everywhere use it alot basically for anyone saying anything negative about an investment though (mostly in the cryptoworld)

  8. Reminder that that sub had to be made for people with valid points and criticism to be heard, since this sub is run by the Gestapo and the cult likes to downvote and mock every opinion that isn't followed by a rocket emoji.

  9. Homie you see the amount of people that shit on safemoon in this sub? Its not modded that heavily. Safemoon investing is an echo chamber made to let butt hurt people complain they aren’t rich yet and be hypercritical for no reason. Valid concerns are heard fine but coming in and demanding this or that or saying why the team sucks or why safemoon will fail is not constructive.

  10. I feel as though many of the commentators are children and Reddit has become a hub for very emotional investors who let’s be honest- clearly aren’t real investors because everyone knows a business will be loosing money for first year. I dunno I just feel like you guys talk too much and say very little. There’s no constructive criticism in mass it’s just few smart people here and there. The rest of you should read and listen more than just writing negative things about your holdings because your shooting yourself in the foot because that causes more uncertainty and your bag will get even lower. It’s a nasty cycle that’s self destructive and financially suicidal

  11. So safemoon was created by a bunch of children nerds that failed trying to mainstream other cryptos. They finally hit it big with the tokenomics idea and had to go legit because A) they registered as real business and B) regulations were starting to come down in people blatantly ripping people off. So with the millions of dollars they each earned they started making a blockchain and all these other things so they would stay legit. UNFORTUNATELY, they’re fucking kids and need to go thru learning experiences first. I’m sure all the originals that are gone now blew thru all their money and only mommy and daddy got money Karney managed to stick it out and probably hired people to come up with turbine NFT ideas cause I mean they’re idiot liars so I doubt he did it himself. Stop treating successful people like they’re gods or super intelligent humans. They’re kids that got rich and only one of them didn’t ruin his opportunity. Nothing really matters what happens with safemoon anyway as long as it makes it to the next halving who cares.

  12. FUD ≠ Criticizing. FUD is something else. Criticizing can be FUD. But not all FUD is Critism. People can criticize a project but for the well being of the project while there are others that straight up spread misinformation about said project to achieve an agenda mainly against it. The person investing can criticize the project but because of a concern which can be FUD. But FUD can be anything other than just criticisms to attack the project. Like lies, conspiracies, or general whining/complaining.

  13. Is this a subreddit for all that is Safemoon or is it a subreddit for fanboys of a cryptocurrency that put their fingers in their ears anytime something "bad" comes along. Whether you like it or not, there are reasons for people to be upset. You can tell 'em all day to just sell their coins and move along but if you gave two shits about the future of this project, you'd want to have these discussions. Why? Because the power of this group can make a difference. If we shun anyone with concerns, even if we're hearing about it more than we'd like, we should demand answers from the team. Without us, they aren't shit.

  14. You can just have optimism all the time. Opinions on the project will always be different. There has to be balanced discussion otherwise we’re all just insane.

  15. Haha damn the markets are bleeding and theirs war but sure it’s safemoon’s fault 😂 imagine these fudders talking the same smack to cardano community because they ain’t doin to hot 🥵 (I love cardano also). I believe in John and the community well the positive ones because people have to realize that late 2021 and early 2022 hasn’t been in our favor so please relax and let’s stack those sats 😎📈

  16. Imagine 6 months ago, someone gave you an opportunity to buy Safemoon at an 80 percent discount. Wouldn’t you jump at the deal? Unfortunately/fortunately nothing with Safemoon has changed. It’s an awesome time to buy. Safemoon devs continue to be hard at work, they haven’t gone anywhere, just shit takes time plus it would be a horrible time to release anything right now. It’s a Russian sale!!! Buy! Buy! Buy (what you can afford to lose of course)

  17. The price has been ass. Only thing dragging your investment down is a shitty team and apparently a brick or something

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