I believe my status was misrepresented on my SSDI application

  1. I am a retired Social Security Claims Specialist. It sounds like a determination was made that you need a Representative Payee. That determination is made initially on the basis of your medical evidence but then when the decision is made and SSA processes the allowance (approval), they have to speak to you to determine whether or not you still need a Representative Payee. Their decision can be changed if you can either: convince them yourself that you are fully capable of managing your own benefits (perhaps your current Representative Payee would assist you in this-and you would need to go to SSA in person) or one of your treating (mental) doctors would have to sign off on a form SSA can send them about your capability.

  2. I’m not sure, but I was surprised when they awarded my SSDI, and they made my wife the fiduciary. It’s fine with us, but it did surprise us.

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