Daily Discussion and Live SPAC Summary for Jan-21-2021

  1. Anyone playing warrants and rights? Are you using apps to research? Paying the high prices of some crazy websites? I was looking for an app with good information to supplement what I have been doing on websites. I really need a place that says when rights and warrants are anticipated to come up for conversion.

  2. As an example, I have BRPAR. If I could convert today it would be a 50% return. Looking for a way to gauge how long till the day I can convert is upon us?

  3. Hey, guys. Looking for your opinion on the best US-based Sub-NAV SPAC. Any info on deadline, target sector, and management team appreciated.

  4. SSPK longs, how we feelin' about the Cramer dump afterhours today? We're currently trading at about 17x '21 sales, which is a decent valuation I think.

  5. Hmm, I wonder if Chamath is announcing IPOD for his climate PIPE and IPOF for his saas PIPE. He’s been the PIPE for his own spacs before.

  6. Especially if the Biden Administration does crack down on SPACs, it likely wont be ex post facto, so it would behoove you to get as many to market as possible. Wouldnt shock me if he goes G, H, I, J next time (e.g. 4) rather than 3.

  7. I trimmed half my pre bump position today, still unclear how I feel about the half I’m holding but happy to take some profits and get them back into near nav.

  8. Dude Payoneer is being completely underestimated by this sub cause of the name. The more I learn about them the more I hope this sub keeps underestimating.

  9. FTOC, BFT, NPA, CCIV all my front runners rn. Waiting for the rest to pop... FUSE, AACQ, CRHC, GRSV, SOAC

  10. Feeling great about my FTOC (also have CCIV). I’ve been in the SPAC game since VTIQ, and patience has always paid off thus far. Stick with your convictions if your research and thesis is sound.

  11. Did he literally say 'DA will be out tomorrow'? That's just dumb. At least that vague tweet he can spin it in many ways if nothing happens tomorrow. If he says straight up it's coming tomorrow then he's just shooting himself on the foot.

  12. The odds of a DA release on a Friday is low. Not impossible, but it's the least likely day due to the fact it's the day that garners the least publicity.

  13. i pussied out and sold i hope u guys get it but it was effecting my sleep i think thats when u know you are way above your risk tolerance i thought i was a risky investor but learned i am more conservative then i thought

  14. Cutler: keep in mind no publicity is bad publicity. Him being talked about here is driving people to his page.

  15. I dunno man Chamath has been in that guys live streams and shit. i don't think this sub matters when you have Chamath on your side.

  16. No what strikes? This is essentially a bullish play? In which case if you're bullish on the deal and you think it's going to happen why not just play to the upside? Because if it doesn't happen you're going to get nailed on the puts but if it does happen you're going to miss out on an insane amount of gains. I actually bought puts to hedge my calls

  17. Honestly with CNBC trying to downplay CCIV two weeks in a row, I’ve never been so confident the merger is a done deal—just waiting to be announced in due time. Like why else would they go out of their way to manipulate the prices like that

  18. Hahahaha did anyone watch cutlers Twitter live shit it just ended? He was just sitting in his car parked with the lights off not moving and someone comments “what’s with this dude and dark lighting” and he fucking read it and turned the lights on

  19. He goes live while commuting so it’s dark while he drives. He parked at the end and then someone said that lol. I watched it today to develop my own impressions of him.

  20. I hope Cutler gets pulled over for distracted driving...and then he explains to the cop how some genie from Aladdin told him that CCIV would announce DA tomorrow.

  21. dune is only trading units right now, it’s looking for a saas 300 mil to 1 billion, could be chamath new pipe, who’s with me?

  22. Steph Curry is a "business parter" of Dune Acquisition Corp and included in their S-1. Chamath is a partial owner of the Warriors. Possible connection there

  23. Good luck to you. I've been in since $11 so I'm riding this thing to $10 or $30. If nothing by mid-February, I'm out.

  24. sell pls so we can get the news lol in this case no news is a good news means negotiation still going on

  25. Well guys, it's official: the United Wholesale Mortgage banner was just hung up outside the NYSE. Tmrw is going to be a great day for my 2/19 $12.5 calls.

  26. Or not.... there's been a number of SPACs to ring the bell and get a tiny bump or a red day. Nothing is assured.

  27. $actc Proterra was granted a patent last month that basically covers all aspect of EV charging. Does this mean Tesla, Chargepoint and others need to pay loyalty for such tech ? This can't be right... or is it? Electric vehicles and charging stations

  28. Did you look at the financials or are you just assuming online education is cool? I’d recommend staying away. Sometimes things near NAV are there because they’re undervalued waiting for a catalyst, sometimes they’re just shit companies. Look at the financials and then guess which CCX is

  29. I had about 200 shares of PSTH at 25 and sold out of almost 70 % when it 30.5. Thinking i should just dump the rest tom. I think people all have this week as the week based off nothing. Anyone think its time to leave.

  30. Thinking of selling FUSE tomorrow to buy back sub 11.25. When they announce an LOI right after, guild this comment.

  31. Yep. Over double the current cash value per share (assuming there will be a successful business combination), it’s absolutely moronic

  32. Where there’s movement, there’s money to be made. I trust his pipe investments more than his spacs, FWIW.

  33. It’s a mortgage company, that for some reason feels extra magical because it pays a dividend (there are so many better dividend plays out there). Rest easy, it will never moon. It might move a little, it might go to LEO, but it should never moon.

  34. If BTAQ does indeed land REE Automotive, would they be a good target? I go back and forth. Very much a prototype company but interesting future

  35. Trust Value is the amount of money in the Trust ( the"Spac bank" 😀) The spac set out to (and did) acquire an amount to "spend" on their eventual target, the Trust Value. Check spactrack.net

  36. I've always been running a SPACfolio and was seeing 30% monthly gains until this week ... when things finally started to fall back to earth a little. I was lucky enough to take 50% profits on OAC at the open on Tuesday's merge meeting, and then it tanked from $18 to $16.50. Even lower now post-merge. Careful with the holds through merger.

  37. I'm pretty sure a lot of people here are SPAC only and have been for quite a while. I've almost got 600% my initial investment from doing this

  38. Yes, been this way for almost 7 months, up almost 600%. First 6 months I would only buy within 10-15% of NAV, only play commons, and sell covered calls once stuff popped. Now I’m a bit more risky, still holding about 50% in GIK (from an $11 cost basis) but closed all my covered calls on it (getting ready for a rip), and as of today most of the other 50% is in CLA. CLA is a bit higher than I would usually buy but it’s a high conviction play. Will say my productivity during market hours has suffered, been doing a lot of evening work recently. It’s definitely been a much more active investment style for me.

  39. Hello ladies and gents, excuse this dumb question as my investing experience amounts to 3 months. Can you tell me where to find 2020 spacs average commons close price (upon merger)?

  40. The only mergers I can think off the top of my head that completed last year was feac —> sklz, price was about 19 around merger, deac —> dkng, did the same thing as sklz dipped then back up, gores metropuls with LAZR, didn’t really follow MP, SBE, or rpay

  41. Basically was grilling the CEO about why couldn’t another company just do this but then in his wrap up said he likes it, but thinks the price is a bit high to get in now. Likened it to selling shovels during the gold rush instead of digging for gold which I agree with.

  42. It's still up big from yesterday's close... I get it dumped but everything cools off after it runs.

  43. It's all hot air until the deal happens, but I entered at $12.99 today because I'm OK with those odds. Apparently a lot of people are as well, since it didn't really drop lower than $12.90 today and it was always back above $13 within a few mins

  44. In at 11.38, sold at 13.10 -- at the end of the day, gains are gains. Look forward, not back or "what could've been"

  45. bruh SSPK killin it. and ya'll know why? cuz it wasn't spammed in this sub. Thank you SPAC gods. ya'll still hung up on PSTH/CCIV/IPO-ABCEDFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

  46. I know that this will trigger one or two angry regulars here (not sure why just block me if you’re so fragile) but ARKQ added almost 6000 shares of EXPC and ARKG added 26,535 shares of LGVW.

  47. Why do you keep pumping it knowing you’re being downvoted? People aren’t disagreeing with you they’re just annoyed. Also, when a smart investor is confident in their play, they don’t feel the need to go pumping it. We know about these spacs. If people don’t want to buy in that’s fine, just don’t spam. Ya feel?

  48. ASPL. They want to add a premium luxury brand to their current offerings they have in Asia so not a "hot" sector, but not much competition and Ravi Thakran is a HUGE asset in that space and the entire team appears knowledgeable/strong. Warrants going for around $1.40

  49. thcb institutional ownership is at 76%, they’re manipulating this to shake out the weak hands, bagholders unite!

  50. I never got this logic. What does this even mean? Wouldn't they want more people to buy in to raise the price. Every stocktwitter parrots this

  51. Billionaire investment guru Seth Klarman is fairly conservative by today’s crazy standards and thinks the market is a massive bubble, but he still has sizable stakes in two SPACs: PSTH and RBAC.

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