Weekly Discussion: January 11th to January 17th

  1. Why can I not see further than this one post? Every time I try and click on another post it routes me right back to this old megathread. Is there a restriction for new members of the sub? Or is there an issue with the sub itself? Thanks in advance and looking forward to enjoying the content! Been long on CCIV for quite some time, same with IPOE.

  2. Really dumb question but hoping someone can help me out here. I was wondering why buy commons instead of warrants? Don’t warrants usually have a better rate of return? Is it just because if the spac flops and stays around $11 a share you don’t have any value?

  3. Is HEC too risky? They are thinking of merging with TalkSpace -- at the same time there are law suits pending around this and TalkSpace is a so so service. I don't wan to overlook it though lots of Talkspace users.

  4. Not hoping to pump here or anything, but looking at SentinelOne, they have a Trump cabinet member as their CFO, David Bernhardt, former Secretary of the Interior, and SCVX has Dan Coats, a Trump Cabinet member, and Director of National Intelligence.

  5. Which trade platform do you guys use for trading and exercising warrants , please share your experience on that , because I am from Europe and as far as I know there aren't much options here. I used Interactive Brokers but their interface seems too complex. Thanks in advance!!

  6. If you use Trader Workstation on IB you can trade warrants. Just give it time and you will find it easy enough to navigate. There aren't many other options in EU I'm afraid if you wish to trade warrants.

  7. AACQ founder is currently tied down for another 6 months in a non-competition agreement with a company that he was a part of earlier in 2020 I believe. The agreement states that he cannot enter competition in the general fintech industry, which poses significant drawdowns to his ability to target AACQ's target market, tech and fintech. However, with a liquidation date in July of '22, in the next coming months, this could prove to be a sound investment due to their management team's successful history. However, as of now, I believe there are better options for your money.

  8. You should read the S1 of the warrants you are buying because all are slightly different. Generally it’s 90 days over 18 that some companies have an option to redeem. But remember they have to have cash to do it and most don’t want to deploy to cash to buy stick back as opposed to investing it in the business

  9. Because ideally you would take the original position close to NAV, somewhere between 10 and 11. You would ride the increase up to merger then book profits knowing it will most likely decline after ticker change. A lot of people wait until it dips back down, maybe to 15 or less and jump back in to hold long term. I doubt you will ever see a SPAC go back down to the 10-11 range after a merge

  10. Can I know if warrants trade above $18 for 20 trading days before a merger target is announced, can the company call them back?

  11. Rob's educated guesses wanted lucid to go with someone else other than cciv. Don't be an asshole Rob you little shit. Know you are here..

  12. General sentiment on ghiv? Has anything changed? Seems to have been quite disappointing so far tbh thought we would be at 15 by now

  13. I'm up on GHIV but my opportunity cost being so heavy in it has killed me. I'm hoping CCIV profit takers and other SPAC money that left will get into it next week. Either way I'm out before merger and getting back in after.

  14. What about the 20% founder promote dilution post merger? That should result in substantial price drop after merger isn’t it?

  15. Sooo disappointed with SNPR. Made a killing on SHLL and jumped in on SNPR units as soon as they were offered. Sat on them for a while but have no positions now. Have a feeling Tortoise shot their load on Hyliion

  16. So wild to me. But she’s smarter than I am and has a hell of a lot more experience. So I’m sure there’s a reason

  17. Does anybody have a link for or screenshot of the huge sell block (2 million shares?) which took CCIV from $20 to $17 earlier today?

  18. Anyone else getting carried away with CCIV? In addition to some realistic options. I bought 50 000 scratch offs (500 contracts) on a whim:

  19. Incredible work. I bought some 2/19 OTM calls on CCIV today as well. Also picked up some PSTH calls for the same date. This is the way.

  20. Question: does anyone know what the PIPE terms look like? Are the investors who lead the PIPE (Wellington, Fidelity, BlackRock, etc.) held to the same lockup period as a SPAC's management team/sponsors, or do they have a shorter lockup period than the insiders? Thank you!

  21. I haven't come across it, but also haven't searched that hard because I remember their previous SPAC now MultiPlan, having zero PIPE lockup time.

  22. To be fair - pretty much all inexpensive warrants are up. I have itacw, dbdrw and vmac. Up anywhere from 60% - 200% on them respectively.

  23. Bought more RTP today. In comparison with other VC spacs, it's trading at a decent premium. I'm holding 20,000 commons and 16,000 warrants

  24. CCIV- I wonder if it was LUCID that leaked the negotiations to Bloomberg in order to test the market reaction to the 15 bill valuation(some companies do that) - based on price action and the insane volume, LUCID would look at that and say, I want more money and a higher valuation.

  25. Someone mentioned that Churchill's previous rumor with DirectTV was reported by Bloomberg as well. So it could be that Churchill leaked the Lucid rumor but this time it blew up their stock price and actually backfired on them?

  26. FGNA is gonna gap up buy under 11 or buy at 12 next week. i’m in warrants so i have nothing to sell you lol don’t worry

  27. Oh GHIV, you look so much like yourself. Im just so curious how this will end on 22nd. Holding my shares only from pure interest.

  28. IPOE or PSTH? I don't want to miss out on either but have to choose since I have so much in CCIV atm. 😄

  29. Hard to compare as one has a target and one doesn’t. I think ipoe is cheap at $20. I see this being a very speculative buy on Wall Street and the company has great fundamentals and multiple revenue sources. My two cents

  30. IPOE - they’re not just a financials company. Crypto, data, etc. Could rival Square and PayPal if they do it right.

  31. no there are way too many bid walls throughout low 16s. someone dropped like 2MIL shares and all were gobbled up right after halt. until news comes that they are definitely not using CCIV to merge its not going below 15 imo

  32. Sold on Tuesday and nice to have in my rear view mirror and move on to other oppt. Too many better options

  33. RKT ain't no winner either. Trust me. I see it daily at the bottom of my portfolio. Just sitting there. Red. Bleeding. Sometimes it comes up for air but inevitably crashes.

  34. Space 5g - actually do feel like we're approaching the future we all see in films.... "Will there be WiFi in the space Hotel?". That will seriously be asked in the next 150-200 years

  35. This was genuinely of the most stressful weeks I can recall in recent years and all I have to show for it is a 6% return because I panic sold on the CCIV low at open. Genuinely depressing.

  36. Aye don't be so hard on yourself! :) Once you contextualize your purchase as a quick trade but are not prepared (have no strategy) is when it's easy to let your emotions take the wheel and literally feel like shit - like you fucked up in life. Planning your moves out in advance is essential for profits but also mental well being.

  37. A bike ride cost me £10k today with cciv. My really low stop loss kicked in before it soared to 19. Never go on a bike ride during market hours

  38. For me, its all about position sizing and having a plan. Dont invest so much that it makes you uncomfortable and before you do invest have an exit plan for the upside and downside. Plans can change but I feel better knowing that Ive thought about the what-if's.

  39. Dude I’d have a beer and readjust your strategy. Something like CCIV, only play with money you can afford to lose, put the stuff you actually need for later in NAV plays and wait for a SPAC correction where you can pull out of the NAV plays on a big down day and buy up the speculative stuff that crashed.

  40. After doing this for years with stocks and options, I decided to believe the money was actually for the person I care the most for in the world. Its their money and they desperately need it to be happy.

  41. After I throw down bug money on a spac I like to walk away from it for a day or two. It’s definitely not easy when you’re waiting for news but honestly it’s better for my mental health. Once you have no emotion to the stock and pretend it’s just numbers on a screen you don’t make as knee - jerk reactions.

  42. LOL, ACEV's after hours chart is so stupid. It makes me wonder how much longer we will be manipulated.

  43. It’s just super low volume man. Not manipulated AH. You’ve got arb funds probably still selling during regular trading hours

  44. Lightning has to be queued up pretty shortly. I know Cramer mentioned coverage for all recent EV SPACs a few days ago, so it's almost inevitable.

  45. I literally just sold my 25 shares of this garbage for a total profit of $6. I don't care. It's out of my life. It'll probably jump to $30 on Tuesday but I honestly don't care. I put too much time into it than it's worth. Meaning about 6 bucks worth.

  46. The world where socialist information is combating capatilist information for the resources, led largely by an unknown demographic.

  47. Cramer on GHIV: I like them (gores leadership) but the stock is harder as he doesn't know enough. Apparently SPACS are ruining his life bc their are so many lol

  48. SPAC-ey has the right answer. They need a boatload of capital ASAP and only CCIV and PSTH have enough. Very unlikely they go the IPO path given there have been no rumors of retaining any underwriters and no IPO leaks. They are clearly going public imminently, so we’re left with those two SPACs. Given the relationship history with Klein and the Saudis, and Klein being a former banker who knows how to flawlessly structure and execute on a SPAC, I see virtually no chance of them using Ackman. Ackman is a hedge fund guy who is more concerned about value and getting the right type of company, and there’s no relationship ties there. I also think his SPAC is way too big to take Lucid public unless the Saudis decide to cede like 40% of the company...which they definitely aren’t likely to want to do.

  49. There's not a lot of "shopping" Lucid could do, because there are few SPACs big enough for them. PSTH is too big. The few $1B SPACs on the market are likely too small. CCIV is in the sweet spot & has all the spiderweb connections to KSA.

  50. Lucid is looking for the best strategic partnership. That happens to be Klein’s spac. The saudis could care less about money. They want to be able to expand the brand quickly. A couple of CCIV board members are seasoned auto executives. Also they are careful with who they work with. Klein has decades of relationships with Saudi wealth fund pertaining to US investments.

  51. EV hype doesn’t care about valuations. Does Tesla deserve 800 billions market cap? Nope . People will buy up until it reaches 50$

  52. I don't usually buy above $15 either but I did with CCIV. Was able to average down and sold the first round I FOMOd in today. I hope it drops again. Problem is, I also want in Proterra and Sofi. They're both expensive but I honestly feel like they're going to be worth it.

  53. Not sure either, been seeing volume & price increase but couldn't find anything when I looked. I'm interested knowing what the last did... CSP placed Feb 19 to DCA one way or the other. LOL

  54. Someone on Stocktwits said their friend called Cramer and talked about GHIV. I have taken them at their word and that is now gospel. I have absorbed it into my identity. I can’t wait for it to happen. There are only three things I’m certain of: death, taxes, and Cramer pumping GHIV.

  55. I will sell next week. I was hoping that some random bs institutional manipulation has kept the price down and we could see some upward trend next week. Position 850 shares at $11.30.

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