Weekly Discussion: December 14th - December 20th

  1. Anyone having a hard time splitting AJAX units . My brokerage doesn’t know how to handle . There’s slippage if I sell the units and just purchase the commons and adjusted warrants right? How long do units trade for and do they ever just automatically split?

  2. STIC is just a common share, STIC.U is a unit (aka a common share + a partial warrant). Units need to be split by your brokerage to separate the common share and the partial warrant btw.

  3. Can the MODs pin the wiki at the top of the sub and not just a tiny link in the discussion. I'm sure everyone is tired of the same question over and over again.

  4. Here's an angle to consider for AVAN. Adidas is interested in selling off the Reebok brand. Might just sell it to a private buyer, but a SPAC deal might be on the table too. Now the AVAN promoter is Adidas' biggest shareholder so I don't even know if this is feasible given conflict of interest. But go ahead and speculate :)

  5. Been downvoted every time I brought up this ticker but volume has been picking up bigly on SCVX. Target sector cyber security; team heavily experienced in the field & includes fmr. Director of Nat'l Intel Senator Dan Coates. It seems an announcement is coming any day now.

  6. Not to mention it came to market in March so its one of the older SPACs at this point. It's due.

  7. These days, if you're a lizard who was recently pretending to be in public service, you can start a SPAC in addition to the usual corporate lobbyist gig.

  8. Would it be worth it selling a CC on GHIV? I only have 100 shares, is it worth the small premium

  9. Can’t wait to get up in the morning and watch PIC bounce around like a ping pong ball. I’m hoping for a rocket, but the profit taking will be for real.

  10. I’m excited but tempering my expectations. I fully expect premarket to be up 20% then around 10%+ by open then start going down then back up towards the end of the day. Par for the course for PIC. XL, on the other hand, will do much better. Cant wait.

  11. After Cramer pumped pic Friday, many spacs were up nicely ah. Hcac, ipob and pic merging soon hopefully positive catalysts.

  12. I hope this week will be better than last. With HCAC and IPOB finally merging, hopefully that’ll be a catalyst for other SPACs to go green 😭🙏🏾

  13. Depends on price after merge. Hedosophia doesn’t lock up PIPE. If it runs up like OpenDoor, there might be a root of concern.

  14. I've read through Alight's website (possible $WPF target) and the only current conclusion I can draw is that their business is a scaffold of buzzwords.

  15. Just wanted to share this cause it’s mildly awesome: I sold 12/18 Puts on 6 SPACs on Dec 9th and only got Assigned on 1 of them on Friday - PIC.

  16. Thinking about buying some tomorrow depending on where it opens. I’ve stayed away from EV due to lofty valuations but this one is pretty reasonable. I have concerns about them being more of just an assembler than anything actually proprietary but they are also the exclusive partner for Plug so idk what to think lol

  17. I’m already happy!!! Thought I had enough Gik but got even more. Going to keep loading if I can. All the losers around here all week complaining about it dropping and selling I just wanna say thanks for being so stupid!

  18. There are a dozen SPACs that are merging between now and when GHIV is scheduled to close. I'm expecting a lot of that money to roll over to UWM as those other spacs merge and people take profits. It was probably shrewd of them to wait until the end of January so they weren't competing for SPAC dollars.

  19. It’s hard to be bullish when everything is going up except for this. That being said as a guy with no GHIV, I’m bullish on this but can’t sell my current positions.

  20. Thoughts on DMYD? Started a speculative position at $13 - should I buy more? Seems to have huge potential considering the future growth prospects of online gambling in the US (I’m from the UK so gambling has always been popular here compared to the States).

  21. I bought at 14$. It’s a great long term investment but I am worried about the potential shorterm pullback. Hopefully there is none and this is 30$ by merger

  22. For dopamine junkies this week gonna be pretty insane with the mergers of PIC and HCAC. Never look forward to weekends anymore

  23. With my Longhorns playing like shit, I don't look forward to weekends either. Can't wait for the market to be open. Got in on PIC and IPOC (big) on Thursday and had a nice run up on Friday. And then, Cramer pumped up PIC so it should be awesome. Only thing that would make it perfect is THCB DA.

  24. In the stimulus package that is about to be voted apparently they want to limit Fed support and require approval from congress for future intervantions.Does anyone have an insight if this will have any impact in the stock market and spac market?

  25. Republicans want the Fed to have less capability to provide liquidity in 2021 than they did in 2020.

  26. I'm not too familiar with the details but any tying up of Fed market intervention into the gridlock of congress would be perceived as a negative for markets.

  27. Attention PIC holders, you’re in for a treat this week. Cramer put the spotlight on it and when it becomes XL and analysts are able to get a full picture of their revenue potential, the stock will do very well. One of the few that will continue to go up post merger.

  28. Sold IPOC 22.5s on Friday expiring January 199% IV... I mean free money (or a double up in a month) but jeez that IPOC option chain is all bullled up

  29. According to a Reuters report, Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp., is in talks to acquire a Alight Solutions, a benefits administrator business, with a valuation of more than $8 billion.

  30. Just be patient, it will grow, it's still early. January is where it will happen. Money comes to those who are patient.

  31. Should I buy SPCX ETF? It’s a new etf based on spacs, this thing could be gauranteed gains if you just leave your money in there. I could just leave it up to the pros instead of trying to time the market and be wrong every time

  32. I bought some in my HSA account. All the holdings I saw were pre-announcement and it sounds like the goal is to take advantage of the predictable spikes in SPAC prices.

  33. If you owned shares of $LCA on or before October 29, even if you don't currently have those shares, please vote FOR the merger. If you need assistance voting your shares call MORROW SODALI LLC, the company's proxy solicitor @ 877-787-9239

  34. We need a Cramer-friend index, as it seems he talks about SPACs that his friends are involved in.

  35. Warrants usually move harder than commons or units, but I believe their is a cut off point where they start to lag around $20 maybe? Someone who has been doing this longer than I have will have to comment.

  36. Deadline to settle on a merge? Probably like a year+ from now since they recently IPOed. But the Lion Electric merge is scheduled for Feb. according to the TD interview. Not really sure what you're asking.

  37. In 30 days or less Cramer will mention APXT for a split second and then I will be rich, I'm manifesting it

  38. Anyone know of a good warrant screener? I'm looking for some risky ones to throw some fun money into, but don't really want to pay $2+ each...like I said looking for risk here.

  39. I really like CRHCWS for < $1.35. It's one of the larger SPACs with a great management team. It will probably be a wait on finding a target though.

  40. My children will all be receiving IOU's for Christmas as I'm buying up these 3 SPAC's in different sectors for the following reasons.

  41. Fucking terrible....I feel bad for your kids... No Christmas because Daddy is a gambler and proud of it... I can list 1000 tickers with promising futures but my fucking kids will get their presents first

  42. So is there actually a $10 floor with THCB? Feels a lot like quicksand that would instantly drop if this deal falls through

  43. I have no clue what you’re talking about. The floor is $10.22 and it isn’t quicksand...that’s not how SPACs work

  44. I wouldn't say plunge per say but I'm not hopeful it will increase a lot. I would like to see it hit $25/$30 though. I wish I'm wrong and it goes up way higher though lol

  45. I'm expecting a jump to $25 next week. But all of this is based on what happened with VTIQ and KCAC last time the ticker changed.

  46. if you owned shares of $LCA on or before october 29, even if you don't currently have those shares.. please vote FOR the merger.. if you need assistance voting your shares call MORROW SODALI LLC, the company's proxy solicitor @ 877-787-9239

  47. That's kind of stupid, I don't get why it's like that. Why does someone who obviously has no interest in the stock anymore need to vote for the merger to complete.

  48. Considering a yolo on NPA Monday, just seems like the perfect hype spac in that it involves space, has no revenue, and projects obscenely disruptive infinity multiples type growth in a few years. Really feels this going to moon once it gets a bit more exposure and maybe a catalyst of some sort. Was under the radar this week so still at 11 so very little downside. What am I missing here?

  49. Well it takes the right market environment for this kind of plays to take off. SRAC didn't rocket immediately after deal announcement but come November post-election euphoria, it started printing.

  50. 2011 @ 12.90. I wanted more below 12 to DCA but my position is already the largest in my portfolio. What’s a few cents if I think it’s going to $20+

  51. I’m very excited for this. I’m already in pretty heavy but I’m hoping THCB drops their DA before this gets too much traction so I can really throw some money at it

  52. Got to have been painful watching what those warrants have been doing the last couple of weeks. I have a small position in them and have been this close to dumping them in disgust, but then again I tell myself that’s why I opened the small position in the first place, to grab a nice little profit if they moon, or not be too down on myself if they continue to stagnate

  53. Started doing my GHIV DD this weekend before maybe buying on Monday. Am I missing something? This seems like easy money.

  54. morgage business which is expecting to decline as a result of moratorium end. it's an industry that is more like worth shorting.

  55. If you’re missing something then most of us are as well. I don’t think it will necessarily moon, but I’m hoping for 15-17 pre merger.

  56. https://www.marketwatch.com/articles/online-sports-betting-expansion-prospects-bode-well-for-draftkings-penn-national-51608377400?mod=mw_quote_news

  57. I bought in AH. Seems like first day of merger is often red before the rocket? I hope they do some marketing.

  58. Sorry for the noob question, but can anyone with Fidelity tell me how long it takes them to split the units? I called early this week about my AJAX units and they told me it happens automatically. I tried calling again today and sat on hold for 1.5 hours just to be hung up on.

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