Weekly Discussion: December 7th - December 13th

  1. BTW this morning LFTRW showed up on Etrade - no volume or stock traded but the symbol is showing which was not there Friday.

  2. The only constant seems to be BFT going moon. In the meantime, SSPK went from $10 to $14.40 to $12 in just a matter of days. Yay volatility!

  3. GIK is maybe my favorite play atm. I think the fact that they also do EV charging is going under the radar, and the market seems to love anything related to EV charging - see SBE, BLNK, TPGY

  4. Thoughts on PIC falling post merger? I’m looking to exit at 26-30 and I doubt it’d reach that pre merger

  5. Karmalizing: It may be time to hire another mod or two. I can't imagine how rough your job is here, but every 2 months this sub goes apeshit and we are squarely in the feces right now.

  6. If I buy options on a SPAC through Robinhood with an expiry that happens after a merger, will the option contract automatically convert to the new ticker? I’m a new to Spacs.

  7. ...what? PSTH has traded sideways for weeks and hasn't done anything notable yet. Did you mean a different ticker?

  8. Any opinions on AJAX , AGCU, XPOA, CMLF and HAAC? Can't find much out there, all pre LOI but great management teams.

  9. i would love a red day to snag some of the ones I was able to do some DD on this weekend that NGA and LGVW would love to get both cheaper so hope ur right

  10. Not interested in the wager. But bft is definitely going to be green tomorrow. Not sure about spacs in general, but there’s one that’s guaranteed to be green for what it’s worth.

  11. I’m a massive bull on RMG from the start (as well as QS - though I’m cutting out the rest of my QS stock tmr) - been in since 10s. I wouldn’t be surprised if RMG runs as hard as QS - and IMO still under the radar in this sub and WSB.

  12. I thought they would be flying with the stock price consistently over 30... SBE warrants are over 11. I may hang on past 10 tbh

  13. Let's say hypothetically the PSTH target is either Bloomberg or Fidelity. Given what happened with the ABNB and DASH IPOs there's no way this gets done at a lower multiple - the valuation would already be quite rich right away. How much upside can we possibly expect then?

  14. Agreed, Ackman has a tough task. I sold half my psth when I was up ~20%. It’s run up too high for a pile of money, imo.

  15. Holding SBE at a loss (Sold for profit and rebought), the merge with chargepoint happens on Tuesday. Was planning to get rid of it pre-merge even at a loss, but slowly being convinced to hold through the merge by youtube videos because I don't really know what I'm doing.

  16. Both seem good at current price. I expect GIK to gap up a bit. GHIV should continue its steady grind.

  17. This weekly thread is getting too massive to track anything. Any chance mods can change it to a daily thread?

  18. Me. Bought at $10.75 for a small position. Will most likely sell half when it hits $20. However, the stubborn side of me says I should keep it though, haha. I still see lots of potential for it...lol.

  19. I'm interested. 11.89 is a still a good entry price. If it's flat or especially if it dips, I'll look into picking some up tomorrow.

  20. I don't see JIH mentioned on here much anymore. They have been around enough that they are likely to be coming up on a target. Anyone looked at JIH recently?

  21. They're on my radar. The problem is, I don't have a reason to trim APXT/BFT/FIII/GHIV/GIK right now. So the opportunity cost is too great with nothing concrete on the horizon. They're on my list to potentially grab, along with FUSE/GSAH/IPOE/IPOF/SNPR/SOAC. Maybe on the next mini SPAC crash.

  22. Nga - too late to get in now for the pre mergrr spac pop? Reading the dd"s here it sounds like it'll be a good long term hold but have the biggest gains been with this now for the next few weeks?

  23. yeah wait for a dip i got I got in at 14.7 on friday which i dont recommend for SPACS way too high but im willing to hold through if it goes to 12-13 since im condifent it will see amazing gains even if EV cools down it will heat up again and this will see an irrational SBE/DPHC type run to 30-40.

  24. Dumb question but google wasn’t helping answer it: what does “DA” mean? Something announcement? Or “direct acquisition”?

  25. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carlieporterfield/2020/12/13/hackers-supported-by-a-foreign-power-reportedly-spied-on-us-government-email/?sh=4f2acaaf3cf

  26. Why have thcb warrants not moved more? Are the warrants pricing in a near term drop? I feel like buying some if they are just lagging, but I am still new to warrants

  27. https://amp-ft-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.ft.com/content/8ab4afd5-5f9c-4d83-8fe4-a24e4dfb199b?amp_js_v=a6&_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%3D#csi=1&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&_tf=From%20%251%24s&share=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ft.com%2Fcontent%2F8ab4afd5-5f9c-4d83-8fe4-a24e4dfb199b

  28. If they call the warrants for redemption, you still have 30 days to exercise them for $11.5. Given that the warrants would have to be exercisable by that time, the warrant should be worth about $23.5 at that point (if common is trading at $35)

  29. Okay so here’s the scoop, I’m 20 and I just started investing at the end of October. I’m approaching 40% gains since then, however I’ve been switching up my strategy as of late. Recently I’ve been getting in on a lot of SPACs with low risk, typically cash out around 40-50%ROI, depending on the stock. I’m trying to generate as much money as possible before next September as I will be buying a house with my girlfriend. Do you guys think it would be smart to go with a heavier weighting in fewer stocks, or continue what I’m doing by putting about 4% of my portfolio in a bunch of different SPACs?

  30. Currently my strategy is the same as yours. I feel like I'm not skilled or experienced enough to have enough confidence in a few stocks. If you are confident in your DD, then you go can just go for a few, if not, your strategy remains fine.

  31. As long as your entry points are close to the NAV and you exit before merger, your risk is fairly limited even if you concentrate on just a handful of SPACs

  32. You can go yolo on SPAC putting all your money there , but timing is crucial and I think peak is behind us for so many SPACs, and it's getting riskier by the day. , so maybe wait for dips

  33. Anyone else thinking of holding HCAC through the merger? Seems like they survived the profit taking Friday and I actually believe in Canoo for the future

  34. This is one of my favorite SPACs! I love Canoo, their business approach, and their management team. I’m keeping stock in this company long term as I think it’s a great long term investment.

  35. I have 3,700 shares of HCAC/GOEV and will hold through merger for the long term. I definitely want to be in the game when they disclose contracts and partnerships in Q1. I'm viewing Canoo as a multi-year investment.

  36. Compared to a lot of other spacs their progress is pretty significant (skateboard etc). Warrents have been great and still trading at a discount, I’m holding everything till merger and probably offloading some right before. If you look at pages 62-64 on thier investor deck, you’ll see how conservatively valued they are right now (lots of upside potential). Post transaction value estimated at 1.8 billion, current MCAP ~750 mill. Have 400 shares/ 1k warrents rn

  37. You know newbies took over when the question "how to buy a SPAC" gets more upvotes than a post about why mods not filtering newbie questions .

  38. People should stop asking and say when you are gonna sell your stock that's just like telling people when they can outsell you. IMO it's ok to tell what your minimum or maximum price target is but never tell people the exactly price you are gonna sell your stock at.

  39. Where did this idea of Lightning (GIK) as a major Amazon vendor come from? AFAIK that was a small Amazon pilot project. Are there other Amazon contracts forthcoming?

  40. Going big into APXT tomorrow. Spent a lot of time this weekend studying this deal and have come away 100% convinced.

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