1. Took the L in my size, but refused to be trampled on, so I went after a 2Y for my daughter, and took the W. I can live vicariously through her.

  2. Looks like I’m buying Reps. Can’t believe they released American baseball team shoes in other countries, what a waste of stock , and then giving baseball fans the bare minimum here in the states

  3. It does seem a totally insane decision.. I am in the UK ended up with the Giants dunk highs (though I wanted the Dodgers lows but scored a fat L on those) and having received them I really love them… but why are these not released to the USA first?!?

  4. That’s the truth. I’m located in EU, I do like that colorway but doesn’t know anything more about them and guess what? Just GOT THEM 🤪

  5. I got in pandas 2x (11 and 2Y), and the Phillies for my daughter - size 2Y. The size 11 panda don’t fit me. Too big. I’ve never worn them. They just sit in the box.

  6. W- Hit on these finally. Couldn’t believe it considering I’ve only ever taken Ls. Feels even better as a Phillies fan

  7. Hey I was able to win and I’m not a reseller but I’d b down to trade if anyone got some DS sb’s sz 9? I like the colorway on these a lot but I’m not a Philly baseball fan. For those of you that are I thought I just throw that out there.

  8. That’d be FUCKED. I swear they do it on purpose to keep us more and more on edge in anticipation for their next drop. This bs is SO god damned tired. I’m starting to resent dunks now lol. Never thought that’d happen!

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