For online students, do you regret choosing online schooling?

  1. Nope. It's much easier doing it online than going to a campus. I'd bet if I had gone online the first time around, I'd have graduated then instead of 2024.

  2. I agree that it's definitely easier and faster. I'll be graduating in May and I just started last year. So, it took me 2 years to obtain a 4 year degree. Not sure if I would've been able to do that on a campus.

  3. Not remotely. I get to go to college. That's so much cooler than not going to college, if we're talking about the experience.

  4. Nope. I get to complete my degree while working full time. I feel like I'm learning more relevant information and avoiding the anger of having to write a pointless paper for a professor who feels it's important to keep students up all night.

  5. Ooooo that's a very good point. I've decided to get my master's degree online through SNHU, since their program only takes a year. Then I'll do my doctorate on a campus. Some people do their doctorate online but that just feels strange to me. Idk maybe I'll change my mind later.

  6. I am a Forensic Psychology major. I know a lot of people make lifelong friends in college and I'm a bit bummed that I won't have that experience. The only person I can really talk to about college is my advisor and I guess reddit lol. What's your major?

  7. Nope I love it. Very convenient for my needs and balancing everything else going on in my life. I'm just here to get the degree and get out asap. I'm not in it to make friends or anything else. I can see where your coming from though if thats something you're wanting as well. Going to college in person would be best for that.

  8. Honestly, my social anxiety makes it incredibly hard for me to focus in class. Online schooling has been the best and I wish I did it right out of hs.

  9. I honestly didn't know what I wanted straight out of hs lol. It took me a couple of years to discover my love for forensics. I have 0 regrets about picking the field. I freaking love it. The more I learn, the more excited I get.

  10. I did my bachelors on-campus and my masters degree online. The online program is perfect for me currently because I work full-time and need a flexible program. However, I’d be upset if this was my total college experience. Being on-campus for undergrad was an experience that i will always look back on and have met lifelong friends that way.

  11. I am right there with you. I went in person for undergrad and I truly learned who i was and made so many life long friends. that experience is something i wouldnt trade for the world.

  12. I don’t think I could have done online school for my bachelors and I’m glad I got that experience of being on campus and getting away to learn to be independent. My masters I’m doing online here at SNHU and I love it and it fits into my adult life. So for me, I think if people can pull it off, bachelors on campus and masters online/hybrid is the best combo. I know not everyone can and I recognize that privilege but seriously, I loved having my college experience and now I love having the ability to learn in a remote environment (which I believe the world is moving to) and fit education into my crazy life. But don’t feel down if you did online from the beginning, like I said, the world is moving towards remote so this is good experience to be adjusted to how the future will be

  13. I don’t really regret it because I had a hard time keeping up due to health problems. Now I could stay in bed anyway and do all of my work in the span of a few hours. It’s worth it for me !

  14. It entirely depends on what stage in life one is at imo. Online is geared more towards non-traditional students and those who want to just do the schoolwork and that's it. Whether due to work, family, or other commitments that make the traditional college experience difficult/impossible.

  15. I'm glad I'm doing this online. I work full time (have for the past 15 years) so not having to go to a campus has been a godsend. I can work on the course material as I see fit and can delay or accelerate depending on what's going on with work.

  16. I find it much easier academically to do online, but I do agree it does feel lonely sometimes. Joining the clubs for online students helps with that a lot though. I know it’s not the same as being in person, but at least the online clubs help provide a way for online students to connect outside of the online courses.

  17. If I was a traditional student who had the option to go on campus I would regret it. But I have a full time job and this was the only option so I don’t regret it

  18. I'm not going to lie I recently thought about this myself I always wanted to do classes online and instead of going to a actual campus. But some days I just sit in my room and begin to question oh man you know what if I was in a classroom and I could actually meet new people.

  19. I think it just depends on the kind of person you are. I'm very extroverted. So, I find joy in being around other people. In psych terms, I draw my energy or "recharge" when I'm around people I like. I do feel like I'm wasting away at my desk sometimes. Studying at the library or a coffee shop makes me feel better sometimes. I used to have a work from home job and doing school and work at home got so boring and lonely. It just made me feel depressed and drained. I quit that job and now I work at a hospital as an RBT. That gives me a lot more social interaction.

  20. I feel what you mean. I felt the same. Honestly, if your far into the program finish and maybe try grad school after on a physical campus? That is what I'm planning to do. Maybe it is out of the question. If it is maybe make friends here that are attending school at SNHU and see what happens. You're right though it gets lonely as a SNHU online student. When you find a career though making friends is easy. I wish you the best.

  21. I’m in the middle of getting my second online degree with SNHU and not once have I regretted it. It can get lonely at times, but that’s only if you let it. I’m in my masters program, so the program itself houses a specific group of students that I will be working with for the next year, but because of that I have gotten to where I’m reaching out to classmates outside of school. I found a facebook group specifically for my program and it’s full as classmates and alumni of the program and I’ve made a lot of decent friends through that facebook group. I understand it’s more difficult to reach out for some than it is for others, but it’s only as lonely as you let it be. 😊

  22. Not at all! I have a chronic pain condition that right now makes it hard for me to move around (I'm using mobility aids until its under control). I would not thrive on a physical campus. Online school allows me to get a valid education at a reasonable price while I tackle my complex health issues. This way when I enter the workforce I will Have my health under control, and be able to support my family with a reasonably good income.

  23. Did in person school for 2 years and I made some friends there and had a much more active social life then. They graduated though now and moved back to their respective states and we barely talk. I think doing in person is great for the first 2 years of undergrad while your still exploring but it’s easy to get distracted. I prefer online school as I can stay focused and get things done much quicker.

  24. Nah. People are only friends out of convenience. Once you graduate and all separate, you’ll realize those people weren’t actually your friends. It’s possible to make real life long friends of course, the odds are just slim. I like online school cause I’m undistracted, just doing school work in a bra and jumping on the elliptical every hour. No sitting in class, I can fast forward videos, no getting hit on by fuck boys, it’s cheap, everything about this is so much better than wasting time and energy on being around other people, including professors.

  25. That's a pretty generalized statement. I don't think the odds are that slim in my opinion. I still talk to many of my friends from high school. I also did one year of uni at KSU and I still talk to the people I met there as well. I suppose it depends on your perspective. I'm a very outgoing and friendly person. I have no problem approaching people. I definitely did get approached my fuck boys and I did meet some fake people that I thought were my friends but, that's life. That happens everywhere.

  26. I sometimes regret it but I realized it was for the best. Especially since at my old college, I was super depressed since I was alone most of the time. I like being around my family for the most part and it keeps me more motivated to work than in person ever did!

  27. I've done school as an on-campus student, school living off-campus & 45 minutes, and now exclusively online. Exclusively online (with a school that has curriculum for online class) has been the best hands down. Living on campus I had too many distractions, living off campus it was hard to coordinate projects/study groups and I felt like I was always in the car going to campus, but with online school it's all at my own and I can celebrate my graduation with my friends and family that have supported my journey. I fully intend to attend in person graduation in New Hampshire too.

  28. Sometimes I reflect on my decisions when it comes to going online and I do find myself regretting it, but I try to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

  29. No. I wrapped up my 4 year degree in 2 years by going online, all while working full time and being a dad. I would not have been able to do that had I gone on campus. I had a brief on campus experience when I first went to Uni and it was underwhelming at best, so I don't feel I missed anything.

  30. At this point in my life, it's basically the only option I have. I work a "9-5" and don't have time to go to a school for 8 hours a day. Plus I can work on my own schedule(just like all the ads for online schools say).

  31. I am working on my 3rd degree, all online. I will say that the program level impacts this. My UG at SNHU, I felt no connection that we traditionally associate with college. Then I attended William & Mary for my MBA online. The program was a linear, cohort based program, and nearly every class had group work. I worked with the same 30 or so people for two years. We became friends, we talk to each other to this day. I went to the campus for graduation, hung out with all those same people. I enjoyed it just like any other student. I've built similar relationships through my second graduate degree at Johns Hopkins. You can cultivate the college experience while going to the online, however it's easier to do in grad school. That's because most people going to undergrad at SNHU are just trying to finish. Committing to grad school is different. It's more work and often harder. You have to want to do it. That means in group work, you need to really communicate and build relationships. Since everyone is in the same boat, it tends to happen naturally.

  32. I’m pretty heavily involved in various student built communities so, I talk to my peers daily. They are focused on tech majors but, we typically engage in various activities from building games together or competing in team based capture the flag events.

  33. I'm an introvert and I don't really care to make friends so that part doesn't bother me. But sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on my ideal college experience (eat at the cafeteria, study in the quiet area of the library, have a tutor. Go to the book store

  34. I don’t regret it because it’s the only way I can finish my degree and work plus take care of my family at the same time. However, I would rather be in a classroom and seeing my professor face to face because I need things explained to me multiple times and I like having people to check in with. It’s much more difficult and borderline embarrassing sending emails to my professor trying to explain why I can’t understand their prompts when I don’t even know why I can’t understand their prompts. There’s something about the combination of written instructions plus verbal instructions that make a difference in my ability to learn.

  35. Online learning is the best. Screw a school campus and commuting and everyone all over the place. It is not impossible to make friends, I have actually made several friends through the discord server and other forms of contact after meeting thru may be a group text or discussion post. It may be long distance but still If you attempt to make friends here Snhu you will find them. Try joining some of the programs that Snhu offers online to get to know other people or like me just randomly DM people and 1/10 will respond and be your friend lol

  36. I graduated from high school in 2016 from and online program. My entire school career was very traumatic for me and by my 11th grade year I was too anxious to do anything so for my senior year I stopped going to a physical school and did online. Once I completed high school I took a year off to focus on what I wanted to do and in that year I applied to a college. I didn’t know that they were sending in emails as acceptance letters i thought that I was going to get in the mail and by the time I saw the letter the move in date was 3 or 4 days away. I was not prepared to move at all so I said let me just continue my education online. I do regret not going to a physical school right out of high school because it was hard for me to make friends as a working adult. I didn’t have many friends in high school and the one I did have we stopped talking to each other so I was alone. I watched my sisters go off to college and experience that freedom while I have always been at home. I helped them move in and move out of every dorm room and I couldn’t help but to feel regretful about my decision. If you regret you can always change your mind or do what I am going to do. For my master’s degree I want to go to the college I had applied for. I am still young so I won’t be the oldest person there but definitely not the youngest. I wish I just took a chance and not let my anxiety rule my life like it has for years. I am graduating with my degree in psychology and though I am excited and proud of my accomplishment I can’t help but to think about how my life would have been different If I chose to go to a physical school.

  37. I don't regret online schooling because it truly does work well for my learning needs however I definitely feel the loneliness! my best friends all moved out of state or hours away for college so i only see them when they come back home. I kind of grew out of my other friends as we all got jobs and busy with life. I did my first year in person at a community college and didn't really make friends at all, I was too nervous to put myself out there lol but it also seemed like no one was interested in more than showing up to class and going home or to work so it was difficult when I did try. Being stuck at home glued to my desk all the time can be very discouraging so I definitely get what you're saying!

  38. Nah, I failed community college because my car broke down and I was sick for like 2 months, I hated it and assumed I wouldn't ever go to college again until my sister introduced me to SNHU. I can go at my own pace and procrastinate until 3 hours before the assignment is due on Sunday.

  39. Honestly, on-campus schooling did not gel with my mental health, whereas I’ve found success in online schooling thus far so I have no complaints :)

  40. I previously received a degree in person, and am now back for a degree in a field I actually like online. This is my first term but the two are incomparable for me. I worked full time then as well as now, and it was so hard to keep up with my assignments for 4-5 classes all due different days, sometime same days, etc. This way I know all of my assignments are due the same day, and not only that, I can look ahead and plan for future assignments. It's so much easier to manage my time between school and a full time job, especially with only having 1-2 classes at a time. I'm really enjoying school now. Granted, I wasn't very happy with the degree I ended up getting and I wasn't in a good place then, but even if I was in the same place I am now i would prefer online schooling. I am also a huge introvert and I think that plays a big part. They both have pros and cons, but online schooling's pros far outweigh the cons for me. I have regrets about my first go round, but no regrets now (at least so far)!

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