These people have been annoying from the start, but I have been trying to be patient since they are new to rover and seem nice. I’m over it now. Opinions on my response are welcome.

  1. Our kennel charges $55 per night per dog. I feel like people use rover thinking they can get a cheaper boarding option than a kennel, but really it’s a more premium service since your dog is getting one on one time with a sitter.

  2. Ours is $65 and only allows for morning drop off and evening pick up, so you usually end up paying for an extra night and a day of daycare as well. Additional dogs are $5 off, not 50%.

  3. THANK YOU 👏🏼 I once had someone act shocked and tell me they wouldn’t use me because boarding would be cheaper for their two dogs… like NO SHIT 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Your response was great and very patient considering how cheeky they are being about the already bargain rate 🙄 do people have no shame, go use the cheaper option Susan 👋

  5. There are better clients! I would hire you--your rates are cheap! I'm doing a housesitting for two cats in a week and only have to stay the night and will be making the same. They free feed and share a litterbox...that's an easy sitting!

  6. Right. I charge $50 a night for the first dog and $30 per each additional dog. I don’t think that is unreasonable. I’ve been thinking about reducing my additional dog rate to $25 to make it an even 50% but either way I still don’t think I’m overly expensive at all

  7. Also, the whole “my dogs are easy so you should reduce your rates for me” argument is so stupid. If you had a baby and needed a baby sister, would you go on and say to someone, “hey I see that you charge $25 an hour but my baby is really easy and doesn’t cry a lot so can you reduce that?”

  8. ACTUALLY people do this all the fuckin time with childcare. I was a nanny for 7 years and you wouldn't believe how horrendously people try to undercut nannies, babysitters, etc.

  9. It’s not stupid to me since easy dogs make life easy. I’d give a discount to keep the booking if I wanted the money and easy dogs

  10. Right like you wouldn't go to five guys and be like "I can get a cheeseburger cheaper at mcdonalds" lol you would just go to fucking mcdonalds

  11. I think your response is totally fine. Personally I would even bother with explaining anything to them. Just would say something like “my fees reflect quality of service I provide”

  12. Geez so many people lowballing on this sub . I’m surprised I haven’t had that happen to me yet but then again I charge $100 a night so the lowballers don’t even try with me lol.

  13. I charge $100 a night, and for cats! People underestimate how much of a routine disruption it is to sleep at a stranger’s home, and $100 is the the minimum amount that makes it worth it to me. There isn’t much competition, but I’m confident I’m the best cat sitter in town, save a vet technician who charges double my fee. Quality has a price tag.

  14. If the dogs were so easy why not have friends watch them for free. We have a friend watch our easy dog for free and return the favor by watching there dog for free

  15. The audacity of people I swear! Does she go to a $200 a haircut salon and ask to pay what she pays at Great Clips?

  16. The client was being honest. Your reply was good too. These things happen I suppose. I personally would’ve offered a small discount to make them feel better. I realize many people here would not.

  17. This is how I roll as well; being a pet parent and on a budget isn’t wrong, and I think they were respectful and so was OP. No harm here, and it’s nice they didn’t waste a meet and greet and ask after! No harm in asking, and it was cool OP shared about the rover fee as people don’t realize it. Everyone learned a little something and it worked out; hopefully the client found someone more compatible

  18. I’d reply “that’s the owner fee they charge you. Here’s the 20% fee they charge me, leaving me with $128.” And attach a screenshot of what you get paid.

  19. Your rates are your rates. Never ever feel like you need to reduce to appease people. There are better clients out there. For your mental health & finances, you need to charge what’s good for you. Just because another sitter is willing to sit for $30/night doesn’t mean you have to as well. Your response was very appropriate.

  20. You responded well - your prices are firm and if they're unhappy with that, then they're welcome to find another sitter. Next time I wouldn't even explain the rover fees.

  21. Do people also do this in other areas of their life? Like do they go to Rolex and say they want a watch and then see the price and go hmm.. it’s a lot more money than the Casio I can get at Target. Like yes..

  22. One of the most annoying things about Rover is how they double dip and charge a service fee to book and then take a cut from the sitter. I don't think most people understand this, and I have had to explain it on multiple occasions. Fact is I didn't even know about the service fee until someone pointed it out to me.

  23. Many more times than not going into the 20 percent Rover gets isn't worth it since there is a high chance they will in that case try to book off app and for much lower. Also there wording in general is basically saying you aren't worth what you are charging in there mind. Stick with the firm on your price you said and more than likely this will just be a move on from them cause it's not worth your time type of request.

  24. Why did they need to specify their viewpoints? If they can't afford it, they can't afford it, right? Makes me suspect passive aggression, and people that have the privilege of way too much time on their hands.

  25. I’d screen shot the booking total on my end so she can see the total after fees for you, it used to be that the owners pay an extra 5%for fees and rover takes 15% from you for the total fee of 20%

  26. The vacation they are going on is likely at least a grand, but under $200 for a pet sitter is so not do-able. Always the case.

  27. I think your response was polite and to the point. I get people like this all of the time trying to low ball me. It's seriously ridiculous. If you can't afford my rates, just say so and find another sitter, don't try to haggle with me thinking you're going to get me to lower my rates for you. Pass. As others have said, there will be better clients, just move on and wait for those.

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