Brutalist Tropical Home in Indonesia. [3000X2000]

  1. I stayed in a home built like this once, ours had some glass windows but only on the bottom floor, otherwise it was wooden shutters. You felt very immersed in nature while also completely protected from the elements. The house owners felt it was a little cold especially when it rained, but personally as a Canadian I loved it, and didn’t think it was cold at all.

  2. This is still brutalist - square corners and edges, flat concrete and wood without flourishes. Brutalist isn't a pejorative word.

  3. I love that the homeowner wanted a shelf to store his records, but he also wanted to spread them evenly over a dozen niches so he'd need a ladder to reach most of them. Even the homeowner realized it was getting out of hand and didn't bother using the top two rows of shelves!

  4. The concrete houses with huge windows are just so cool especially when accented appropriately with plants

  5. "Brutalist buildings are characterised by minimalist constructions that showcase the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design"

  6. It’s definitely a vibe, but it could only exist somewhere that doesn’t have decent building codes because that passthrough at the bottom and the stairs on the right side would just all be railing and it would throw off the whole thing.

  7. I'd really love this house for myself but my toddler would end up killing herself while scaling those shelves and my dog would turn that tree into his personal urinal. :(

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