Best city for a remote worker

  1. I agree. But I would like to know which city I should stay in first and people's opinion in general.

  2. I’d stay away from Constanta. It’s a lovely city and full of life during the summer season. But that’s pretty much it. During the off season it’s pretty dead and filled with old people. Def not a place for a digital nomad (me being one of them too).

  3. If you were to compare Harkov to any city from Romania, that is Cluj-Napoca, the Romanian version of Harkov. The city is alive, has one of the biggest social lifes in the County, has a night life, almost everyone speaks English and your life would be a lot easier to live there compared to being a tourist there. Also, one of the biggest medical centers in Romania, so, that is a big plus. Also as a plus, if you go out in the city, you will most probably hear IT conversation in any pub, so, interactions will be easier, and yes, find an IT job here is also quite easy compared to any other city in Romania (except for Bucharest). Public transportation exists and it is better compared to any other city (at the same size) in Romania and free on Friday. Still a lot to improve here regarding routes but it will do the job.

  4. Thanks for the detailed review! tbh Cluj is really a good option but the only thing stopping me is the prices :(

  5. If you want decent nightlife combined with big walking places, good infrastructure for bikes and gothic-germanic style architecture at the cost of pretty high summer temperatures, try Timisoara

  6. Sibiu is smack in the middle of the country, has an airport with flights outside the country, has a decent road connection with the country, it would be a good home base. But maybe look also to Cluj-Napoca (I know the rent thing), or Oradea in the west.

  7. For context : Oradea is already connected to the European Highway network, has an airport, has hotsprings (if that is your thing). It also has up and coming restaurants and cafes, and the quality of service is good, going on great, the city is in full bloom.

  8. Sibiu is the best: pedestrian friendly, bike friendly, foreigner friendly. The food is better & the people are nicer (compared to the other listed options). It is, however, boring for nightlife until you meet the night people of Sibiu - all very easy to spot in an otherwise sleeping city.

  9. Why university? I'm not a student and don't have children. Or you mean that universities can boost my night life?

  10. I would suggests you Oradea. You're close to the west motorways, you got an international airport and you got there one of the most modern, clean and green cities across the country.

  11. I vote for Oradea. It's not as suffocated as Bucharest or Cluj, but you still have some things to visit and do. Not sure about nightlife tho.

  12. Stay in Brasov because it has the best weather probably. Timisoara is nice and the AC is always an option but you can't stay all day inside right

  13. I agree. I used to live in Kharkov (Ukraine) and it was very difficult to live there in the summer with a 35-degree temperature.

  14. On overall, Brasov wins. But you should be aware that people in your age range usually go to Bucharest, Timisoara or Cluj for business opportunities, so you might be having a more difficult time in making friends in Brasov.

  15. As a guy from Hunedoara which is very close to mountains that lived in Timisoara in my 20's and now live in Amsterdam, I too would also pick Brasov. I reeeaaally miss the mountains :)

  16. As a traveler, i car recomand you brasov … i live in Sibiu and this is a extra full City and also is quite overated and expensive ( i booked a room in brasov on “republicii street- the middle of the town with 130 RON- thats Never Gonna happen in Sibiu)… you can try something nearby around… regarding brasov, the ski resort is full in Winter… and to do things are less than in Sibiu or Timișoara… But you should try yourself the cityes because the final decision is in your hands

  17. Have you been in National Park in Sibiu? It looks really cool and alive. I believe it would be nice to live nearby.

  18. Probably Brasov or Sibiu if you care about skiing (they both have ski resorts close by) or Oradea if you want a well connected city in the west. You can be in Budapest within 3 hours by car, Wien in 5h. Also probably one of the better administered cities in Romania.

  19. Personally, I’d recommend Sibiu. It is farther from Bucharest than Brasov, but the city is beautiful, you have really good food and the rural area around the city is filled with history, beautiful sightseeing and awesome food. But the main reason I recommend Sibiu is because of its people. They are welcoming, warm and kind people. And the overall atmosphere of the city seems to be more relaxed and stress free than both Brasov and Timisoara.

  20. Cluj or Bucharest, if you're 25. :) There's really no other viable option. You can visit other cities during, but there's really no comparison between those two and all other romanian cities. Personally I'd go for Bucharest.

  21. Oradea is another option worth mentioning. It's cheap, relative to others, and it's close to Budapest, from whence you can fly anywhere you want cheaply (you can also fly from Oradea, but it's significantly more expensive).

  22. Oh my home sweet home!I wasn’t expecting my hometown to be mentioned here.It’s worth taking a look! Still I doubt he would prefer it over the other above mentioned cities.

  23. I’d choose between Timisoara or Brasov. One has better night life, cultural scene, urban attractions overall as well as a major airport and connections by road to Western Europe better than any other city in Romania, but the other has better nature and natural attractions

  24. Piatra Neamt is an underrated beauty. From all the cities I've been to, it's probably my favourite. People are also very polite and friendly.

  25. I moved from Bucharest to Brașov and I find it nice. No need for AC now (summer), great places to hike and yes, rent is better then Bucharest.

  26. Between Sibiu and Brasov i would choose Sibiu, Brasov is very polluted due to the positioning of the city. I personally don’t like Timisoara.

  27. I would recommend Costanta towards the end of the summer, so you might get an idea how the estival season influences the city. I am from Constanta, and it’s interesting during the summer, but during the rest of the year it mostly sucks

  28. if you hate soviet arhitecture unfortunatly for you youre gonna see lots of it, as for cities personaly as a resident of Timisoara, i dont recommend any city in this awuful country

  29. IMHO Romania is a pretty good country for remote workers money wise due to the low tax system, relatively good level of English and cheap prices. Cannot say anything about the country itself cuz I have never lived there :(

  30. I think Vaslui or Zalau are too small for me. They are beautiful but look rather boring for a young man

  31. Ignore people telling you to try Iasi. I lived in 4 different cities for more than 4 years in each of them. Iasi was the worst for various reasons: lack of green spaces, horrible infrastructure, pollution, lack of local producers, lack of things to do, corruption etc. My advice is to aim for the west. Brasov and Sibiu are definitely amazing. I've heard good things about Timisoara, but I have never been there myself. Targu Mures is another small, but beautiful and quiet city with lots of things to do. I'd go as far as to say Constanta could be nice for a remote worker, mostly due to the opportunity to go to the beach during summer and the city itself isn't half bad, all things considered.

  32. Nobody mentioned Craiova, but you should consider it. It’s one of the major cities in the country (6th in terms of population). It’s not as advertised as the others (don’t know why), but I just love its size. It’s big enough to have the perks of a big city in Romania, but small enough if you don’t like Bucharest-like traffic.

  33. if you want night life you wont find it outside bucharest. if you want nice cities you have at least 5, considering Iasi too. if you want architecture consider southern transilvania.

  34. As a guy from Hunedoara which is very close to mountains that lived in Timisoara in my 20's and now live in Amsterdam, I too would also pick Brasov. I reeeaaally miss the mountains :)

  35. Try Oradea. More beautiful than Cluj. A lot cheaper as well. You can get to Cluj quickly if you really want to go to an event there. Also close to Budapest, Wien, even Zagreb by car if you want some quick city breaks.

  36. Brasov all the way. Constanta is hot in the summertime and pretty flat but if you like the seaside go for it

  37. I would suggest you start with Braşov first! Friendly people, decent restaurants, nice trekking up and down them mountains etc

  38. Why didn't anybody mention Craiova? It was recently voted as best destination for Easter in Europe beating cities like Vienna, Rome, Paris, and Lisbon...

  39. Just one thing that I feel the need to tell you, stay away from the main city, search a smaller city/region that has a newly developed community, for example , close to Timisoara there is Ghiroda, that place is amazing, new buildings with all the utilities , cheaper rent,nice people, the whole region has video survilance , thrust me, it feels like Canada there , It's worth considering, personally I started to hate the city during working hours,sure in weekend or between 9PM and 5AM it's beautyfull, but during working time you can expect to stay between one to two hours in traffic just to cross the City .

  40. I would go for Brasov. You have mountain trails to hike, old city to walk around, good restaurants, big promenade to walk around at base of mountain, and lots of other historical places to visit. Also big in IT and nice modern part of town. Also 2 hours train from Bucharest. I don’t live there, I just visit sometimes and I adore the place.

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