Questions about a micro-company in Romania.

  1. My input as a foreigner living in Romania, I would personally choose between Brașov, Sibiu and Cluj, the latter becoming more expensive and noisy tho.

  2. 5% dividends 1% income tax if you have a employee or 3% without employee so total 8% plus the accounting monthly bill, around 50-100E

  3. Hey, just out of curiosity. What domain do you work in? Depending on this you could chose a city easier. For example automotive is harder to find.

  4. Automotive is harder to find? Sibiu is 80% automotive, Timisoara has a big automotive sector, Cluj has Bosch, Bucharest have a lot of automotive companies, some smaller cities live only on automotive industry, i work in the industry for 6 years now, the industry is big in Romania.

  5. Well that article mentions Bucharest and Timisoara as being slightly less polluted. Values of pollution in Romania depend on the source that they are citing, but also on the measuring infrastructure. In that same study Cluj didn’t offer pollution data, despite being one of the more polluted cities. Nevertheless, Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov, Iasi and Timisoara are polluted and regularly make the headlines of that type of news.

  6. Hey thanks for the info. Next year do I need to have 1 person working for me to start a micro-company? Can I not work by myself? Thanks in advance.

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