why wouldn't anybody use voice chat?

  1. Right? I do that all day at work. I play rocket league to relax and stress the fuck out, not to deal with people!

  2. I'm Plat so my default response to the you're trash comment is bruh you're also Plat. We're all trash here

  3. ong, i feel 10x more worse when i do a mistake with voice chat on. You can feel the disappointment in your tm8's voice lmao

  4. The fact it’s broken for a large portion of the community. It never lets me join the call and I know this is a problem for many others.

  5. This is my reasoning as well. I hear some young squeaker kid and I just don't even chat and they stop talking. Nothing against some of the younger player base but I just don't want to hear you squeak when I whiff a ball LOL

  6. Honestly, I feel like people are generally less toxic with voice chat. Unless you don't have a mic then they'll say it whatever. The moment most kids hear an adult voice they buffer a little bit. They want to be cool to the older gamers. Not always but I had a number of games where my tm8 was being a shithead and as soon as I plugged in the mic and start talking, they changed up their tune.

  7. I’ve met some cool people over VC but I’ve also met my fair share of toxic individuals. I report and mute them. Then continue to enjoy the game

  8. imo the games being so short is the issue, switching to a new team of people every 5 minutes is alot of new social interactions is a short time frame which can be alot for anxious people.

  9. For me it was because some hopeful on the other end was trying to start their career in rap directly in my ear every other game.

  10. Tried. Most of time no one on it. Otherwise ive met child calling mama, angry italian retard screaming like he was possesed, and someone breathing into mic. I dont need it xd

  11. That about sums it up. Could only be 10% toxic people on there, but I'd rather not go on VC at all rather than chance running in them. Not worth it.

  12. I'm socially awkward, and talking to randos makes me uncomfortable. I do support the VC option especially if you're playing with friends.

  13. Well let me tell you a story, it was about 1 in the morning for me at the time and I was updating some of my games on steam. I was bored so I played RL and I knew I’d have bad ping so I played casual. Well I got in a game and the game had already been going on for about 30 seconds. I thought nothing of it and jumped right in, unfortunately my wifi had other ideas. I was trying to play with a constant 200 ping, I was flying all around the field and unable to hit the ball. About 15 seconds into playing my tm8 speaks up and complains that rocket league gives him another bronze. We get scored on I type that I have high ping and it’s not my fault (yes I know it is my fault but he doesn’t need to know that). Be then let’s put a slurry of racist slurs calling me every name in the book and calling me broke. He said lots of stuff and it was just astonishing how angry he was. I said “why do you have to bring race into this” he replied “why do snowflakes like you have to suck every n*****’s d***” at which point I stopped playing and let the other team score. So that’s why VC is stupid and shouldn’t be a part of the game.

  14. Once you use a headset, even if you disable your mic, you’ll never go back. The surround sound you get is a game changer and you’ll play games differently based on audio cues. You can hear people coming up from behind trying to demo you. You can hear your teammates driving on your left or right so you know where they are. It’s way better. Highly recommend headsets for almost any game.

  15. For one, it doesn’t seem to work reliably on Linux. Others sometimes make lots of keyboard noise or have annoying music in the background.

  16. Tbh it distracts me from the actual game. I prefer to think about what's going on, opps positioning etc., not having to think about what to say or what my teammate just said. As well as I can't be talking shit the whole gaming session while my gf watches movies or something as we're mostly in the same room.

  17. Cuz I'm not a dude and also I get enough toxic text chat about flying a rainbow flag... The community is ridiculous.

  18. probably because they don't want to hard comm in ranked. plus social anxieties and things like that. also a lot of people are like 7

  19. I use it. But I've heard that it's too loud for the recipient. I just wish there was a way to test it out like in party chat to put the settings right. I've met some funny people through it. They'll even be shocked when I reply to them.

  20. I used it about 3 times when I first started playing. Terriable quality mic, screaming kids, and racial slurs was about all I heard.

  21. In my case I'm from Brazil and I play on São Paulo server, which is LATAM. Problem is, most Latam players I played with are not Brazilian, and my Spanish is almost non existent.

  22. I personally just don’t like to talk, I think I may have some sort of social anxiety. But I think that it’s mainly the toxicity that drives people away from it. The kids get on there and make it a fortnite fanatic.

  23. Game freezes for 3-10 sec when someone uses voice chat for the first time in a match. With about half of these freezes ending in a game crash and half of those in a PC crash. In other games with VC it either doesn't affect me at all or gives a small hiccup only.

  24. People here say kids but literally it’s a once every 10 game encounter for me. So essentially we’re dealing with a bunch of redditors who think dealing with a voice com issue once ever half dozen games is a complete deal breaker lol typical sads.

  25. I don't because people (mainly kids) try to dominate the tactics too much. They call absolutely everything they are doing and everything they want me to do.

  26. I cba talking to people in real life, why would I do it on a game where it’s easy to get talked to like shit because you whiffed a pass or whatever, yeh I’m good, this game is toxic enough as it is

  27. If you wann be in voice with people either get friends or join a rl discord server there you will be able to usually get good team mates you can get along with who are also into improvement

  28. It’s a good thing but not in Europe. Playing with Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, British, Norwegian…. When you speak French is literally useless

  29. I'am not playing rocket league for the social interaction + I play worse when I talk + most of the people are 3-4 years younger than me. It's a great idea from Epic to bring back VC tho, most of the people using it are enjoying it. It's just not for me

  30. I hate my voice and im sure many other people are the same. also most people are used to using quick chat. im sure competitively it would be an advantage.

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