Does anybody experience the game freezing at the beginning of games. I’m on Xbox.

  1. As soon as you hear that audible gap in the timing as it counts down you know you're screwed. I usually just go for a no flip kickoff and just boost in a straight line and pray.

  2. Every damn match and again if someone leaves or joins. Does not happen in tournaments since there's the pregame lobby. Must be a sync issue.

  3. It’s been happening to me I’m the pregame lobby funny enough. It’s been very jerky but thankfully when the match starts it’s fine.

  4. Yep been happening to me for almost a year. I made an alt account and it didn't do it at first but did eventually start doing it

  5. Same console, but mine does on startup often when instant game response is on. Have to do the same, exit, quit, start again, then works.

  6. Something likes this happens on PS5 when I join a game that's already underway, but it usually resolves itself just as I spawn in.

  7. This always happens for me, but only in casual… I’m on Xbox as well, haven’t found a fix or what’s causing it. I just live with it and try to play with it. As some others said, it also happens when someone leaves or joins a match

  8. This has been a problem for quite a while now across all consoles. For some reason PC doesn't have this kickoff lag but steam users have been getting weird freezes mid match

  9. I noticed you look to the side to see if there’s still lag. I’m like look left look right look left look right, like it’s going to magically fix the problem! My next fox idea is banging the side of the Xbox. That’ll take care of it!

  10. If you're on ps4 or xb1 it's going to happen almost every time, especially on forbidden shithole. I got a new xbox now so no issues other than out of region players and the fairly consistent server packet loss. Item shop works great though 👍

  11. I believe it's simply just a case of an outdates hardware. The console is simply struggling to load in all the assets at once. I know its not what people want to hear, but, unfortunately, I think it's time to get a next gen console or a pc, as expensive as they are. I don't think this issue will be fixed as I don't think it's a problem on psyonix's end.

  12. My friends meh laptop(that I have effectively stolen) does it. My friends pc which I use sometimes(at a uni residence together) tends to crash once or twice during the first couple games I play and then is fine idk why. And my pc which I don't get to use often just gets one short frame stutter about 15 mins into my session. And my laptop which is ultra shitty gpu wise but has 8gb of ram and a good cpu maxes out on ram and cpu usage all the time which is weird cause on all the other devices it doesn't get close to 8gb ram usage or near 100% cpu.

  13. Been happening to me ever since I switched to fiber funny enough. I’ll have 9 ping but lag through the first kickoff every time

  14. My shitbox netbook dips down to like 15-20 fps on the first kickoff every game. I’ve adapted my first kickoff specifically for this reason because the lag makes speed flips impossible

  15. Not sure if I avoid this by being on PC and being the first to load into every game, but this was something I experienced on my previous generation Xbox consoles throughout the years. Never experienced this on PC, even when I had a low spec build between rebuilds.

  16. dude I've been trying to find someone with the same problem. it just sucks because it happens every game for me and I can't fix it

  17. Yep, every game. I also get this random jitter lag persistently throughout every match where I'll be driving straight and then.. turns out I wasn't driving straight at all. I can't play ranked anymore because of it.

  18. Turn voice chat off... mine was lagging like yours on PC. When I turned the voice chat off it resolved the issue.

  19. It's a lag spike that occurs when you connect to the voice channel, if you turn it off it won't happen. Happens to me on PC too.

  20. Yes this is single most annoying part when the first ten seconds leave you by there goal on your roof or conceded cause it’s a struggle to aim while glitching out

  21. Happens to me all the time. I'm on xbox one. I believe the issue has something to do with loading texture files of other players. Some say it is hardware lag and happens on non-ssd systems but enough people with new consoles and PCs also report the same issue making me suspect that it is in fact a combined hardware+network lag of some sort. In either case it screws up my games all the time. And there is no 100% working known fix.

  22. Happens to me in PS4 on my first match. I don't remember on PS5. Doesn't matter if I do freeplay first.

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