Tips for flip resets? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  1. I don’t think ur aerial control is there to be trying resets. Go to a rings map or to the pillars map and do figure 8s. Need to have the right foundations before you try the fancy shit.

  2. Brake after you hit the ball to create some distance. Just a quick brake. Shouldn’t stop completely. You want to “catch up” to the ball and get the reset right when it starts dropping.

  3. Actually boosting continuously right before, during and right after your reset will give you the right spacing more effectively

  4. You need more space between you and the ball while in the air. For now this is too close for your aerial control. Eventually you will be able to be that close.

  5. Less spins man or learn how to control your CAF better. Practice getting the reset when the ball is falling downward even if your getting it super late, this will help you get a better feel for doing this quicker eventually. The method is hit, wait, jump, point, fly, twist, wait, flip. Faster you get from point a to point b the better in your flight, spins can give you better positioning or allow you to scuff a shite set up.

  6. the spins were just fine he just didnt know the stop, but when you say less spins it sounds like you want him to do brief adjustments only when in reality spinning makes it way easier to chase the ball if you know what youre doing ofc bc if you dont you shouldnt be practicing resets in the first place

  7. Yeah you can’t fly while your car is upside down. Which is an essential skill if you ever want to nail flip resets. You need to practice flying upside down before you continue or you’ll be wasting your time.

  8. I do advise you to turn down your sensitivity, this prevents you from correcting too hard and gives you a sense of control

  9. Seems like there isn’t much purpose behind those spins you’re doing off the wall. Sometimes they put in position, other times not so much. How about just starting by jumping off the wall going upside down and getting a feel for the speed you want to be going to get to the ball quickly without also knocking it to far away so as to ruin the actual reset flip.

  10. Get really good with spinning air dribbles and just air roll in general, I reccomment practicing doing figure of 8s on the Pillars map, at least for me once I was decent at that flip resets came naturally to me cuz I knew how to follow the ball so I just focused on the basics of flip resets which is braking really quick when you hit the ball right before jumping then catching the ball at this angle "" as the ball starts to fall, dont get it twisted you dont wait for the ball to land on your car, you chase the ball but only make contact with it as the ball is falling.

  11. You need to hit the ball just as it hits the peak of its fall so you fall with the ball. Also put more space in between you and the ball by braking a little after hitting it on the wall.

  12. Hit the break the split second you hit the ball off the wall and then jump the split second after you break. This will give you more space to adjust before hitting the ball and more time to setup properly.

  13. Work on your initial touches. That’s the most important part with Ariel shots off the wall. Taping the breaks right after you hit the ball off the wall (immediately before you jump off) can help make sure your car isn’t following the ball too closely, giving you more time to make contact.

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